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Fantasy Football Box Scores

Week 12
(click below to view)
ATL 13
WAS 19
BAL 27
JAC 28
BUF 28
DET 25
CHI 10
NYJ 31
CIN 20
TEN 16
DEN 10
CAR 23
GB 33
PHI 40
NE 26
MIN 33
NO 0
SF 13
NYG 20
DAL 28
LVR 40
SEA 34
LAR 10
KC 26
LAC 25
ARI 24
TB 17
CLE 23
HOU 15
MIA 30


HEY NOW. ... We hope your teams are faring well this weekend -- and if not, we hope you have the firepower available in the Monday games to turn things around. Whatever the case, the FlashUpdate has a variety of features available to keep you up to speed on all this week's action:

JUST IN: Drew Phelps' Best Monday Night Props, Evan Tarracciano's Week 13 Waiver-Wire Wizard and Joe Colonna's Week 12 Injury Review/Week 13 Free-Agent Preview is available now.

NEWS UPDATES: Pertinent inactives and lineup changes, injury updates and other breaking items of interest will be posted in the News & Views section (also seen in the column directly to your right).

FANTASY BOX SCORES: Our exclusive Fantasy Box Scores (with Target Data) are available for review.

WEEK 12 REWIND: In addition to last week's Late-Breaking Updates, you'll find the full range of Regular Content available for review.

COLUMNS, STATS & TOOLS: You can also take advantage of our full range of Fantasy Columns & Analysis, Fantasy Tools and Exclusive Statistics.

OTHERWISE: Feel free to holler if you have any technical problems. Now let's kick some a**!!

WEEK 12 LATE-BREAKING UPDATES To Access Late-Breaking Updates: Scroll down the page; choose a headline from the list below; click on the headline; read the corresponding Update. ... Repeat as necessary. Remember: Headlines rarely reflect all the information included in a given Update.

» JAC:  general update | 12:08 PT
» CHI:  general update | 11:54 PT
» CAR: News on Ian Thomas (TE) | 10:35 PT
» WAS:  general update | 8:54 PT
» NYG:  general update | 7:32 PT
» TB:  general update | 0:03 PT

» SEA: News on Geno Smith (QB) | 14:11 PT
» LAR: News on Cam Akers (RB) | 9:27 PT

» NYJ: News on Mike White (QB) | 18:08 PT
» LVR:  general update | 16:55 PT
» PHI: News on A.J. Brown (WR) | 15:06 PT
» BUF:  general update | 13:15 PT
» HOU: News on Kyle Allen (QB) | 12:42 PT
» JAC:  general update | 12:05 PT
» CIN: News on Joe Mixon (RB) | 11:50 PT
» CIN: News on Joe Mixon (RB) | 11:03 PT
» PHI: News on A.J. Brown (WR) | 10:56 PT
» DAL:  general update | 10:01 PT
» SF:  general update | 9:34 PT
» NWE: News on Mac Jones (QB) | 0:15 PT

» TB: News on Tom Brady (QB) | 21:12 PT
» NYG:  general update | 20:24 PT
» CIN: News on Joe Mixon (RB) | 14:49 PT
» PHI: News on A.J. Brown (WR) | 14:45 PT
» BUF:  general update | 10:24 PT
» JAC:  general update | 9:14 PT
» CIN: News on Joe Mixon (RB) | 0:16 PT
» NWE: News on Mac Jones (QB) | 0:11 PT
» BUF:  general update | 0:02 PT

Friday's NFL Injury/Practice Report -- with status info for all but Monday night's game -- is available now.

News, notes, rumors and other interesting stuff from the desk of FlashUpdate Editor Bob Harris. You can currently access this item in Text Only and MS Word formats.

Stats, coaching, historical trends, specific matchup notes & more -- directly from our friends at NFL headquarters -- posted weekly throughout the season.

It never hurts to compare notes with the pros. ... Emil Kadlec's Week 12 Rankings and Gary Davenport's IDP Tipsheet are available now; FSP's Staff Cheatsheet is LIVE!

Brad Kruse's Week 12 Sit-Start/Sunday Edition, Drew Phelps' Best Sunday Prop Bets, KC Joyner's Blue-Rated Wideouts, Jamie Calandro's Best DraftKings Cash Game Game Plays, Gary Davenport's The Shadow Knows, John Laub's The Scholar's Sheet of DraftKings Knowleldge, Bob Harris' DFS Tournament Three and Out, Brad Kruse's Sit-Start/Thursday Edition, Drew Phelps' Best Thursday Prop Bets, Matthew Cherrin's Dollar-Store Free Agents, Evan Tarracciano's Waiver-Wire Wizard, Joe Colonna's Week 11 Injury Review/Week 12 Free-Agent Preview and Reginald James' latest Commish HQ column are available now.

Our exclusive 2022 DFS Lineup Optimizer and DFS Ownership Percentages, Target Data, Red-Zone Rushing Stats, Snap Counts and sortable Fantasy Points Allowed By Defense page and our Player Performance Vs. Opponent are available now..

There's safety in numbers. ... And numbers don't lie! Our position-by-position stats are an invaluable aid when making lineup decisions, considering possible trades or plotting strategy will be updated on a cumulative basis weekly throughout the season.

Never Forget

FootballDiehards Helpful Directory

Preseason - Draft Preparation

The biggest time of the year for fantasy football managers is their fantasy drafts. These are typically scheduled for the preseason time as early as June and all the way through the first game of the season which is typically around Thursday night of the second week of September. The most basic highest priority piece of information that managers are looking for is there fantasy football cheat sheet. These cheat sheets can be configured to their league's scoring system and starting lineup. And if they have multiple leagues obviously they can create unique cheat sheets for each league. Probably our most popular tool is our configurable cheat sheet that includes all these capabilities. These cheat sheets are updated constantly each day of the preseason so you can print out your printer friendly cheat sheet right before you run off to your draft or sit down at your computer for an online fantasy football draft. also has real-time cheat sheets for ESPN fantasy football, Yahoo fantasy football;" and NFL fantasy. These cheat sheets are updated automatically many times each day throughout the preseason all you to the start of the NFL season. These cheat sheets use our expert rankings and include the scoring system of each of these platforms.

Fantasy Football Rankings Matrix

Our staff rankings are broken down into skill positions quarterbacks, running back, wide receivers, tight ends. Among our five experts within, all of them have their rankings within the matrix. Customers can selecgt which experts they want to create an average cheat sheet of. Hence they can see the overall average and see where each expert differs from the average. Another very popular tool.

One of the more popular tools to prepare for managers drafts is the fantasy football mock draft simulator. This allows you to use rules, starting lineup, and even your draft position. This allows you to draft very closely to leave and then pick location within your draft to get a very optimal simulation. Definitely a popular tool to prepare for your fantasy football.

Our flash update premium service which includes our August update draft preparation is incredibly detailed and intense starting essentially the first week of August and finishing up beer to before the first NFL game of the season. We include all these draft preparation tools and features and also daily if not hourly if not medically giving you updates on player preseason performances injuries in our position on players as we go through the preseason preparing for week one of the NFL season. The August update also includes includes expert poll is from information from all of our experts including advice on sleepers, busts and longshot players.

We at also have a handful of very detailed draft strategies, draft guide articles that give you a very high level and detailed perspective on the best ways to draft. These strategy articles also include many videos to give even more detail on how to draft, and how to trade as the season starts.

We also have rate my team articles to help you get a feel for any weaknesses and strengths of your team. This will allow you to make trades before the season start if you had a rough patch in your draft. One of the rate my team tools is a free tool where you can enter your roster. The more advanced tool rate my team tool pulls your entire leagues rosters and evaluate your team with respect to yoiur competitors within that league.

Not to be forgotten or the many average draft position (ADP) lists to help you get an understanding of where players are being taken around the country. The very important tool for your draft strategy. If you really want a player and see where they are typically being taken in draft them slightly earlier or if you kind of don't really like a person but you're interested in him you can maybe draft them a little bit later than the ADP. So if there there you can take them if they've Artie been taken you're not too upsetabout it. These average draft positions lists include ESPN ADP, High-Stats ADP, Best ball ADP and Low-Stakes ADP.

Regular Season - Season Long League Support phases into the regular season with a flurry of information to help managers with their starting lineups and free agency – waiver wire decisions. We have information every week of the NFL season and in the playoffs to help managers with these issues and more including injuries and deciding whether a player is start or not all the way through the NFL regular season and post season. We have weekly cheat sheets – rankings to help with these starting decisions and also a complete cool tool called My fantasy GM which helps you optimize your starting lineups, gives you injury information and most helpful helps you look for free agents across all your leagues the same time. We love this tool and so do our customers.

Most of the year, whether it is fantasy football drafting or regular season, you need to be checking the NFL Bye Weeks of each team. When you are drafting or picking up free agent players, you need to keep NFL team bye weeks on your mind. Another helpful set of features important to the fantasy football managers is our set of fantasy football tools. These tool are used year-round for the savvy owner including stats like fantasy football targets and snap data.

Fantasy advice is spread across all facets of fantasy football. works very hard at providing helpful fantasy football advice - winter, spring, summer and fall.

Fantasy Football Team Names

Team names are a nice way for fantasy managers to express themselve. Fantasy Football is a hobby for peope to excape for reality a few hours each week. Also to show your expertise on building a winning team and enjoy your love of the NFL. Expressing you feeling and personality can be a nice release of your frustrations - Fantasy football team names are a big part of that.

Fantasy Football News & Views

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News fantasy football player Ja'Marr Chase Expected To Return For Week 13
Ja'Marr Chase Expected To Return For Week 13
(11/28 10:33 AM PT)
News fantasy football player Allen Robinson To Have Season-Ending Surgery
Allen Robinson To Have Season-Ending Surgery
(11/27 11:39 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Shanahan: Elijah Mitchell May Have Sprained MCL
Shanahan: Elijah Mitchell May Have Sprained MCL
(11/27 11:38 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Aaron Rodgers To Have MRI On Ribs
Aaron Rodgers To Have MRI On Ribs
(11/27 11:37 PM PT)
Darnell Mooney Suffered Likely Season-Ending Ankle Injury (11/27 11:35 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Josh Jacobs Questionable To Return
Josh Jacobs Questionable To Return
(11/27 6:13 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Elijah Mitchell Questionable To Return
Elijah Mitchell Questionable To Return
(11/27 5:17 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Deebo Samuel Injured (Returned)
Deebo Samuel Injured (Returned)
(11/27 4:28 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Derek Carr Injured (Returned)
Derek Carr Injured (Returned)
(11/27 3:19 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Michael Carter Doubtful To Return
Michael Carter Doubtful To Return
(11/27 2:19 PM PT)
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