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2023 Average Draft Position (ADP) - From FFC

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Average Draft Position (ADP) Frequently Asked Questions


What is fantasy football Average Draft Position (ADP)?

ADP represents the Average Draft Position for players in a wide range of fantasy football drafts. It serves as a useful draft prep tool for understanding how players are valued.

How is a given player's Average Draft Position calculated?

The average value of each player's draft position is taken over a range of many drafts.

How is an Average Draft Position list most useful to fantasy managers?

With the knowledge of where players are going it is a bit easier to gauge when you should pull a trigger on a player, or knowing when you can hold off on a player. More to the point, it doesn't tell you when you have to draft a player; it helps you understand what range you'll need to select a player to ensure you can get him on your roster.

Should I be cautious when using Average Draft Position?

As pointed out, you might see some results that at first don't make sense since dynasty leagues tend to draft earlier and players of interest do not always match up with traditional redraft leagues. In addition, some leagues have scoring systems that are very skewed towards awarding a lot more points to a certain position, which would entice owners to pick players in that position (like quarterback) first, rather than more traditional scoring system leagues. Remember, some of that can be avoided by selecting an ADP that's better suited for your league.

How are the Average Draft Position Rankings compiled?

We use draft data from an array of drafts in an effort to offer visitors the best possible meet a variety of needs and to eliminate the potential drawbacks outlined above. You'll find an ADP for "Low-Stakes" leagues, which will work for the vast majority of leagues out there; we have a Best-Ball ADP that provides the latest data for those playing in the very popular set-and-forget leagues that tend to have a much different ADP ranking than traditional leagues; we have an ADP that's specifically designed to reflect the lineup requirements and scoring system used in leagues; and a high-stakes ADP that offers you a ranking based on the selections of some of the best players in the world -- and certainly ones with something on the line in the form of out-of-pocket cash investment that's necessary to play in those leagues.