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Player Career Charts
Player historic rankings charts illustrating numerically and graphically how a player is fantasy performing over their career.

QB Hancuffs
A look at fantasy football Handcuff and streaming QB for the 2017 season.

2nd Half Trends

STOMP draft tool and strategy

Rookie Performances
A nice perspective of rookie performances over the last six years. Reality can be different then your perception. It is very important to have information when making your draft day decisions.

Mock Drafts
Many mock draft from paid leagues – that have been played recently and some ongoing as we speak.

I look at which players are consistent fantasy wise from week-to-week of last year’s NFL season

DDT Draft Tool
PC based Draft Tool that is one of the favorite Diehards tool.

Sortable Target data including snap counts and target trend over the previous three weeks.

Zone Targets
Passing Targets by redzone and 10 zone and percentage of team. Sortable.

Player Stats vs Team Matchup
An informative look at a player’s performance against selectable teams.

Show actual fantasy points over the last years for QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs. You can also calculate an average over the last three years and weight each year differently if you like.

Player Injuries
Player injures reported by NFL teams on players: out, questionable, doubtful, and suspended.

FA Add, Drop, Start
Top Fantasy Football Player Free Agent Adds Drops, starters, what players are being picked up, dropped and started in leagues around the country.

Rushing RedZone
Rushing zone data, showing redzone and 10 zone stats including team percentages.

Player Capsules
A wonderful overall page that includes year-to-date historic stats, weekly stats, player historic rankings charts and average draft positions (ADP) trends that shows how a player is moving up and down the draft board.

Snap Counts
Sortable snap count data for all still positions.