Football Diehards' Testimonials

Josh C. ...Just wanted to say thanks for the advice throughout the year. Helped get me my championship and bragging rights over the family and we all know that's all that matters!

So I would like like to Thank You and your great Staff, with this e-mail. Your generosity and another find, successful year with Diehards great service /magazine. Your VB Drafting information... is Awesome!!!
You guy's helped me win Two 1st Place Championships, and 1st Place in, Consolation Bracket (in a 3rd league). Not a bad investment for a eight dollar fee, I would say.
Looking forward to being signed in with Diehards again.....

Garry J. MN

Guy Terrifico @CTown_and_Down<br> @footballdiehard Dear Bob, Thanks for the advice all year. 2 leagues. 2 championships. Just need a second trophy...

Nathan DeLong @NathanDeLong Dec 19
@md_1010xl @SiriusXMFantasy @footballdiehard thanks for all the help guys. Love the show.

Greg Walls @willieg65 Dec 22
@md_1010xl @footballdiehard Odell Beckham Jr. Brings home the repeat championship. #fantasyfreaks

Mike Curtis @AllThatMike Dec 22
@md_1010xl @footballdiehard Yea fellas! I got the win over my father in law! Thanks for everything this year and helping me bring it home!

Eric Monteagudo @Erichookares Dec 23
@md_1010xl @footballdiehard i want thank you again 4 all ur advice all year, it sure is very rewarding #undefeated

Mike @MikeTheBullroom Dec 23
@SiriusXMFantasy @footballdiehard @md_1010xl Got off to some ugly starts in 4 but was able to make the PO in 2. Thanks to you! #diehards

Mike @MikeTheBullroom Dec 23
@SiriusXMFantasy @footballdiehard @md_1010xl didnt win any titles this year but still wanna thank you guys for doing what you do. #diehards