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ESPN Average Draft Position (ADP) 2023


ESPN Average Draft Position (ADP) Frequently Asked Questions


What is fantasy football ESPN Average Draft Position (ADP)?

ESPN Average Draft Position is where players are being drafted specifically in ESPN Leagues.

How are ESPN average draft positions created?

The system takes results from many ESPN leagues and averages the position a player is taken to create the ADP. Utalizing our rate my fantasy football team will also help you see if you are using the ADP properly.

How can ESPN fantasy managers use the ADP Data?

ADP is a powerful tool that allows managers to predict when a player is going to be taken in an ESPN Draft. The manager then can shape their draft strategy to get the players they target.

Should I be cautious when using ESPN Average Draft Position?

ADP is an average – hence there will be a variance from league to league, so if you really want a player you should take them earlier than the ADP suggests. Also ADP is time sensitive and new news can change when a player is taken over night.