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Football Diehards Step 1

We thank you so much for being a Football Diehards Family member. Our team is dedicated to providing winning content for our family of subscribers in our 31st season. We will be emailing you important features of our premium content at key times through the preseason, regular season and postseason. We pride ourselves in giving our subscribers all phases of fantasy content - including draft preparation, in-season management and DFS play.

Please let us know if there is any specific information you're looking for, so we can help you prepare for your drafts and in-season management. (emil.kadlec@gmail.com)

We look forward helping you build your legacy as a fantasy football champion.

Bob Harris ande Emil Kadlec

Football Diehards Step 1 Features

Configurable Cheat Sheet
One of our most popular products of our FlashUpdate Draft Guide is the configurable cheat sheet. This tool allows you to input your scoring rules and starting lineup configuration. With this, are tool gives you a ranking using your scoring rules and also an overall ranking that aligns with your starting lineup. If you're into value-based drafting, we also have a cheat sheet that creates value-based drafting numbers consistent with your league for your convenience.

Best Ball
If you're in the best ball whether it be for practicing for your important drafts or for league play, we have a printer friendly Best ball cheat sheet and also articles on the subject.

And yes, of course, we also have a dynasty cheat sheet.

Player Projections
A skill position breakdown of Fantasy Football Player Projections using the staff rankings. Stats forecasted are: Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Interceptions, Rushes, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Receptions, Receiving Yards and Receiving TDs. With the ability to download a CSV file.

All our Ranking and Cheat Sheets
Here is a link to all of our cheat sheets and rankings which includes everything above plus ESPN, NFL and Yahoo cheat sheets.

Football Diehards Step 2

Step two focuses on draft strategy preparation. We have some very nice articles along with many videos that hit hard on draft strategy.

Football Diehards Step 2 Featuress

Football Diehards University

Our University is a set of videos that focuses on draft strategy along with trading and in season management. Some of these are from the 2018 Fantasy Football Summit and still very valuable evergreen videos. Will be adding more videos starting August 1

Here are some excellent Draft Strategy Articles






Football Diehards Step 3

One of our most popular tools is our new tool, My Fantasy GM. It's mainly an in-season tool that helps you in all facets of your weekly starting lineup and roster moves. My fantasy GM also helps you evaluate your rosters right after your draft or any time you want to see where you're at.

Football Diehards Step 3 Features

Here is a video to illustrate how it works!

My Fantasy GM Tool

The Ultimate In-Season Fantasy Assistant

My Fantasy GM is a cutting edge tool that marries your roster specific data and our technology to help you manage your teams.

Link Your Teams
Sync up your teams from all major commissioner platforms and we take care of the rest!

Free Agent Search Tool
Allows you to search a specific player across all your leagues - across all the commissioner platforms at the same time. Incredible time saver!

In-Season Lineup Optimizer
An interactive tool gives you its opinion on who you should start each week.

Team Roster Evaluator
Grades each skill position of all league teams to search out trades and free agent waivers.

Extra features: Injury Report, Droppable Players, Trends and more!

Football Diehards Step 4

Part of an excellent draft strategy is practicing. And one of the great ways to practice is using the fantasy football mock draft simulator and we've got a very popular one. So give it a ride and let us know what you think.

Football Diehards Step 4 Features

Click: Football Diehards' fantasy football mock draft simulator

Football Diehards Step 5


Tools are very important part of preparing your draft strategy into determining what players you want to target and what players you don't want to target during your drafts. We've got a bunch of these tools that help you make these decisions!

Football Diehards Step 5 Features

Here are all the tools


STOMP draft tool and strategy

2nd-Half Trends
This tool ranks players from last year in terms of the final eight weeks and also ranking for the final six weeks. This gives you a great feel for players who ended the season strong or fell off.

Player Career Charts
Player historic rankings charts illustrating numerically and graphically how a player is fantasy performing over their career.

QB Handcuffs
A look at fantasy football Handcuff and streaming QB.

Mock Drafts
Many mock draft from paid leagues - that have been played recently and some ongoing as we speak.

I look at which players are consistent fantasy wise from week-to-week of last year's NFL season

DDT Draft Tool
PC based Draft Tool that is one of the favorite Diehards tool. It's a golden oldie.

Sortable Target data including snap counts and target trend over the previous three weeks.

Zone Targets
Passing Targets by red-zone, 10-zone and percentage of team. Sortable.

Player Stats vs Team Matchup
An informative look at a player's performance against selectable teams.

Show actual fantasy points over the last years for QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs. You can also calculate an average over the last three years and weight each year differently if you like.

Player Injuries
Player injures reported by NFL teams on players: out, questionable, doubtful, and suspended.

FA Add, Drop, Start
Top Fantasy Football Player Free Agent Adds Drops, starters, what players are being picked up, dropped and started in leagues around the country.

Rushing RedZone
Rushing red-zone data, showing red-zone and 10-zone stats including team percentages.

Player Capsules
A wonderful overall page that includes year-to-date historic stats, weekly stats, player historic rankings charts and average draft positions (ADP) trends that shows how a player is moving up and down the draft board.

Snap Counts
Sortable snap count data for all still positions.

Football Diehards Step 6

Free rate my team
This tool allows you to enter a team roster by cutting and pasting it into a box or loading each pair by typing out their name and hitting select works a lot better for cell phone use. You receive a grade for each skill position and also a grade 4 by weeks at each skill position. A very nice free tool that gives you a quick look at potential strengths and weaknesses in case you want to do trading or pick up a hot free-agent.

We also have a rate my team tool that's part of our premium service my fantasy GM. This tool actually looks at your whole leagues teams and gives you a number rating with respect to all the teams in your league. And these ratings are for all skill position including total roster and starting lineup. Definitely our best rate my team tool.

Football Diehards Step 6 Features

Here is the Free Rate My Team Tool.

Football Diehards Step 7

We talked about our Configurable Cheat Sheet in Step 1. Now are going to show you a video of how to operate all its features. As we mentioned before you can enter your league's scoring system and starting lineup limits. The system uses those to create printer friendly cheat sheets and overall cheat sheet. Enjoy the video!

Football Diehards Step Features

Click here to see the video on how to use our configurable cheat sheet.