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Free-Agent Signing tracker

Player Pos New Team Old Team Latest News Note
Driskel, Jeff (Profile) QB ARI HOU Signed
Swaim, Geoff (Profile) TEARIFA Signed
Dortch, Greg (Profile) WR ARI ARI Re-signed
Pascal, Zach (Profile) WRARIPHI Signed
Heinicke, Taylor (Profile) QB ATL WAS Signed
Pruitt, MyCole (Profile) TEATLATL Resigned
Hesse, Parker (Profile) TE ATL ATL Re-signed
Hollins, Mack (Profile) WRATLLVR Signed
Miller, Scott (Profile) WR ATL TB Signed
Arcega-Whiteside, JJ (Profile) WRATLFA Signed
Huntley, Tyler (Profile) QB BAL BAL Re-signed
Jackson, Lamar (Profile) QBBALBAL Franchise Tagged
Johnson, Josh (Profile) QB BAL SFO Signed
Hill, Justice (Profile) RBBALBAL Re-signed
Gordon, Melvin (Profile) RB BAL FA Signed
Agholor, Nelson (Profile) WRBALNWE Signed
Beckham, Odell (Profile) WR BAL FA Report: Hill Expected To Be Out This Week; Beckham Sits Wednesday Signed
Allen, Kyle (Profile) QBBUFHOU Signed
Evans, Darrynton (Profile) RB BUF CHI Signed
Murray, Latavius (Profile) RBBUFDEN Signed
Harris, Damien (Profile) RB BUF NWE Signed
Sternberger, Jace (Profile) TEBUFFA Signed
Sherfield, Trent (Profile) WR BUF MIA Signed
Harty, Deonte (Profile) WRBUFNOR Signed
Isabella, Andy (Profile) WR BUF FA Signed
Pineiro, Eddy (Profile) PKCARCAR Signed
Dalton, Andy (Profile) QB CAR NOR Signed
Sanders, Miles (Profile) RBCARPHI Signed
Byrd, Damiere (Profile) WR CAR ATL Signed
Chark, D.J. (Profile) WRCARDET Chark Active For Panthers; Miller Ruled Out For Saints Signed
Thielen, Adam (Profile) WR CAR MIN Signed
Walker, P.J. (Profile) QBCHICAR Signed
Foreman, D'Onta (Profile) RB CHI CAR Signed
Blasingame, Khari (Profile) RBCHICHI Signed Extension
Homer, Travis (Profile) RB CHI SEA Signed
Carlson, Stephen (Profile) TECHICLE Signed
Tonyan, Robert (Profile) TE CHI GNB Signed
Moore, D.J. (Profile) WRCHICAR Traded
Pettis, Dante (Profile) WR CHI CHI Re-signed
Ford, Isaiah (Profile) WRCHIFA Signed
Siemian, Trevor (Profile) QB CIN CHI Signed
Sample, Drew (Profile) TECINCIN Re-signed
Smith Jr., Irv (Profile) TE CIN MIN Signed
Taylor, Trent (Profile) WRCINCIN Re-signed
Dobbs, Josh (Profile) QB CLE TEN Report: Dobbs Expected To Start, But Cards Are Mum; Hollywood, Ertz Limited Signed
Moore, Elijah (Profile) WRCLENYJ Traded
Goodwin, Marquise (Profile) WR CLE SEA Signed
Elliott, Ezekiel (Profile) RBDALDAL Elliott Signs With Patriots; What's The Impact On Stevenson? Released
Pollard, Tony (Profile) RB DAL DAL Franchise Tagged
Jones, Ronald (Profile) RBDALKAN The Dallas Cowboys Have Cut RB Ronald Jones Signed
Cooks, Brandin (Profile) WR DAL HOU Traded
Maher, Brett (Profile) PKDENFA Signed
Stidham, Jarrett (Profile) QB DEN LVR Signed
Perine, Samaje (Profile) RBDENCIN Signed
Jones Jr., Tony (Profile) RB DEN SEA Signed
Manhertz, Chris (Profile) TEDENJAC Signed
Trautman, Adam (Profile) TE DEN NOR Traded
Humphrey, Lil'Jordan (Profile) WRDENNWE Signed
Callaway, Marquez (Profile) WR DEN NOR Signed
Williams, Nick (Profile) WRDENWAS Signed
Sudfeld, Nate (Profile) QB DET DET Re-signed
Montgomery, David (Profile) RBDETCHI Montgomery's Absence Clears The Path For Gibbs; Will He Leverage It? Re-Signed
Wright, Brock (Profile) TE DET DET Re-signed
Zylstra, Brandon (Profile) WRDETDET Re-signed
Jones, Marvin (Profile) WR DET JAC Signed
Mims, Denzel (Profile) WRDETNYJ Traded
Gay, Matt (Profile) PK IND LAR Signed
Brown, Pharaoh (Profile) TEINDCLE Signed
McKenzie, Isaiah (Profile) WR IND BUF Signed
Dulin, Ashton (Profile) WRINDIND Re-signed
McManus, Brandon (Profile) PK JAC DEN Signed
Patterson, Riley (Profile) PKJACJAC Signed
Beathard, C.J. (Profile) QB JAC JAC Signed Extension
Johnson, D'Ernest (Profile) RBJACCLE Signed
Hasty, JaMycal (Profile) RB JAC JAC Re-signed
Engram, Evan (Profile) TEJACJAC Franchise Tagged
McKinnon, Jerick (Profile) RB KAN KAN Re-signed
Fortson, Jody (Profile) TEKANKAN Re-Signed
Watson, Justin (Profile) WR KAN KAN Re-signed
Woods, Robert (Profile) WRKANTEN Signed
White, Mike (Profile) QB MIA NYJ Signed
Gaskin, Myles (Profile) RBMIAMIA Re-Signed
Mostert, Raheem (Profile) RB MIA MIA Re-signed
Wilson, Jeff (Profile) RBMIAMIA Re-signed
Ahmed, Salvon (Profile) RB MIA MIA Re-signed
Saubert, Eric (Profile) TEMIADEN Signed
Kroft, Tyler (Profile) TE MIA SFO Signed
Anderson, Chosen (Profile) WRMIAARI Signed
Berrios, Braxton (Profile) WR MIA NYJ Signed
Joseph, Greg (Profile) PKMINMIN Re-signed
Mullens, Nick (Profile) QB MIN MIN Re-Signed
Mattison, Alexander (Profile) RBMINMIN OC Phillips: Akers Deal Isn't A Sign Vikings Lack Confidence In Mattison Re-signed
Oliver, Josh (Profile) TE MIN BAL Signed
Powell, Brandon (Profile) WRMINLAR Signed
McSorley, Trace (Profile) QB NWE ARI Signed
Williams, Jamaal (Profile) RBNWEDET Saints Place RB Williams On IR; Moreau Ruled Out Vs. Packers Signed
Gesicki, Mike (Profile) TE NWE MIA Mike Gesecki Has Dislocated Shoulder; Aiming For Week 1 Return Signed
Smith-Schuster, JuJu (Profile) WRNWEKAN Signed
Hurd, Jalen (Profile) WR NWE FA Signed
Winston, Jameis (Profile) QBNORNOR Re-signed
Carr, Derek (Profile) QB NOR LVR Derek Carr Has a Sprained AC Joint, Considered Week-to-Week Signed
Graham, Jimmy (Profile) TENORCHI Jimmy Graham Won't Face Charges In August Arrest Signed
Johnson, Juwan (Profile) TE NOR NOR Re-signed
Moreau, Foster (Profile) TENORLVR Signed
Washington, James (Profile) WR NOR NYG Signed
Jones, Daniel (Profile) QBNYGNYG Re-signed
Barkley, Saquon (Profile) RB NYG NYG Giants Rule Saquon Barkley Out Vs. 49ers Signed
Breida, Matt (Profile) RBNYGNYG Re-signed
Robinson, James (Profile) RB NYG NYJ Signed
Waller, Darren (Profile) TENYGLVR Traded
Crowder, Jamison (Profile) WR NYG BUF Signed
Campbell, Parris (Profile) WRNYGIND Signed
Slayton, Darius (Profile) WR NYG NYG Re-Signed
Shepard, Sterling (Profile) WRNYGNYG Re-Signed
Hodgins, Isaiah (Profile) WR NYG NYG Signed Extension
Smith, Jeff (Profile) WRNYGNYJ Signed
Beasley, Cole (Profile) WR NYG FA Signed
Zuerlein, Greg (Profile) PKNYJNYJ Re-signed
Boyle, Tim (Profile) QB NYJ CHI Signed
Rodgers, Aaron (Profile) QBNYJGNB Aaron Rodgers Will Be Patient In His Return Traded
Johnson, Ty (Profile) RB NYJ NYJ Re-signed
Cobb, Randall (Profile) WRNYJGNB Signed
Lazard, Allen (Profile) WR NYJ GNB Signed
Hardman, Mecole (Profile) WRNYJKAN Signed
Erickson, Alex (Profile) WR NYJ WAS Signed
Hoyer, Brian (Profile) QBLVRNWE Signed
Garoppolo, Jimmy (Profile) QB LVR SFO Jimmy Garoppolo In The Concussion Protocol Signed
Johnson, Jakob (Profile) RBLVRLVR Re-signed
Abdullah, Ameer (Profile) RB LVR LVR Signed Extension
Jacobs, Josh (Profile) RBLVRLVR Jacobs Believes He's Shaking The Rust Off; Renfrow To Get A Chance? Franchise Tagged
Hooper, Austin (Profile) TE LVR TEN Signed
Howard, O.J. (Profile) TELVRHOU Signed
Meyers, Jakobi (Profile) WR LVR NWE Meyers Back On The Practice Field; Adams Works Fully; DE Jones To NFI Signed
Cole, Keelan (Profile) WRLVRLVR Re-signed
Mariota, Marcus (Profile) QB PHI ATL Signed
Minshew, Gardner (Profile) QBPHIPHI Signed
Scott, Boston (Profile) RB PHI PHI Re-signed
Penny, Rashaad (Profile) RBPHISEA Eagles List Gainwell, Penny, Swift, Scott As Co-Starters At RB Signed
Jackson, Tyree (Profile) TE PHI PHI Re-signed
Gentry, Zach (Profile) TEPITPIT Re-Signed
Boykin, Miles (Profile) WR PIT PIT Re-signed
Stick, Easton (Profile) QBLACLAC Re-signed
Guyton, Jalen (Profile) WR LAC LAC Re-Signed
Gonzalez, Zane (Profile) PKSFOCAR Traded
Darnold, Sam (Profile) QB SFO CAR Signed
Allen, Brandon (Profile) QBSFOCIN Signed
Dwelley, Ross (Profile) TE SFO SFO Re-signed
Conley, Chris (Profile) WRSFOTEN Signed
Lock, Drew (Profile) QB SEA SEA Re-signed
Smith, Geno (Profile) QBSEASEA Re-signed
McLaughlin, Chase (Profile) PK TB IND Signed
Wolford, John (Profile) QBTBLAR Signed
Mayfield, Baker (Profile) QB TB LAR Mayfield Doing Enough To Keep Evans, Godwin Viable Signed
Edmonds, Chase (Profile) RBTBDEN Chase Edmonds (Knee) Will Not Return Signed
Moore, David (Profile) WR TB CHI Signed
Wesco, Trevon (Profile) TETENCHI Signed
Hopkins, DeAndre (Profile) WR TEN ARI Signed
Badgley, Michael (Profile) PKWASDET Signed
Brissett, Jacoby (Profile) QB WAS CLE Signed
Pringle, Byron (Profile) WRWASCHI Signed
Beck, Andrew (Profile) FB HOU DEN Signed
Keenum, Case (Profile) QBHOUBUF Signed
Singletary, Devin (Profile) RB HOU BUF Signed
Boone, Mike (Profile) RBHOUDEN Signed
Schultz, Dalton (Profile) TE HOU DAL Signed
Tomlinson, Eric (Profile) TEHOUDEN Signed
Brown, Noah (Profile) WR HOU DAL Signed
Sims, Steven (Profile) WRHOUPIT Signed
Succop, Ryan (Profile) PK FA TB Released
Bullock, Randy (Profile) PKFATEN Released
Ryan, Matt (Profile) QB FA IND Matt Ryan Staying In Shape... Just In Case A Team Comes Calling Released
Wentz, Carson (Profile) QBFAWAS Released
McKissic, J.D. (Profile) RB FA WAS Released
Parham, Donald (Profile) TEFALAC Released
Brate, Cameron (Profile) TE FA TB Released