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Football diehards is a leading fantasy football site providing expert fantasy content for over 26 years. is the main website for Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc., which started publishing magazines in 1990 – 33 seasons. They grew quickly to become the largest fantasy sports publisher of magazines in the world and have been on the newsstand longer than any other fantasy magazine.


Our Mission

Football Diehards' goal is to help fantasy managers win their leagues and have fun with their hobby - Helping people create more enjoyment with their hobby and escape from the pressures of life a few hours a week.


Our Team

Emil Kadlec – President and Chief Editor

Football Diehards Staff Emil Kadlec Emil Kadlec started the company in 1990 with the first edition of the Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine and now publishes four fantasy football magazines annually with a distribution of over 500,000 copies. Kadlec is a Hall of Fame member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and also a HOFer of the Fantasy Gaming & Trade association. Perhaps his most impressive award is the Matthew Berry game Changer award. Kadlec has always been an innovator in the industry. In their first edition of the Fantasy Football Pro Forecast (1990) they forecasted (predicted) results of the NFL players statistics. This sounds common place now, but Emil’s idea was the first time predictions were published in the business of fantasy football.

Emil's Story: Back in 1996 I decided to quit my day job (it was a good one!) and go full time fantasy as a career. One of my friends, Danny Rey, came into my office as I was packing for a career (or flop) in fantasy football. He seemed confused and sat down and repeatedly ask me what I was doing (politely). lol! The reality was this move was a very scary decision. Luckily it has worked out for 26 years and I feel very fortunate. It is a great feeling to help over 100,000 plus people every year! Helping all of you enjoy your hobby to a high level. (My greatest Achievment) I am proud to help everyone and glad I made the decision to go with fantasy football - despite driving my dad crazy! After our first year (1990) creating the Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine, I showed it to my Dad. He looked at it for a moment and said “, How much money did you loose?” Thanks Dad!

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Bill Robertson – Managing Editor

Football Diehards Staff Bill Robertson Robertson entered the business shortly after Kadlec founded Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc. He was and has continued to have the sharpest player rankings. Many time he has foreseen fantasy football sleepers, helping their customer base win their leagues. Robertson also though of the concept of the Cheat Sheet Mag and Expert's Poll Mag. The Cheat Sheet Mag has been very popular and the Expert's Mag we converted into the Football Diehards Brand magazine.

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Bob Harris – Senior Editor

football diehards staff Bob Harris Harris joined the team in 1995 when he was the owner and chief writer of The fantasy League Report. He was one of the earliest producers of fantasy podcasts. Harris runs the day-to-day operations at Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc. – coordinating all the magazine production and content. Harris writes over 80,000 words each week of the NFL season for the website. He also is the co-anchor of their Sirius radio fantasy football talk show – now in its 10th year plus. Harris is also a Hall of Fame inductee of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

Bob's family didn't understand what he was working on in the early 1990s. They thought he was just playing on his computer. Little did they know, he would end up as one of the elite fantasy football experts in the industry - In content and satellite radio.

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Facts about Football Diehards

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Founded: 1990

Founders: Emil Kadlec & Bill Robertson

Incorporated April/ 1990


5305 Arbustos CT NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111



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Bob Harris 2012 inductee to the FSWA Hall of Fame


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Vice President of Fantasy Sports Writers Association

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The Fantasy Sports Writers Association - Founder and Hall of Fame Inductee

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Wrote with wife and donated to the library.
Special Collections: translation of New Mexico Marriages - Pueblo y Mission de San Ildefonso 1725-1880



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