Best Prop Bets Sunday week 3 2021

By Drew Phelps
Drew Phelps

It's time to take a good hard look at the Week 3 NFL Prop Bet slate. I am a grand total of 23-23 since starting this article on Football Diehards. I'll take it but we can do better and we will do better this weekend. All of these lines are based on DraftKings odds when I wrote the article Saturday evening.

If you've got questions heading into the one o'clock games, please tweet me @Drew_Phelps83.


Ty'Son Williams OVER 56.5 Rushing Yards -115 (1 Unit)

Ty'Son has cleared this rushing total in both of the Ravens games this season. The Lions are coming off of a game where they let Aaron Jones go for over 100 total yards and four touchdowns.






Chase Edmonds OVER 26.5 Receiving Yards -115 (1 Unit)

Chase Edmonds OVER 3.5 Receptions -110 (1 Unit)

These numbers are just too low for Chase as he's gone over in both of the games this season. He gets the Jaguars patch work defense which allows nearly 300 yards per game through the air. I think this is a huge week for Chase and I'm using him in DFS.






Justin Herbert OVER 26.5 Pass Completions -130 (1 Unit)

I think everyone is expecting a shoot-out between these two teams. Herbert and Mahomes will go up and down the field throughout the game. Justin has completed 31 passes in each of the first two games this season. No way he goes under that in this matchup unless god forbid he gets hurt.



Clyde Edwards-Helaire UNDER 14.5 Rush Attempts -120 (1 Unit)

CEH has not gotten 15 carries in either of the Chiefs games this season. I spoke about how this game will be a shoot-out between Mahomes and Herbert. The run game will be forgotten by the second half as Mahomes will throw the ball close to 50 times is my guess.







James White OVER 4.5 Receptions -105 (2 Unit)

This may be the lock of the week. James White has already become the safety valve for Mac Jones and that's a great thing for us. I'll keep betting this every week as long as it stays at this number. He's had six catches in each of the first two games of the season.






James White OVER 4.5 Receptions -105 (2 Unit)

This may be the lock of the week. James White has already become the safety valve for Mac Jones and that's a great thing for us. I'll keep betting this every week as long as it stays at this number. He's had six catches in each of the first two games of the season.






Derrick Henry OVER 2.5 Receptions +120 (1 Unit)

Henry has never really been involved in the passing game over the years but this season he's got 9 catches on 10 targets through two games. Who knows if this trend changes but I'm going to jump on the train especially at plus odds.



Jonathan Taylor OVER 15.5 Rush Attempts -110 (1 Unit)

Taylor has had 15 and 17 carries in his first two games this season. The quarterback situation is completely up in the air in Indianapolis heading into Week 3. If it's Jacob Eason under center, no doubt that he'll be feeding Taylor. If it's Carson, he will be hobbled with those sprained ankles and I expect Taylor to still get a big workload.







Josh Allen OVER 14.5 Longest Rush -110 (1 Unit)

The Washington Football Team has a talented defensive line which will apply pressure to Josh throughout the game. That will force him up in the pocket and likely run more than average. He's been over this number in one of the two games this season. I also like him over 6.5 rush attempts but the odds are at -140, maybe parlay it with another bet you like.






Daniel Jones OVER 26.5 Rushing Yards -115 (2 Unit)

This is another one of my favorite bets of the week. Daniel Jones and the coaching staff have basically said that this running is going to be part of his game, it isn't going away. He had a breakout nearly 100 yard effort against the Washington Football Team and I don't see the Falcons stopping him from getting to 27 yards on Sunday.



Kyle Pitts OVER 52.5 Receiving Yards -115 (1 Unit)

We are all just waiting for that big breakout game from Pitts and I personally think that this is the week. He cracked this number in Week 2 against a very tough Buccaneers secondary. Matt Ryan finally realized last week that Pitts has got to be his second option after Ridley.







Joe Mixon OVER 18.5 Rush Attempts +105 (1 Unit)

This is one of those bets that you should have jumped on earlier in the week. For the second straight week the number came out at 17.5 with plus odds but it's moved up. He's averaging 24.5 carries a game over the first two games of the season. I still think this number is safe but instead of a two unit bet, I'm only putting down one.






Justin Fields OVER 51.5 Rushing Yards -125 (1 Unit)

This line has moved up and down all week. It started as low as 39 and climbed to as high as 54 but has settled in at 51. To be perfectly honest, Fields just isn't there as a passer yet and will have to rely on his legs to keep the Bears in this game. The Browns pass rush will force him to move. He will make a throw here or there that will amaze you but still needs work overall.






Teddy Bridgewater OVER 21.5 Pass Completions -105 (2 Unit)

I love this line so much. He's completed 26 and 28 passes in his first two games of the season. The Broncos seem confident in him chucking the rock 32+ times per game and his accuracy should help him sail past this number. I've put two units down on this one.



Michael Carter OVER 10.5 Receiving Yards -135 (2 Unit)

Here is another example of a bet you needed to get in on earlier in the week. This opened at 7.5 with plus odds and I actually locked it in. It has climbed to 10.5 and you are forced to pay more juice now. I still think he sails over this number because he's been over in each of the first two games. One catch in Week 1 and two catches for Week 2. He also went up from 4 carries to 9 from Week 1 to Week 2. I kinda like taking his over 8.5 rush attempts but not making that an official play.







Myles Gaskin OVER 3.5 Pass Completions -110 (1 Unit)

If you are following along with my articles, you know I love this bet because I won it last week as well. The number did not move despite him clearing it for the second straight week. He has excellent hands and I have a feeling that Jacoby Brissett will be checking down to him a lot while Tua is recovering.






Robert Woods OVER 0.5 Rushing Yards -145 (1 Unit)

Robert Woods OVER 5.5 Receptions -105 (1 Unit)

Robert Woods is good for one end around run in every single game he plays. It's laughable that they put this prop up at that number. I also think this is going to be a Bob Woods game. All the attention has been on Cooper Kupp and I think the Bucs will do all they can to scheme him out of the game. Stafford will be forced to look at guys like Woods and Higbee to move the ball down the field.






Adam Thielen OVER 5.5 Receptions +115 (1 Unit)

The fact that this bet is at plus odds astounds me. The Seahawks defense has been Swiss cheese thus far and Thielen continues to be Kirk Cousins' safety blanket. He has had 6+ catches in each of the first two games of the season.



Kirk Cousins OVER 24.5 Pass Completions -105 (1 Unit)

I'm going back to the well one more time because I think this game will be a shootout. These two teams will put on a fireworks display in Minnesota. I was shocked that he dropped from 36 completions to 22 but I can't see how the Vikings compete in this game if he doesn't throw 25 or more passes.







Robert Tonyan ANY TIME TOUCHDOWN +210 (1 Unit)

It is hard to predict a touchdown but I feel really good about this one. While he was non-existent in Week 1 like everyone in the Packers offense, he had three catches for 52 yards and his first touchdown of the season on Monday Night Football. If Aaron Rodgers trusts you, the sky's the limit when it comes to production.