Stackcuffing RB in drafts in 2017

By Tod Burros
Tod Burros I was having a nice discussion about stacking RB in MFL10’s on Twitter the other day and someone asked when did stacking take the place of the traditional word “handcuffing” which described drafting your stud RB’s backup.

My reply was that the traditional term handcuff which described drafting a stud RB’s backup who had no value unless that Stud RB got hurt no longer applied because most situations at RB didn’t fit that model anymore. Instead most situations now fit one of the three below situations

  • 1- A two down back with a 3rd down back
  • 2- A two/third and one/third split
  • 3- Worst case scenario find the two down back role split with a third down back as well

So most of the time on Twitter the discussion about drafting multiple RB from the same team is called stacking which is a Daily Fantasy term which also doesn’t accurately describe the situation. Stacking is putting two correlated positions together such as a QB and his receiver to maximize points should the QB throw a TD to that receiver.

So neither stacking or Handcuffing really apply to drafting two RB’s on the same team hedging our bet on the outcome of their final roles on the team
So I coined the phrase “Stackcuffing” which is a combination of the two and to me most accurately describes the phenomenon of drafting two RB on the same team hoping to land on and lock up that teams RB value.

The key to me is finding situations where you don’t have to spend a ton of draft capital AND where you think each player can pay off his ADP without an injury but that if one RB in the Stackcuff gets injured the other’s value would soar.

Often the uncertainty of which RB wins what role lowers the ADP of both players making Stackcuffing a viable strategy

My top 5 Fantasy Football Best Ball Stackuffs

  • 1-Bilal Powelland Matt Forte. This is my favorite Stackcuff right now in MFL10’s. The reason I like them is both are adept at both running and receiving so an injury would give either the chance to be a top 15 back. Meanwhile Powell is the 26th RB off the board and Forte the 43rd. You can still sometimes get Powell in the 7th round and Forte can safely be taken in the 11th. The understanding that the Jet’s will bad has lowered both of their ADP’s but I am not afraid of that as both are ideal backs in blowouts due to their pass catching skills. I think both players are very nice values on their own and Stackuffing them is a great idea.
  • 2- Spencer Wareand Kareem Hunt. Ware’s has dropped 17 spots to a value in the 5th rd. Hunt’s ADP has been on the rise but if he is on the board in the 10th I would certainly consider adding him to Ware as Andy Reid offenses are very RB friendly historically and the release of Jeremy Maclinhas the possibility of adding RB targets. While Charcandrick West is still there I believe this backfield ends up as a 2/3 to 1/3rd split between Ware and Hunt and I am happy to take both at those ADP’s in a Stackcuff. This is the one Stackcuff that I would target as soon as I take Ware as I don’t want to miss out if Hunt wins the job and I don’t think Ware can pay off his ADP without being the two thirds in the situation
  • 3-Paul Perkinsand Shane Vereen. While there are other backs in the mix I am not a big fan of Wayne Gallmancoming out and think in his 2nd year Perkins starts as the lead back. Before his injury last year Shane Vereen was getting more than just 3rd down snaps and could be the best back on the team. With Perkins going in the 8th round I love adding Vereen as a cheap Stackuff with huge upside in the 18th or 19th round
  • 3-Marshawn Lynchwith Deandre Washingtonand Jalen Richard. I am also open to picking between Washington and Richard but since both are available in most drafts in the 19th and 20th rd I like the idea of taking all 3. Lynch is old and split of the backfield between Washington and Richard for 3-4 games could easily pay off the value of taking Washington and Richard together late in a good offense behind a great OL
  • 4-Rob Kelley Samaje Perine- This one is a bit tricky as they fit scenario #3 where they are fighting for fighting for 1 and 2nd down role only as Chris Thompson is locked in as the 3rd down back. But the price is baked in with Perine ADP of 85(9th rd) and Kelley ADP of 130(11th rd) so I like the concept of taking both in a Stackuff in some drafts hoping that one or the other commands the lion share of the carries.
  • 5 Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman. This is almost a traditional stack but more likely it will be a two third to one third situation. Miller is going in the 3rd round and you can Stackcuff with Foreman in the 14th or 15th round. If I have Miller at those prices I don’t mind adding Foreman

Stackcuff’s I don’t like

  • 1- Devonte Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Last year they were the ultimate Stackcuff as both easily paid off their ADP. But I am on the record as thinking this offense could naturally regress after a big year and the loss of Kyle Shanahan. That would make both Freeman’s ADP of 12 and Coleman’s 53 as too steep to consider as a Stackcuff. I think both are overpriced without injury so I am not going to acerbate that by taking both.
  • 2- DeMarco Murrayand Derrick Henry- Again I just think the price is too high to bring them in on the same team. I would rather take one or the other and hope. Henry’s ADP has been dropping him into the 6th round often where I would think he could pay off his slot without an injury to Murray with huge upside should Murray go down.
  • 3- Lacy, Rawls, Prosise- Too much uncertainty for me to take any combination of the three together as there is talk Prosise will be more than just a 3rd down back.
    ADP is constantly changing and the Stackcuff’s I like today might not be the ones I like tomorrow. But I do think that it is something to consider as we do our MFL10 drafts.

I hope that this helps you and that you both like the new term and Stackuff when it makes sense in your drafts. Injuries in MFL10’s are a big concern and since we typically have 5-6 RB and need 2 RB to score each week Stackuffing to try and lock down one spot is a viable strategy

You can find me on Twitter @TodfromPa. If you read this and follow me let me know you read the article and I will follow back and be happy to answer any questions. Also check out my Run to Daylight Podcasts on or Itunes and good luck in your games!