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By Emil Kadlec


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As technology advances, fantasy football advice websites are pushed to provide innovative support. More advanced guides, better data analysis, and roster-specific tools with real-time adjustment are becoming more prevalent as the average fantasy football player demands a higher level of advice. Fortunately for you, Football Diehards is on the cutting edge of both analysis and tools.


Our advice is broken into three main categories

1. Draft Guide Preparation
2. In-season Management
3. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)


This article gives the best fantasy football advice for all of these aspects. We provide a basic understanding of instructional products that help fantasy players win. It's important to understand where you need to put your energy in preparation for drafts and for the in-season grind.


Draft Preparation

The first phase of the fantasy football season is preparing for your draft. As you look for an excellent draft guide advice, here are some of the many areas you need to ensure are covered.


1. Cheat Sheets and Rankings

Configurable cheat sheet

All draft guides should have excellent cheat sheets and rankings. Here at Football Diehards, we pride ourselves on a top-notch staff that provides multiple cheat sheets for points per reception, half point per reception, and standard non-PPR scoring leagues. An important addition to cheat sheets is our configurable/creator cheat sheet. The configurable cheat sheet allows you to enter your league's starting lineup specifications and scoring rules. The tool calculates and adjusts the rankings for these inputs. This gives you the perfect cheat sheet and offers an advantage over your league mates. It's also important to have an updated and printable version so you can get the up-to-the-minute rankings before you head out the door to go to your local draft.


2. Strategies Advice

Excellent fantasy football advice must-have content to help the manager with draft strategies. There are so many different angles, strategies, and tactics that you need to understand before your draft. Football Diehards has been providing draft strategies for three decades and Football Diehards University is a collection of videos that covers these draft strategies in detail. The University also has live classes with question-and-answer portions to give the fantasy manager excellent advice and help them prepare for their drafts. Interacting with experts is the best way to accelerate the learning process.


3. Players to Target

A very important part of the strategy for preparing for your draft is determining what players you're going to target and those who you plan on avoiding. These players have various names such as Sleepers, Undervalued Players, and Long Shots. As you receive your draft advice you'll be given a list of the experts' opinions on these sleepers. Part of the advice is also to take this information and determine who your sleepers are. The last step of draft preparation is taking all of the expert-advice into account and making your own decisions on who you plan to target and fade in drafts.


4. Q/A Advice Sessions

You need to have several question-and-answer sessions with your experts to really dig down and get detailed illustrations as to why they have chosen certain strategies and targeted players. Experts give player-specific advice but the real edge they offer is teaching you how to be a better decision-maker.


5. Draft Preparation Tools

One of the things that have advanced a lot over the last 10 years is draft tools. Football Diehards has several tools including a mock draft simulator which has become a very valuable asset for fantasy managers. These simulators allow you to practice drafting with your strategy that you're developing. This gives you a chance to see where players are going and the sequence of your draft. Then you can make adjustments to your round by round strategy and re-run the simulator to try and optimize your strategy.


Secondly, mock drafts and mock draft reviews are very important to participate in and understand. Getting yourself into mock drafts with real people is the next step in being prepared for your real drafts. Participating in drafts that are for small amounts of money can be the best way to get real experience. The managers that are drafting in these leagues are then incentivized to make the best decisions possible and are the perfect opponents to get practice reps against. One of the best ways of doing this is being in Best Ball leagues. These leagues require no management and no free agency so you can use them as practice for your real leagues without any additional in-season time spent.


In-Season Management

In-season management is not as sexy and enjoyable like drafts are. We all love the draft - it's so exciting whether it's in person or online.


However, perhaps even more important is managing your team all season long. The following are important aspects of in-season management advice that are critical to your fantasy success.


1. Waiver Wire / Free Agent Advice

From week-to-week, one of the first things you do on Monday or Tuesday is review players that you want to pick up on your roster. At, we have a new tool, My Fantasy GM, that actually gives you advice for each of your leagues on many aspects including free agent/waiver wire advice. One of the advanced aspects of My Fantasy GM is it gives you advice for each of your leagues by keeping track of your roster and everybody else's roster in the league. For managers with multiple teams, this tool can be extremely valuable.


It's important to always be attentive to your teams every week of the NFL season. Don't take a week off! The successful managers I've watched over my 40 years of playing fantasy football are the ones who never take a day or a week off. You need to always be reviewing free agency, even if you end up not making any waiver wire bids. This is another important feature which My Fantasy GM gives you - roster-specific advice without you having to do anything. It helps you reduce the amount of time you have to spend each week.


2. Starting Lineup Advice

My Fantasy GM Starting Lineup Advice

Excellent advice also includes weekly starting lineup support. The weekly rankings can give you a good understanding of what players this particular site favors. Typically, you can go down the rankings and study them and get a good understanding of what players they think you should start. However, another excellent tool of the My Fantasy GM is the Lineup Optimizer. The Lineup Optimizer is an interactive tool that allows you to select which players you absolutely want to start and also select players you want to bench. The Lineup Optimizer will then give you your optimal lineup for that team given these inputs. As the week progresses, injuries and rankings may change and you can go back to the Lineup Optimizer and review its advice on your starting lineup.


3. Streaming Starters

A new concept has come up in the last decade called streaming. There are essentially four skill positions that are very favorable to stream. These are tight ends, kickers, defenses, and quarterbacks. Most leagues feature small rosters that incentivize you to only hold one player at each of these positions. Hence, you can rotate who you play at each of these positions by adding a new player off the waiver wire when bye weeks or bad matchups necessitate a change. This is the essence of streaming. You need to be looking ahead at your roster and free agents in your league to determine what streaming players you're going to acquire in free agency. Sometimes it is advised to pick up your streaming player one week early if you have room on your roster, so other managers don't take them before you.


4. Injury Issues

Keeping track of injuries as they progress through the week is an important aspect of in-season management. The My Fantasy GM will proactively email you any of any critical changes in the health of players on your roster so you don't have to be constantly worried about it. You can sit back and check your email every once in a while to find out if you have an issue you need to make a decision on.


Daily Fantasy Sports Advice

The biggest boom over the last seven years has been Daily Fantasy Sports. Over 25% of fantasy managers play DFS according to DFS is played each week and you can have completely different rosters from the previous week. You can also play multiple games with unique rosters each week. Therefore, fantasy advice is very detailed each week for DFS because you're essentially drafting multiple new teams every week. We at Football Diehards have a DFS Lineup Optimizer that is an excellent tool that gives you advice on different options on your DFS rosters (lineups) on top of our weekly collection of articles and advice.

Best Fantasy Football Advice Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine what the best fantasy football advice is?

You should look for advice that's broken down into specific aspects of the game.

What are the categories that provide the essentials that would be considered the best fantasy football advice?

Here at, we believe the advice can be broken down into three main categories: 1. Draft Guide Preparation; 2. In-season Management; and 3. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Why is Draft Preparation the first leg of the three categories of the best fantasy football advice?

Getting off to a strong start seems obvious, but it must not be overlooked. At, we offer a range of strategic draft advice that includes players to target and when to target them based on expert rankings provided by our fantasy football professionals, a variety of cheat sheets including interactive, configurable rankings you can adjust to meet your specific needs, mock drafting tools that can be set up to meet a variety of league formats and draft/team review tools.

Why is In-Season Management a major category included in the best fantasy football advice?

In-season management is every bit as important as draft preparation. Perhaps even more important. Here at, we provide a robust array of in-season management strategies and tools. From waiver-wire and starting lineup advice to ongoing roster and bye-week assessment, our My Fantasy GM tool will give you direct information and advice on all your teams. Our emphasis on injury situations has been a strength of our service since its inception with our team of fantasy football professionals having ongoing experience in this arena since 1993.

What makes up the best fantasy football advice for Daily Fantasy Sports players?

Over 25 percent of all fantasy managers play DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) according to The best fantasy football advice is different in the DFS arena because of the varying types of contest and the week-to-week nature of play. provides a robust set of tools, including lineup optimizers and the advice of some of the top players in the arena (including million-dollar winners) via articles and live video shows.