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2022 Best Ball Average Draft Position (ADP)

updated: 8/28/2022

1Allen, JoshQBBUF724.2 R:2 P:12
2Herbert, JustinQBLAC836.5R:3 P:13
3Mahomes, PatrickQBKAN837.0 R:3 P:13
4Jackson, LamarQBBAL1047.7R:4 P:12
5Hurts, JalenQBPHI757.8 R:5 P:10
6Murray, KylerQBARI1358.5R:5 P:10
7Burrow, JoeQBCIN1062.1 R:6 P:02
8Brady, TomQBTB1183.7R:7 P:12
9Prescott, DakQBDAL9103.0 R:9 P:07
10Wilson, RussellQBDEN9113.2R:10 P:05
11Lance, TreyQBSFO9115.7 R:10 P:08
12Rodgers, AaronQBGNB14122.1R:11 P:02
13Stafford, MatthewQBLAR7124.5 R:11 P:05
14Carr, DerekQBLVR6130.6R:11 P:11
15Cousins, KirkQBMIN7135.0 R:12 P:03
16Tagovailoa, TuaQBMIA11149.9R:13 P:06
17Fields, JustinQBCHI14151.7 R:13 P:08
18Lawrence, TrevorQBJAC11152.7R:13 P:09
19Ryan, MattQBIND14159.6 R:14 P:04
20Winston, JameisQBNOR14171.1R:15 P:03
21Jones, MacQBNWE10173.5 R:15 P:05
22Tannehill, RyanQBTEN6173.6R:15 P:06
23Goff, JaredQBDET6175.1 R:15 P:07
24Jones, DanielQBNYG9180.4R:15 P:12
25Mills, DavisQBHOU6189.1 R:16 P:09
26Wentz, CarsonQBWAS14193.6R:17 P:02
27Mayfield, BakerQBCAR13196.5 R:17 P:04
28Watson, DeshaunQBCLE9204.5R:17 P:12
29Wilson, ZachQBNYJ10204.8 R:17 P:13
30Mariota, MarcusQBATL14209.1R:18 P:05
31Pickett, KennyQBPIT9221.9 R:19 P:06
32Trubisky, MitchQBPIT9228.3R:19 P:12
33Brissett, JacobyQBCLE9230.3 R:20 P:02
34Lock, DrewQBSEA11232.9R:20 P:05
35Garoppolo, JimmyQBSFO9235.1 R:20 P:07
36Smith, GenoQBSEA11236.1R:20 P:08
37Ridder, DesmondQBATL14236.7 R:20 P:09
38Willis, MalikQBTEN6237.7R:20 P:10
39Corral, MattQBCAR13238.0 R:20 P:10
40Mayfield, BakerQBCAR13238.2R:20 P:10
41Flacco, JoeQBNYJ10238.4 R:20 P:10
42Hill, TaysomQBNOR14240.2R:20 P:12

Fantasy Football Best Ball Average Draft Position (ADP) Frequently Asked Questions


What is a best ball fantasy draft?

Fantasy Best Ball was created to maximize the enjoyment of drafting and minimize the management of your team. There is no in-season management, no free agency and no waiver wire. You don't even have to create weekly lineups. The Commissioner platform gives each team their optimal (Best) lineup after each Monday night game is completed.

What is best ball format in fantasy football?

The format of the league is very similar to most fantasy leagues. The difference is they typically have a longer draft with 18 to 22 players per team. Drafting is slightly different because you don't have free agency. Many Fantasy Best Ball formats are total points or head-to-head and don't use week 17 of the NFL season.

When should you draft a quarterback in best ball?

Because you can't pick up free agents, it's best to have at least two quarterbacks if not three on your roster. Hence the typical waiting-on-quarterbacks can be disastrous. When to take any skill position depends on your league scoring system and how your managers within your league typically draft. A good rule-of-thumb is to not fall behind the average rate of the league when drafting quarterbacks. Managers will start doubling up, i.e. taking their second quarterback earlier than in normal drafts. So, if say 80% of the league already have their first quarterback and you don't, this may be a prime time to take your first quarter. Follow this strategy when acquiring your second and third quarterbacks. I personally like to take my second quarterback earlier than most so I don't get caught up befind a run and end up with a weak QB2.

What is a fantasy football best ball slow draft?

Slow drafts are typically done through an app or through email. They can extend for a week or two weeks before completing. Time between pics can be four hours, eight hours or 12 hours. With the clock stopping during the night. Because Fantasy Best Ball leagues only have a draft and don't have free agency or any in-season management, the drafts are much more important and also more enjoyable to the fantasy manager. Hence, slow drafts are very popular.

When was fantasy best ball created?

In 1998, Emil Kadlec created Fantasy Best Ball when he was a member of fantasy experts.