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Waiver Wire Roto Wizard Video week 3 NFL 2022

Waiver Wire Video Week 3 NFL 2022 By Evan Tarracciano Free agents       Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 3 2022

More so than most Fantasy Football weekends in recent memory, Week 2 will ultimately be known as the Have vs. Have Not weekend. Were you lucky enough to roster Lamar Jackson or Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback this week? Then you probably won your matchup. Went against them instead? Then you probably l Full Story

Waiver Wire Wizard Season Intro Video

FootballDiehards.coms Evan Tarracciano Fantasy Football Waiver Wizard Week 2 2022. Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 2 (2022 Fantasy Football) The Wizard The Waiver Wire Wizard Season Intro Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 2 2022

Greetings and best wishes to everyone on the start of a brand-new Fantasy Football season! Im excited to bring back the Waiver Wizard column for its fifth season - hopefully this column has steered you to victory in past years! For new Diehards fans who are unfamiliar with this column, the main o Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 18 2021

As I sit here and stare at my coffee mug adorned with reindeer delivering presents, I cant help but be reminded that Winter (specifically the holiday season) is known as a time of reflection. It is a period well-associated with making resolutions and vows, attempting to better oneself or change habi Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 17 2021

Fantasy Football is a cruel mistress that can bring managers equal parts elation and aggravation. The enticing aspect, the proverbial carrot on a string as it were, is the allure of winning a championship, after weeks of lineup tinkering and a fair bit of luck. After navigating through injuries, COV Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 16 2021

I think that it goes without saying that Week 15 was a dud. Not even your average, run-of-the-mill dud, but we are talking a full fledged this wont go down the toilet after the first flush so it needs another two or three tries type of dud. Like many of you, I suffered the wrath of the Fantasy gods Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 15 2021

They refer to today as Loser Tuesday - the day where the vast majority of Fantasy leagues have decided who has made the playoffs, and who is cursing under their breath in anticipation of 2022. As a generality, Week 14 did little favors to teams that were banking on star assets carrying them. Left, r Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 13 2021

Injuries, without a doubt in my mind, are the worst part of Fantasy Football. It is a topic that has been discussed in most of my articles each year, and one of the most common gripes that participants have each season. Yet, for as much as we preach to address depth at all positions (especially runn Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 12 2021

Week 11 of the Fantasy Football season is now officially in the books, and we are definitely in the home-stretch of the season, spiraling towards the playoffs and (hopefully) championship game. Trade deadlines have passed in the majority of leagues, so rosters have formally taken on the what you see Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 11 2021

One Tweet that I came across managed to stick with me through most of Sunday: Go away Week 10, youre drunk. Truer words were never spoken. The past few days, as a whole from the Fantasy perspective, have been frustrating, confusing and difficult to navigate. It wasnt that a handful of supersta Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 10 2021

I believe that we can officially title Week 9 of the Fantasy Football season the Week to Forget - filled with drama, COVID-19 issues, injuries, massive upsets and poor performances by elite players. Listening to Sirius XM this morning, it seemed that the majority of callers were players that overcam Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 9 2021

Well, that Fantasy Football week was something. Week 8 had a little of everything - from disappointments, breakouts, major injuries to rookies that finally made an impact. Its conclusion brings us to the NFL trade deadline, which will occur on Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM EST. Several big-name playe Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 8 2021

I was trying to think of the most appropriate adjective to describe Week 7 of the Fantasy Football season. Challenging? Harrowing? Frustrating? Ridiculous? Many not-so-nice words came to mind, trust me. Mercifully, it is finally behind us. The most grueling test of roster management in recent Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 7 2021

Does anyone else get a visual image of Bob Harris riding a horse while wearing a trifold hat screaming THE BYE WEEKS ARE COMING! THE BYE WEEKS ARE COMING! when that commercial comes on Sirius XM? Hes the next incarnation of Paul Revere, dont you know. Perhaps it is just me, who knows. Regardless, Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 6 2021

Im not going to lie, I had difficulty deciding upon which Beatles song was more pertinent to this week, Yesterday (All my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they are here to stay) or Help! (I need somebody, not just anybody, wont you please, please help me). What an awful week in so Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 5 2021

Ive got good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?. Never a phrase that one wants directed at themselves, am I right? And does anyone EVER select the good news portion first? It is always easier to take the bad news, and then ultimately weigh the overall severity of the situation. J Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 4 2021

Perhaps the most memorable dynamic of the 2020-21 Fantasy Football season was top-10 talent (running backs, specifically) going down with lasting injuries that hamstrung players. For several weeks, the team that came out on top was simply the healthiest, not the most talented. Fast forward to th Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 3 2021

I hate injuries. Can I just get that out of the way before I dive into writing this article? Ugh. Week 2 was an utter disaster for the majority of Fantasy Football players, between stars in juicy matchups underperforming and starters going down with injuries. Some would argue that a litany of inj Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 2 2021

Welcome back for another year of my Waiver Wizard column! For those not familiar with this weekly article, Ill share my thoughts on games that recently concluded and highlight opportunities on the waiver wire that Fantasy Football players should consider moving forward. Think of it as your quick-rea Full Story

NFL Free Agency Takeaways 2021

March 17th (in this case, St. Patricks Day) is the official start to the 2021-22 NFL Season, bringing with it both hope and optimism for each franchise and their fans. Now several months removed from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominating win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, NFL teams loo Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 17 2020

And to all a good night were the final words of Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore, the oft-recited poem heard in households during the holidays. In the poem it represented a conclusion, a finale of an action-packed night where Santa both came and went, causing a clatter in the Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 16 2020

Were leaving together, but still, its farewell And maybe well come back to Earth, who can tell? Yes, my friends, according to both Europe and myself - this is truly the Final Countdown. Week 15 has come and passed, and the vast majority of Fantasy leagues are now entering their championship, a Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 15 2020

One and done. Win and youre in - lose and go home. Simple, short and sweet explanation for the remainder of the 2020 Fantasy Football season. Week 14 is now officially in the books following the conclusion of the Baltimore vs. Cleveland game where no player could stay upright due to slippery conditi Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 14 2020

My wife pulled me aside on Sunday and whispered in my ear I think that it would be healthier to pick up yoga than watch football right now. I was fuming, once again. My once insurmountable lead created by both Darren Waller and Corey Davis had evaporated during the Philadelphia vs. Green Bay game, t Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 13 2020

I cant count how many times Ive checked my phone regarding a status update this past week on a player contracting COVID. A game being postponed. Players in contact tracing - close contact scenarios or whatever else they refer to it as at this point. Then refreshing my screen and seeing more ridiculo Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 12 2020

First and foremost, let me be one of the first to wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and wonderful Thanksgiving. To say that 2020 has been a rough year is a dramatic understatement – political turmoil and a rampaging pandemic has caused the world to turn upside down. Escaping away to fri Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 11 2020

Bye weeks remind me of an awkward family trip that you know happens once a year. Say, to see your Aunt Helga. The one who knits you a sweater every year for Christmas that is ugly, pinches your cheeks constantly and still cant fathom that you are growing up. There is no sense complaining about the t Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 10 2020

Chaotic. I think that is the one-word summation of the 2020 Fantasy Football season. In my personal life, the country abroad, my leagues and on social media - things have been utterly chaotic. In certain aspects, chaos can be a good thing - it ensures that complacency and boredom doesnt set in, a Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 8 2020

With record turnouts at the polls expected throughout the country on November 3rd and precious little free time in my schedule to spare, I spent the better portion of my last Tuesday morning waiting in line at my towns local rec center, ready to cast my ballot. Even though the process took more time Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 7 2020

A realization that many Fantasy Football players dont realize? Were continually banking on odds and expecting an outcome that we have zero control over. We can place our teams in the best possible positions to succeed against overwhelmingly stacked odds and fall flat on our faces repeatedly - and it Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 6 2020

There is a fine line when it comes to waiver wire targets between chasing last weeks points and seeking to improve your team for the long-run. It is an easy endeavor to point out players who are owned in less than 25 percent of leagues that played well one week - the question is always will that bre Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 5 2020

On any text chain the majority of my responses will be in the form of GIFs. Dont ask me why, but I prefer sending those instead of actual responses (likely due to the snarky factor, or the overwhelming number of hilarious options Im still discovering). One of my favorites has gone viral, of a woman Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 4 2020

Another week of the NFL season is officially behind us in the rear view mirror, and thankfully only one player around the league has tested positive for COVID-19 (rookie CB A.J. Terrell of the Atlanta Falcons). Even though the virus has had a minimal impact directly upon players, the elimination of Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 3 2020

Alright, 2020. You win. I give up. MERCY! MERRRCCYYY!!! ::Takes a deep breath:: Week 2 will long be remembered as one of the most devastating in Fantasy Football history, with major stars and key contributors dropping like flies left and right. Nearly every game featured a significant loss, and Full Story

The Waiver Wire Wizard Week 2 2020

The Waiver-Wire Wizard Week 2 Evan Tarracciano Welcome back to another season of the Crystal Ball/Waiver Wizard column! For many it seemed impossible with COVID-19 ravaging the United States since early March that this season would get off the ground in the first place -- there were too many var Full Story

2020 Rookie Class Overview Post Draft Fantasy Style Pt2

Wide Receiver Considered by many to be the best crop of talent at the position since the historic 2013 class, the list of exceptional talent on display here was breathtaking. Though it can be argued who the top player was based upon skillset preferences, there are seve Full Story

2020 Rookie Class Overview Post Draft Fantasy Style

There is something very soothing putting aside the disharmony and chaos of the world outside and focusing on football that I find cathartic. Letting the stress of the world pass by for a few moments and taking a breather while I write this article is refreshing - in a way I wish that I could make Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 16

Madness? No! This was…. Week 15!! Due to an overwhelming number of points being scored across the board in the NFL during Week 15, a quick glance over the “top performers” reveals some truly eye-popping statistics. Thankfully for Fantasy players, the vast majority of all tier-one options came throu Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 15

Pardon the Interruption…. Hey there fellow Diehards! Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of the article this week, I wanted to extend a big congratulations to my friend, mentor and colleague Bob Harris. Bob was recently nominated by the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association for the prestigiou Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 14

The Search for Progress is real People who have followed my work for any extended period of time know that, much like my colleague and friend Bob Harris, Im a big fan of metal music. Thrash metal, power metal, heck even metalcore or deathcore. The more brutal, the better. Ill admit that genre i Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 13

From The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to The In, the Out and the Maybe With Week 12 of the NFL season now officially behind us in the rear-view mirror, we hurdle ever closer to the playoffs and the end of the 2019-20 season. This upcoming slate marks the finale of the regular season in most formats Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 12

Week 11 - The Week where everything was made up and the points dont matter Back in the early 2000s the now-infamous TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? debuted, where the host Drew Carey promptly informed viewers each episode that due to the premise of the show hinging upon sketch comedy, nothing trul Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 11

Nevertheless, they persisted Ten weeks are now officially behind us in the record books, meaning that we are entering the "home stretch" of the 2019-20 Fantasy Football season. With the playoff picture starting to shift into focus, teams that have less than three losses are sure to clinch a spot, w Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 10

Fantasy Football - Insanity Personified When you take a step back from Fantasy Football and think about it for a moment, it is a true wonder that this hobby caught on. Sure, fans are incredibly passionate about sports and with the recent legalization of betting they perhaps have a vested interest i Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 9

Bye Week Blues In most 12 or 14-team formats this is a very thin week at the waiver wire position, with few players of real relevance that are widely unowned becoming recommended plays, despite the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints on bye. Given the plet Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 8

Where did the time go? For all of the waiting, anticipating, research, analysis and hype that inevitably occurs with the buildup to a new season, once it finally arrives it goes way too quickly! With Week 7 now officially in the books we have passed the halfway mark through the regular season in Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 6

Readjusting Expectations Though it feels that the Fantasy Football season has just begun, Im going to offer you a sharp dose of reality - we are already more than a quarter of the way through the season. The months preparing for your draft in the offseason hopefully paid off with some solid picks Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 5

Opposite Day - Apparently this is still a thing Back in elementary school, likely due to our incredibly stupid sense of humor, my friends and I used to implement "opposite day" once a month. Pretty simple concept in the scheme of things - saying up meant down, right was left… you get the idea. Fo Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 4

Pickups, Pickups, Pickups For as much time as Fantasy Football owners prepare for their draft day each year, the in-season management portion sure feels overlooked and belittled. Is the draft important to constructing a successful team? Absolutely! But being savvy with trades, waiver wire claims (a Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 3

Nick Nack Paddy Whack Everyone Just Broke a Bone Each Fantasy Football season there is a week that seemingly stands out from an injury perspective, with several high-profile players going down for extended periods of time. Owners have to hope for their own sakes that Week 2 is the most detrimen Full Story

Waiver Wizard 2019 Week 2

Welcome back! Each year when I begin to write the Waiver Wizard and Crystal Ball columns for our website, I’m filled with a sense of hope and excitement. There are plenty of breakout candidates to discuss, including rookie performances that caught my eye that I wish to cover below. The good news? N Full Story

NFL Comine FF Breakdown 2019

Now more than ever, the NFLs calendar provides its fans with plenty of activity during the Dark Age of the sport, from the final snap in the Super Bowl until Roger Goodells chorus of boos erupt during the opening of the NFL Draft. For Fantasy Football fanatics, the month of March marks the beginn Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 15 2018

With the final few weeks of the 2018-19 Fantasy Football season upon us and the Holidays now in full swing, it becomes ever important to take a step back and reflect on what happened, what lessons we learned, and how to best apply them moving forward. As the clock rings in the New Year, it will m Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 14 2018

With Week 13 officially in the rear-view mirror and the Fantasy Football playoffs beginning in the vast majority of leagues, the time is now for owners to hunker down and do some lineup preparation and planning. Working under the assumption that their team will make it a round or two, examining bene Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 13 2018

“Again! Oh, blast it! Poop flirt, rattle crap, camel flirt! You blunder frattle beak struckle brat! Of a womp sack butt bottom fodder….” “In the heat of battle my father wove a tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.” Few things scream the h Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 11 2018

Unbelievable. Nonsensical. Selfish. Making a stand. Long term planning. Foolish. There are many ways to describe the Le’Veon Bell holdout. Thumbing his nose at $14.5 million to prove a point that he was worth more elsewhere and sitting out an entire season seems incredibly foolish to many, but t Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 10 2018

One of The Beatles more somber hits is the tune Yesterday, which describes how things can suddenly shift overnight, and what once seemed like constant peace of mind can be so easily shattered. The opening lyrics read: Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Not it looks as though theyre Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 9 2018

Ever heard the phrase Ive got good news and bad news? The good news is that this weeks waiver wire options are plentiful, and (for the most part) widely available. There are a number of impact players who will at minimum make worthy FLEX options for the remainder of the 2018 season, providing hop Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 8 2018

One of my favorite televisions shows to sit back and mindlessly enjoy is Family Guy. The humor may not be for everyone, and the punchlines and schtick can be repetitive at times, but overall the show does a wonderful job of walking the fine line between over the top and childish. Back in 2005 the Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 7 2018

I participated in my first Fantasy Football league back in 2006, and in the decade and change that has passed, one key factor remains constant the owners who win the league are those who are best prepared, and can adapt when necessary. A quick look over this years group of running backs and tigh Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 6 2018

When one takes a step back and puts Fantasy Football in perspective, it is rather comical how owners are affected by the extreme highs and lows that it presents. Few things are as exciting as the thrill of the draft and rolling with a well-executed team, having a player that youve backed since col Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 5 2018

Ask anyone in our field what they think of the term Fantasy Expert, and the immediate reaction will generally be to cringe. Expert implies that due to the amount of time that we spend ranking, preparing, researching and constructing our thoughts, that our results will continually outperform others Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 4 2018

Ill be brutally honest with you. I have many faults. Im a stressball. I hardly ever say no to a friend, no matter what the circumstances. My cleaning tendencies would make Monk proud. I have an addictive personality. But above all else, Im predictable, and a planner. I enjoy structure and loath Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 3 2018

Youve been disconnected. Huh? What happened? All I did was The stream has been lost. Please click close to continue. Sigh. Yesterday was one of those nights were the ability to adapt to things on the fly and not let them bother you really came in handy. Though Im a techie at heart and le Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 2 2018

Welcome aboard to another season of the Crystal Ball article! For those subscribers who havent read this in the past, the premise of the article is simple each Wednesday we will take a quick look at the most pressing topics stemming from the prior week, and also preview the upcoming contests as w Full Story

2018 top 10 NFL Draft Selections

Speaking candidly, posting a mock draft is simply sharing your assumptions with others. No one truly knows how the first round will shake out, which players GMs favor or look down upon, etc. It is a guessing game. Additionally, it is near impossible to predict trades, which will have a cascading eff Full Story

Fantasy Playoffs Best-Worst Matchups Week 16 2017

It’s the Final Countdown. Yes, cue in the glam-rock cheesy song written by the band Europe in 1986. Put that sucker on repeat, because the time is fast coming to a close where the 2017 Fantasy Football season will reach its end. In each of the past two week we’ve dived into which matchups eith Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 16 2017

My gut is many things. Ever expanding. A real pain to get rid of. A spare tire around an otherwise chiseled body (hey, stop laughing!). Most of all? It’s trustworthy. Like many of you, I’ve gone against my gut feelings when setting a lineup or selecting a pick’em contest, only to wish that I Full Story

Fantasy Playoffs Best-Worst Matchups Week 15 2017

The prefix “semi” is Latin, meaning “half, partially, incompletely, or somewhat”. Therefore, Fantasy Football owners who have reached the semi-finals should be thrilled with their success this season, but realize that the journey is only half or partially, complete. The tides of fate are incredibly Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 15 2017

“Enough about the past, how about we focus on the future!!” I stared at my computer screen for a moment and tried to comprehend what the Twitter follower was getting at. Followers of our website are no different than the writers. There is a reason that we refer to ourselves as “Diehards”. We aren Full Story

Fantasy Playoffs Best-Worst Matchups Week 14 2017

With Week 13 officially in the books, the vast majority of Fantasy Football leagues have begun the next chapter in their quest to crown a champion – the playoffs. There is a fine line between every-week starters and streaming options with upside, and a significant factor in determining which categor Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 14 2017

With Week 14 now upon us, the vast majority of Fantasy Football leagues have entered the final stretch run towards crowing a champion, beginning with the playoffs. Hopefully, a significant portion of you managed to make it in all of your leagues. If at some point along the way my advice or recommend Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 13 2017

One of my favorite days during the calendar year is the start of the NFL Draft. Each team can look towards the future, bring in young talent and start anew. The look of utter joy on the faces of the prospects as they come to the stage and collect their jersey and hat, something which they have surel Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 12 2017

As I sat and pondered what sort of direction this week’s article should take, I threw several ideas out to my wife. “Players to be thankful for” ? – Nah, overdone. “Players that have been turkeys all season and you can drop”? – More of the same. I was stumped. Luckily, my better half came u Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 11 2017

Halfway through my Facebook LIVE chat yesterday afternoon, a follower approached me with a sit/start question, listing off several receivers to pick from. Though I usually don’t even begin to look at matchups until Wednesday afternoons (Tuesday evenings I have to run waivers in all of my leagues and Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 10 2017

“Is it really a hobby if it stresses you out that much”? My wife posed this question to me Sunday afternoon, after she heard another litany of profanity in the midst of the Sunday Night Football game. In reality, it is a fair question, I suppose. Fantasy Football should just be a hobby for myself Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 9 2017

Generally speaking, when comparing the NFL’s trade deadline to other major sports (most notably MLB), it is typically very quiet, and few (if any) Fantasy relevant deals occur. Enter 2017. Perhaps in part due to the rash of injuries which has happened around the league over the past several wee Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 8 2017

Each of the past two weeks has been relatively sparse from a waiver-wire perspective, since little Fantasy relevant players have been thrust into starting roles worth adding. That said, as owners now enter Week 8 in the thick of bye-week madness, it is important to not sit idly. Just because little Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 7 2017

One of the biggest decisions that Fantasy Football owners need to debate each week is weighing the floor versus ceiling of their players, and adjusting accordingly to set the optimal lineup. Starting players with high floors and low upsides on a consistent basis will decrease the overall volatility Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 6 2017

Growing up in New York with a father who loved sports, I was indoctrinated to be a Giants fan from the very beginning. Some of my earliest memories of watching football came as the team captured championships in 1987 and 1991 during the Bill Parcells era, and celebrating with my family as “Big Blue” Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 5 2017

One of the biggest keys to being a successful Fantasy Football owner is the ability to be adaptable, especially when dealing with injuries and bye weeks in the middle of the season. Having the ability to draw from a deep bench in times where lesser managers would fold under pressure separates playof Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 4 2017

Desolate. A barren wasteland. Void of life or hope. At first glance you may think that I was referring to the Sahara, but in reality I’m glancing through the tight end position through the first three weeks of the Fantasy football season. In most magazines, articles and websites, owners Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 2 2017

One of the more frustrating things to deal with as a Fantasy Football owner is injuries. Though there are methods to minimize the amount of damage they cause through handcuffing and selecting upside backups, ultimately they can derail and cripple a team. This season has started off with a flurry of Full Story

Crystal Ball Week 1 2017

Draft day and Christmas are my two favorite days of the entire year. Each one carries an immense amount of anticipation, a culmination leading to meeting friends and family and the added bonus of a gift or two. Players, in a strange way, are akin to presents – you can’t wait to check them out, espec Full Story

crystal ball week 17 2016

With Week 16 officially in the books, the vast majority of Fantasy Football leagues have crowned a champion, and have now begun their long hibernation until August of 2017. The more hardcore crowd (which I’m sure involves all of our subscribers, after all we aren’t called “Football Diehards” for not Full Story

crystal ball week 16 2016

Ever been approached by a friend and they start off the conversation “I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first”? That same approach can be applied to this column for my readers. The good news? You made it to the championship! After all of the hours of prep work, solid dr Full Story

crystal ball week 15 2016

Letdown. Disappointment. Heartache. Infuriating. Those were a few words which aptly summed up the first week of the Fantasy Football playoffs for many owners, and with good reason – a number of superstars fell woefully short of their projections, causing teams to face a quick hook. Of the top Full Story

crystal ball week 13 2016

For the majority of standard-format leagues, Week 13 represents the final matchup of the regular season prior to the playoffs starting. Hopefully all of my thoughts and advice on players has been beneficial to our readers! This week’s options on the waiver wire were pretty thin compared to those in Full Story

crystal ball week 12 2016

Now that a few days have passed after the conclusion of the injury-riddled mess that was Week 11, owners have had time to digest how their team’s future looks. In retrospect that was certainly one of the worst weeks that I can recall from the medical standpoint. It wasn’t just the volume of players Full Story

crystal ball week 11 2016

Since most leagues use Week 14 or 15 as the start of the playoffs, we have officially entered the “home stretch” of the Fantasy Football year. Owners who participate in redraft leagues need to finalize the back half of their roster with upside players or handcuffs, if they remain on the wire. Recent Full Story

crystal ball week 9 2016

As you’ll see below in my waiver-wire choices section, Week 9 promises to be a very interesting one, as several unheralded and unknown players will come into a sharp boost of playing time, due to starters in front of them sustaining injuries. While not many names will have a long-term impact, owners Full Story

crystal ball week 8 2016

During my weekly appearance with Bob Harris and Mike Dempsey on the Football Diehards “7 and 7” segment, I was asked to create a team name that describes the 2016 Fantasy Football season so far. I had plenty of options come to my mind right away, such as “Why did I take a chance on Adrian Peterson” Full Story

crystal ball week 7 2016

Typically, by the end of Week 6 in the Fantasy Football season owners have a pretty good idea if they are fielding a competitive enough team to vie for a playoff spot. This isn’t to suggest that savvy moves and smart trades can’t vault a team into contention that initially struggled, far from it. Be Full Story

crystal ball week 6 2016

Where has the time gone and how have we already arrived at the beginning of Week 6 in the Fantasy Football season? As owners we are forced to wait for what seems to be an eternity each year for meaningful games to finally begin, but once the season arrives it is gone at the drop of a hat. Enjoy it w Full Story

crystal ball week 5 2016

Hello and welcome to the second installment of the Roto Wizard’s Crystal Ball! Each week I review several hot topic issues which I’ve received inquiries about on Twitter, and provide my thoughts. Week Four of the NFL season wasn’t quite as catastrophic from an injury perspective, but there is plenty Full Story

FootballDiehards Weekly Facebook Chat Recap week 4 2016

Each Tuesday evening, I host a question & answer video chat over on the Football Diehards Facebook page where I review the past week’s action and provide input on submissions that I’ve received. In case you aren’t already following the page, I’d highly recommend checking it out here: https://www. Full Story

Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings Getting prepared and initial thoughts

Akin to the current trend of leagues adopting “PPR” as the preferred format for Fantasy Football, leagues are also trending towards adopting the dynasty/keeper aspect more frequently as well. The appeal (after all), is obvious – it rewards owners for selecting players during their draft who outperfo Full Story

fantasy football rankings and notes

One of the mantras of Football Diehards is that it is ALWAYS Fantasy Football season. Between free agent signings, the NFL Draft and trades which have occurred during the offseason, there is always plenty of news which is changing the landscape. Since I began writing Fantasy content back in 2010, Full Story

2016 NFL Rookie Fantasy Football Review

While the 2016 NFL Draft wasnt a particularly exciting one from a Fantasy Football perspective due to its defensive-heavy talent pool, several names were selected which will have an impact upon this upcoming season. Below are my personal rankings for offensive rookies, broken down by position. It is Full Story

The Dak attack is on! Senior Bowl 2016 review

The Senior Bowl provides an opportunity for the top college football players in the country to showcase their talent in front of NFL scouts and head personnel. Considered by many to be an integral part of a players stock value entering the Draft, the Senior Bowl is one of the most-watched games at t Full Story