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My Fantasy GM Tool

The Ultimate In-Season Fantasy Assistant

My Fantasy GM Assistant My Fantasy GM is a very modern and popular tool that uses roster specific data to help you manage your fantasy football teams. The My Fantasy GM links your teams from the major commissioner platforms to generate and share knowledge to you. Once you link your teams, you don't have to do any other work. My Fantasy GM takes care of everything and assists you from Monday to Sunday each regular season week with advice on all your teams.

Free Agent Search Tool

One of the more invaluable tools during the regular season is the Free Agent Search Tool. This allows you to query a specific player and the Free Agent Search Tool lets you know if that player is available across all your leagues - across all the commissioner platforms. On top of this, each Tuesday morning the Free Agent Search Tool will proactively emails you players in each of your leagues that it believes you should bid on in your waiver wire process and attempt to pick up.

In-Season Lineup Optimizer

The Lineup Optimizer is an interactive assistant tool that gives you its opinion on who you should start each week. You can block out players that you don't want to start or you can force players you do want to start and the Lineup Optimizer will fill the rest of your team with those conditions in mind. It also includes starting percentages and owner percentages across the fantasy nation. And it also includes up-to-date injury status for each player.

Team Roster Evaluator

The Team Roster Evaluator gives you analysis of each skill position on whether you have a strong or weak skill position compared to the rest of that league. If it shows a weakness, you can look to make trades or pick up free agents to help improve your roster. This tool can be used at any time from just after your draft and through the regular season.

Link Your Teams

You can link your teams from the major Commissioner platforms including ESPN, NFL Fantasy, Yahoo!, CBSSports, My Fantasy League, Flea Flicker, Sleeper and Real-Time Sports. Once you link your teams each year your work is done! My fantasy GM Tool takes care of the rest.

Injury Report

Injury Report provides you daily status of each of your players whether their Questionable, Doubtful, Probable, Out or on Suspension. A very valuable piece of information to have as you figure out free agency waivers, starting lineups and trades.


Trends gives you information around the fantasy nation who's being picked up, dropped and started. This gives you a few extra hence on what the people are thinking out they are in the nation, so you can potentially gain additional knowledge on players you could consider moving on.