Best Ball Fantasy Football 2018

Best Ball Fantasy Football

has been around sense 1998 when our own Emil Kadlec started it while playing in the FanEx Football League. It has become a great way to prepare for your important leagues and also a way to compete in a large number of fantasy football leagues without being over worked during the regular season. Football Diehards has articles on draft strategy and reviewing ADP and what players are being over and undervalued.

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Best Ball Articles from 2018
Never-too-Early ADP Observations: My First Draft of 2018
By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan Yes, it is only February. Yes, there are currently live bestball drafts happening now on a few different platforms. Yes, I am drafting (and quite happy to be doing so!). This early on, ADP is essentially non-existent, and that’s what makes observing it not only fun but ...

Best Ball Articles from 2017
MFL2X Fantasy Football Draft Strategies
By Michael Dubner
Michael Dubner My Fantasy League has recently added the MFL2X league option. MFL2Xs are similar to the draft-only MFL10s with the notable difference that 1st-through-5th place win double their entry fee (hence the 2X), as opposed to the winner-take-all 10X format of MFL10s. While ...

Curbing your Enthusiasm in Fantasy Football MFL10s
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros Enthusiasm is wonderful and often contagious. Sometimes it is the roar of the crowd pressing forward that motivates and other times it is our natural desire to get ahead of the pack and to find an edge that drives us further than we reasonably should. How do we temper ...

Fantasy Football Best Ball Strategy Tips
By Michael Dubner
Michael Dubner While August is the time for season-long fantasy football drafts, most June drafts are Best Ball formats (i.e. MFL10). There are key strategy differences for season-long vs. best ball fantasy football leagues, which I will discuss in this article. 1. Optimize Roste ...

Fantasy Football Trading Part 2
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros Know your league’s rules and your fellow league members. One of the lessons you’ll learn in this series is that to be good at trading, you have to access and put into practice good advice. Even if you’re in a league that doesn’t allow trading, these lessons will help y ...

Stackcuffing RB in drafts in 2017
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros I was having a nice discussion about stacking RB in MFL10’s on Twitter the other day and someone asked when did stacking take the place of the traditional word “handcuffing” which described drafting your stud RB’s backup. My reply was that the traditional term h ...

Early Best Ball MFL10 ADP Review
By Michael Dubner
Michael Dubner We are still early in the fantasy football draft season, and Average Draft Position (ADP) is all over the place. The ADP in June will look very different than the ADP in August, especially in the middle-to-late rounds. A lot can, and will, change by August. June MyFanta ...

Analyzing MFL10 WR in 2016
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros Analyzing MFL10 WR in 2016 The next position to study in my analytics of big weeks in MFL10’s takes us to the WR position. I studied the results for the top 64 WR broken out by points per game in the format. As I did for RB’s I have calculated the percentage of ...

fantasy football best ball leagues History
By Emil R Kadlec
Emil R Kadlec Click for: Best Ball Articles Way back in the summer of 1998, a bunch of fantasy football fanatics were running a site called Fan Ex – which stands for Fan Experts. Yes, I too am not enamored with the term “expert.” Their mission was to provide the millions of fant ...

RB achievements in MFL10’s in 2016
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros About a week or so ago I did an article on How to choose Defenses in MFL10’s and you can access that article here What jumped out at me as I did my study was that 5 ...

Primer on Choosing Defenses in MFL10’s
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros Primer on Choosing Defenses in MFL10’s A couple of years ago there was a TV show called Everybody Hates Chris. Growing up it is so easy to feel out of the loop, and that everyone hates you. In picking Defenses MFL10 leagues this is not an illusion. Most I have spok ...

Current MFL10 Flexibility Trendspotting
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros As I mentioned I am older than most of you who probably will read this. One of the key lessons I have learned through experience is the difference between saying something and the willingness to do it. I mean change is hard and not everyone is cut out for it. One of th ...

Fine tuning of MFL10s
By Tod Burros
Tod Burros The purpose of this article is to make sure those of you like myself who do a lot of MFL10 or best ball leagues are doing all the little things that can put ourselves in optimal positions to win each draft. This is not a beginner’s article but an article on fine tuning ...

A Pre-NFL-Draft Look at Late Round Sleepers
By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan I know it’s only April, but many people are actively drafting, some of us at a feverish rate. You can follow along with all of my best ball drafts on our homepage, and read up on some best ball basics here: ( ...

Early MFL10 Observations
By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan February 27, 2017 was the day the itch was scratched for people like me. The fine folks over at My Fantasy League kicked the doors open to their MFL10 lobby, and I got busy right away. If you are unfamiliar with MFL10’s and the best ball format, you can read the primer ...

There is No Offseason MFL10s are Opening this Week
By Jen Ryan
Jen Ryan Do you get that empty feeling on Super Bowl Monday? I do. The finality of the football season hits me like a ton of bricks. Sixteen games are not enough. The 27 weeks of daily fantasy football, which include the pre and postseason, still does not feel like enough. There ...