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Reginald James

Ask The Commish: My Commissioner Lost Our Money in Vegas!

With one week left, our commissioner has told us that they wont be able to pay us our winnings and bonus money because they lost it in Vegas last week. He said well get our money, but we have to wait. Can you sue for fantasy winnings? Have you heard of people doing that? Were getting a new commish n Full Story

Commish HQ: Dear Santa, I'm Back With Another List!

Dear Santa, Im not really big on traditions, but my yearly letter to you is one tradition I aim to hold on to as long as Im writing this column. Im back for a third year, with three items on my wish list for you to gift my fellow commissioners, especially the prospective ones in the cue who h Full Story

Ask The Commish: What Should I Consider When Changing Platforms?

With one week left, our commissioner has told us that they wont be able to pay us our winnings and bonus money because they lost it in Vegas last week. He said well get our money, but we have to wait. Can you sue for fantasy winnings? Have you heard of people doing that? Were getting a new commish n Full Story

Commish HQ: Feel Like Tinkering with Your Draft Format?

If youre reading this, chances are your league uses a draft format called a snake draft. If youre new to fantasy football, and youre wondering what Im talking about, no problem, well get into the details shortly. The purpose of this particular Commish HQ is to toss out another drafting option for fa Full Story

Ask The Commish: A Playoff Contender Still Owes Money!

Help. I have a manager who looks like theyre going to be one of the top seeds in our playoff. Problem is, they havent paid their dues. I know I shouldve done something by now, but I honestly just gave up asking for the money. I felt things were going to get ugly and I didnt want to cause any issues Full Story

Commish HQ: Learning From Your Fellow Commissioners

Two years ago, I wrote a piece inspired by a question that Scott Fish posted on Twitter, which was: What rule did you hear about people doing this year (or one you thought of) that you are excited to bring to your league or even a new league next year? I decided to answer the question Full Story

Ask The Commish: How Should I Sanction Outrageous Trade Offers?

How do feel about helping owners with their rosters? I responded to a tweet saying that I didnt have a problem helping someone that had forgot to put Mostert in their lineup for the Germany game. They forgot, and couldnt access their account, so they asked me to do it, and I did. You wouldve thought Full Story

Ask The Commish: What Are The Best Tiebreakers?

Do you write a newsletter to your league? Im not a new commissioner, just a curious one. I think it might be fun for the league, just not fun for me to write, so I might ask if someone wants to do it starting next year. My writing sucks, theres no way. What do you put in yours if you do? No, Full Story

Ask The Commish: Shifting the Punishment Paradigm!

Hi! Excited to get your input on this. Im a new commissioner of a first-year league. Its a mix of my girlfriends, and some work friends, not uber-competitive, which was a goal, a lot of us are new to the game. Weve got a 6-4 girl-to-guy makeup. We started this league more than anything else, to be a Full Story

Commish HQ: Yes Virginia, There are Wednesday Waivers

A lot of fantasy leagues run waivers on Tuesday. Were going to discuss the reasons why some commissioners might want to consider processing their leagues waivers on Wednesday night instead.For the uninitiated, Ill quickly give a very simplistic breakdown of the waiver process: • The &ldq Full Story

Commish HQ: Be Good To Your Commissioner

One of the most worn out phrases in fantasy football is the tried and true, Being a fantasy commissioner is a thankless job. Ill see this repeated over and over again on social media, along with other complaints like how some commissioners actually hate running leagues. I often wonder why they choos Full Story

Commish HQ: Are You Prepared to Replace a League Member?

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, this went down: A newbie in our work league decided that they didnt want to play anymore. They werent doing well, and they werent having fun like they thought they would, according to them. I tried to convince them to stay, and even tried to give them tips Full Story

Ask The Commish: Two Players in my League Switched Teams!

I just found out that two players in my league switched teams. Allegedly, they did it after the draft. It came out because someone else texted who they thought was running the team about a trade. Now Ive got people upset claiming collusion, and there are some people who dont care. Im letting it go b Full Story

Commish HQ: Trip the Light FAAB-tastic

How does your league run waivers? Does the team with the worst record get first dibs every week? Does the order rotate depending on who made a claim last? If youre a current commissioner or someone seriously thinking about starting your own league next season, Id like to toss your way, the idea of m Full Story

Ask The Commish: Critical Co-Worker Commissioner Conundrum

Were in a Yahoo league where Taysom Hill is listed as a TE. The Saints are using him as a QB. Is it fair that he can be used in the TE slot? I dont think it is but I cant do anything about it. Do you have any suggestions? No. Nope. I do not. Its neither unfair, nor should you do anything abou Full Story

Ask The Commish: Trade Analyzers and Delinquent Dues

This is my first year of a league I started. I read your story last week about having a deadline for getting dues. I felt pretty good because thats exactly what I had for my league. I had actually thought about that. Problem is, I didnt really say what I would do if I didnt get the money. Guess I wa Full Story

Commish HQ: Are Two Commissioners Better Than One?

Every once and a while the topic of two commissioners, or co-commissioners running a league comes across my radar. I will readily offer that I personally would never want that situation for myself for a league that I start. I think having two commissioners can cause more issues than what the setup i Full Story

Commish HQ: Preemptive Strike List for the New Commissioner

You finally decided to start your own fantasy football league. You have now entered the world of being a fantasy football commissioner. Congratulations! Many new commissioners this season, will make the same missteps or oversights as their predecessors. A couple of seasons down the road, a good numb Full Story

Commish HQ: Create Next Season's To-Do List Now

Hey first-time commissioner, were you surprised at how much work it actually takes to keep a league running smoothly and to keep league members happy? Maybe you had a smooth first year. Thats great, I hope you did. Maybe instead, youre in the group that ran into issues, whether it was having a hard Full Story

Commish HQ: Two Ideas That Could've Helped You in Week 17

NOTE: Lets be clear, I recognize the real-life event that caused the Buffalo-Cincinnati game stoppage. Im not dismissing what happened in any way, but the following is going to focus on the gaming aspects of what happened because of it. Anyone who is reading this at this moment is quite aware Full Story

Ask The Commish: Managers Don't Want to Play Championship

Lets consider the following question: Asking other commissioners. 1st and 2nd want to split the pot instead of playing their matchup. What would you say as a commish? My Twitter response: They can go buy themselves a pony if they like, but they need to play the game. Right n Full Story

Commish HQ: Dear Santa, Can You Deliver These Fantasy Gifts

Dear Santa, Its that time of year again, and Im back with another wish list. Ive been good this year for the most part, and Im sure youll give me a pass on some of the naughty-ish episodes that went down, yes? Im crossing my fingers. Folks like to say this is the season for giving, so instead Full Story

Ask The Commish: Last-Minute Changes to Playoff is a Bad Idea

Im a new commissioner, and I guess I created a controversy on my own, when I thought I was actually doing a good thing. Last week, I saw that a team who actually had the most points scored wasnt going to make our playoff, so I added them, and another team just to even things out. Of course, the guys Full Story

Commish HQ: The Year I Caught Someone Double-Dipping

I started my fantasy league, Cair Paravel (yup, big The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe fan) in 1998. When we first started, we played simply for bragging rights. Thats it. Although I have played on different platforms throughout the years, I started our league on Yahoo!, and thats where we have re Full Story

Ask The Commish: Can I Ban Owner from Using Deshaun Watson?

In the past two weeks, Ive gotten a number of questions about Deshaun Watson. Im not talking about a Santas sleigh-full amount, but there was enough current chatter about him that coming up with this particular installment of Ask The Commish was a no-brainer. The general issue seems to be tha Full Story

Ask The Commish: Should I Extend My Trading Deadline Too?

How far into the season should a league have trades before you have a deadline? This is year one for me, my very first league, and I didnt think about it to be honest. Our deadline was the default November 19th. I keep seeing on Twitter, and hearing people on fantasy shows still asking what people t Full Story

Ask The Commish: My Commissioner Had No Reason to Nix My Trade!

I offered a trade giving up DAndre Swift for Stefon Diggs. The trade was accepted, but our commissioner reversed it. His reason? It wasnt an equal trade, and it wasnt a trade they would make. There are no vetoes in our league. Im pissed - I have RB depth and I lost Kupp. We play each other this week Full Story

Ask The Commish: No Political Team Names in My League

Advice please! Im sure because of the election, someone in the league changed their name to F**** The Dems. Its caused a little stir. To be honest, I think its because we didnt know he was anti-Dem, but I dont really care. I dont want stupid politics to be part of our league. Its never been a thing Full Story

Ask The Commish: Is it Too Late to Change Playoff Slots

Ive got a 2-6 team who isnt managing their roster like they should. The last three weeks they have started players who were out, and Ive had to tell them to take active players off IR twice. I dont want to try and replace someone halfway into the season, but I dont want to have to manage them like I Full Story

Commish HQ: The Duo Designation Dilemma

Ive been getting a number of questions and comments regarding Taysom Hill and his dual eligibility. Some of the questions revolve around whether or not a commissioner should declare that he can only be used as a quarterback. Some commissioners were urged to do it by their league members, while other Full Story

Ask The Commish: Do I Reverse Position Restriction on Taysom Hill

After Week 5, I told the league that Taysom Hill could only be put in their TE slot because he was really playing QB. Thursday, he was lining up at TE and scored from receiving a pass. The manager who had him was angry because he was prevented from playing him as a TE or in the flex. He wants the po Full Story

Ask The Commish: Do I Call Out Person Lying About a Trade Glitch?

Two guys made a trade. Our trades go through, I get the call to reject in case of collusion. There are no league vetoes. The next day, I get a text from one of them complaining about a trade glitch and he wanted me to reverse it. He said the wrong player was selected, that he wasnt expecting the pla Full Story

Ask The Commish: I Kicked Two People Out of My League, Now What?

Hey commish, I kicked two people out of my league this week for collusion. Totally frustrating, and never thought Id have to deal with such utter crap. Not going to get into it all, I just really need your help. The first thing I knew I had to do was find replacements, but I dont know anyone Full Story

Ask The Commish: My Decision Was Unpopular. What More Can I Do

This past weekend, I had an owner in my league pick up Brian Robinson off the wire. They dropped their kicker and never picked up another one. They put up their starting roster last weekend without starting a kicker (they won too). I didnt notice, others did and it was brought to my attention. Full Story

Commish HQ: Hey New Commissioner! Are You Slaying?

I was on Twitter this week, as I am everyday. Ive been a fantasy sports writer, writing about running fantasy leagues and giving advice to commissioners and league members for quite a bit now. If I didnt feel that Twitter kept me tapped into a slice of the fantasy football world, I would probably av Full Story

Ask The Commish: I Can't Run Our League Anymore

I may have to give up running our league. My sister and I are dealing with older parent issues (dementia). It looks I may have to move closer to where they are. I feel like it can run itself, but Im not sure if Im mentally up to deal with everything thats happening right now. I feel guilty because I Full Story

Commish HQ: First-time Commissioner! Did You Collect All the Money Yet?

Hey there, first-year fantasy commissioner. Congrats. Youve had your draft, and the season is about to start. Has everyone paid their league fees? Generally, after the draft, there shouldnt really be that much for a fantasy commissioner to do. Collecting dues should not still be on the list. Full Story

Ask The Commish: Am I Wrong in Barring NSFW Team Names?

Am I wrong for wanting to stop people using NSFW team names in our league? Am I being too much of a prude or just practical? If your league is actually an office league, its not too much to ask for people to be creative in some other way. I would make that call myself. Doesnt matter if youre Full Story

Commish HQ: Putting My Own Reserve List to the Test

It all began with a Monday morning phone call telling me that someone in our fantasy football league had been arrested over the weekend. It certainly wasnt for jaywalking. It was a serious charge. It turns out, that I had just texted the person (who would be arraigned the next day) the night Full Story

Ask The Commish How Many Keepers Should We Have?

First time commissioner here. Ive got eight teams going into the season. We draft next week. Two people I work with have asked to join. I really want to stick with eight, but Im not sure if I should turn someone away if they really want in. Is there a difference strategically going from eight to ten Full Story

Ask The Commish: Would You Pull Deshaun Watson from Draft Pool?

Our draft is scheduled for next Saturday. We just aded two of three new members to our league. They replace former members who I didnt invite back. It was actually hard to fill those last two spots. It took longer than I thought it would. I want to push the draft back for a least one more week to gi Full Story

Commish HQ: Three Things to Take Care of Right Now!

Are you a new commissioner running a fantasy football league for the first time? Youve probably got a lot of things on your commissioner to-do list right about now. I would like to push three items up to the tippy top of that list, or at least within close proximity, that you should make sure to add Full Story

Commish HQ: Three Questions for Commissioners

The regular season for fantasy football has come to an end. I hope my fellow commissioners had a good season both as a player and as a league commissioner. As we close the door on this season, Id like to ask three questions for you to consider as you look forward to the next fantasy season. W Full Story

Commish HQ: Your Season in Review

Its time to take a quick review of your fantasy season. This doesnt have to be that extensive or detailed of an exercise. That work can come a couple of months later down the road. If you havent been keeping track during the season, you might want to make note right now of situations or moments, goo Full Story

Ask The Commish I Need Tips to Help Fill My League

Id like to start my own league next year. Im not new to fantasy football, but this will be my first time running any kind of league. Ive played long enough to know what I like and dont like so I want this league to represent what Ive learned along the way. My ideal size is 12. The problem is Full Story

Commish HQ: It Doesn't Have to be a Thankless Job

I see a lot of posts and comments online that being a fantasy commissioner is a thankless job. The statement is pretty much cliche at this point. What is going on that makes being a fantasy commissioner so hard? What is it about running a fantasy football league that creates the stress and the woe i Full Story

Ask The Commish: Can I Sue My Commissioner?

Can you sue someone, a commissioner, if they took the dues money, but then didnt or wont pay you? I placed second in my league, but Im not the only one. Not one of us first through third got paid. He apologized and told us he just couldnt pay us. Worse, they wouldnt say when they could when asked, o Full Story

Commish HQ: Be Clear with Your Expectations

I recently responded to a question for Ask The Commish where a commissioner was disappointed that a member of their league was not as social as the commissioner had hoped they would be during the season. Im going to call the commissioner who wrote me, Rider. Rider wanted advice on how to tell Full Story

Ask The Commish: Don't Come Back Next Year

Commish, Two more weeks and my first season as commissioner will be over. This was also my first time playing and except for maybe two people, all the rest of us were new to fantasy football. I dont really have any bad stories to tell. It was more work in the beginning than I expected though. Full Story

Commish HQ: Getting Inspiration from Others

I follow Scott Fish on Twitter and earlier this week he asked the following question: What rule did you hear about people doing this year (or one you thought of) that you are excited to bring to your league or even a new league next year? Im guessing the idea behind him posting the que Full Story

Ask The Commish: Semi-finalist Hasn’t Paid Their Dues

Commish, I have a semi-finalist who hasnt paid their dues. If they win, Im not going to pay them. I plan on splitting the money between the other three teams left in the playoffs. Im not sure what else to do. Sounds about right? I guess. Youve left yourself with few options, especially Full Story

Commish HQ: Keeper League Basics

There comes a time when a fantasy football commissioners fancy turns to doing something different for their league. Theyve made it through the early years where the flow of people coming and going has waned. Theyve finally reached a point where they actually like the crew thats assembled to play fan Full Story

Ask The Commish: Should I Allow Waivers for Non-Playoff Teams?

Commish, Should I allow guys to work waivers if theyre not in contention for the championship, but are still part of the consolation bracket? Im going to allow it, but Im getting pushback for it. I think if youre still playing you should be allowed to help your team. I say ignore the pus Full Story

Commish HQ: Someone Dropped Dalvin Cook

I get contacted all the time from people in fantasy leagues who sometimes object to, or question the moves another manager in their league may make, like dropping a player of high standing. I also get questions from commissioners who wonder if they should reverse a drop for the same reason. My respo Full Story

Ask The Commish: I Missed Rivalry Week!

Commish, I have a confession. I didnt make a special schedule for Rivalry Week. I didnt know there was such a thing. Is this really a big deal in fantasy football leagues? Im not sure who I would match up in our league even if I did do it. No one said anything, I dont think they cared. How sh Full Story

Commish HQ: Dear Santa, a Fantasy Wish List

Dear Santa, I know right about now things are probably getting pretty busy up there in the North Pole. I hope that this letter finds you well. I have a small wish list for you, that I hope you take time to consider.Ive been nice, and Im certainly not as naughty as I used to be, so hopefully i Full Story

Ask The Commish: I'm tired of being a babysitter!

Commish, I get what people mean about running a league. Being a fantasy commissioner is like being a babysitter for a whole nursery. I took over the office league this year. Most of us are still working remotely. It probably wouldve been worse if we were all together like before. This year it Full Story

Commish HQ: Keep Them Interested with Bonuses

Do you run a league where your league mates are starting to lose interest? They might not be as active on the waiver wire as aggressively as they once were. You may have noticed what I like to call doughnut holes in your league - players deposited on starting rosters who are injured or have a bye we Full Story

Ask The Commish: Leave His Roster Alone!

I forgot to set the trade deadline, which was going to be set for this Friday. I only noticed because Im trying to pull off a trade before the deadline that was supposed to be. No one trades in our league, and my offer isnt going over so well, but how would it look if I make a trade and then end tra Full Story

Commish HQ: The Old Switcheroo

Twitter never fails to supply something for me to talk about. On this edition of Found on Twitter version of Ask The Commish, we start with the following posts: Seems kind of convenient that the same day our fantasy football league commissioner drops out of the Top 4 spots that the league set Full Story

Ask The Commish: Heard of Points per First Down?

Have you heard of getting points for first downs? I saw it talked about on Twitter. Ive never heard of that, my league is a basic PPR league. Not really looking to change anything right now, but it got me curious. Not sure I would do it myself but I was wondering what your take is. Ive heard Full Story

Commish HQ: Mid-Season Review

Were at the midway point of the season. Its time for a quick self-evaluation on how well your league has fared so far. Well have something similar at the end of the season to help set you up for next year. The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list or discussion, just an attempt to stir the Full Story

Ask The Commish: How Many Teams for Playoff?

Its my 5th year as commissioner and Im thinking about introducing a playoff next season. We have 12 teams. Should I go with four or six teams? Im trying to weigh the pros and cons. Whether you go with four or six teams for a playoff depends on how competitive you want things to be, and how in Full Story

Commish HQ: No Pay No Play

A popular complaint among fantasy commissioners is they hate collecting league dues. More specifically, they hate having to continually ask folks for money who take their time to pay. Some of those people end up paying late, or not at all. No commissioner wants to go through all of that. Commissione Full Story

Ask The Commish: Do I Have to be the League Babysitter?

Commish, We have an IR slot and a covid slot. I picked up Cam Akers weeks ago and he has been in my IR slot ever since. Last week our commissioner told me I couldnt put him there because hes NFI-R which according to Yahoos IR rules, is not eligible. The R literally stands for reserve! I get i Full Story

Commish HQ: Now That is Collusion!

What is collusion? If youve spent any time on Reddit, or Twitter, definitely Twitter, whenever a debate pops off about whether a particular act is collusion or not, someone always trots off to Merriam Webster and comes back with the definition. They will post the definition for all the world to see. Full Story

Ask The Commish: Dating Drama Player Dump

Commish, Collecting dues is the worst part about being a football commissioner! I hate it! I have an owner who still owes his money. Hes never been late before, so I didnt really think much of it when the season started. Ive since asked twice. Theyve never been nasty about it, just said theyd Full Story

Commish HQ: That's not Collusion!

The fantasy football world on Twitter tends to be pretty tame. Usually, theres a daily dose of innocuous tweets like people asking the fantasy community to choose between two players to start, or someone offers their take on a particular player. Of course, there are the customary trolls that will tr Full Story

Ask The Commish: My Commissioner is a Cheater

Commish, I played my commissioner this past weekend, and I noticed he switched a couple players who hadnt been doing well during the game. He ended up winning. Even if he hadnt swapped players he still wouldve won btw. I confronted them, and they denied it, and said if I had proof, to show it Full Story

Ask The Commish: Saturday Night Fever and Expedited Trades

Commish, Theres a guy in my league who will pick up and drop players late Saturday night. Hell pick up about three or four players, drop all of them, but keep the last one. Some of us think hes doing it to keep us from getting players he thinks we might want. That hasnt been true for me, but Full Story

Commish HQ: The Two Hats Theory

I have a theory that I call the Two Hats Theory. It involves the idea that when you are commissioner of a league, you wear two hats. In other words, you have two roles, one as a player and one as a commissioner. Sometimes commissioners will find difficulty in negotiating between being one of Full Story

Ask The Commish: Investing Pool Money and Bonus Payout Ideas

Commish, Any suggestions on what to do with pool money? I feel like I could be doing something creative with it. I saw your story about the bitcoin guy, thats not what Im talking about. Im asking for next year. Honestly, I personally feel comfortable letting the money sit until you nee Full Story

Commish HQ: A Commissioner Quits - The Alex Letter

The Alex Letter showed up on the sports site, Deadspin, in 2014. Its a letter from a fantasy commissioner, named Alex, that he sent to the members of his league. There are a number of lessons we fantasy commissioners can learn from this tale. The same holds true for folks who play in fantasy leagues Full Story

Ask The Commish: Trash Talk Getting Out of Hand and IR Abuse

Commish, I picked up Josh Gordon and have him placed on IR. My commissioner said I cant do that because Gordon isnt on injured reserve. I know that, but we dont have a rule saying I cant. Everybody is all bent out of shape, but theyre just mad they didnt think of it. He told me he would rever Full Story

Commish HQ: The Case for Keeping The IR Slot Beyond Covid

Do you have an IR slot option in your league? For some of us, an injured reserve (IR) slot as a bench option has been a feature in our leagues for quite a while. Last year, during Covid Year One, out of obvious concerns about the greater potential for losing players (past the normal occurrenc Full Story

Ask The Commish: Season Just Started, Manager Already Not Managing Roster

Commish, Ive got a guy in my league who had one or two roster spots unfilled leading almost up to kickoff the last two weeks. Ive warned him to set his lineup twice already. The season just started. Im not sure what hes doing but I dont want to deal with this all season. How soon before I kic Full Story

Commish HQ: Should You Change Rules Once the Season Begins?

Commissioners changing rules once the season begins is a common transgression that I hear about often. In my opinion, actions like this should be avoided at all costs. League managers, those that actually read the rules in the first place, have drafted, have made other team-building decisions, and h Full Story

Ask The Commish: Our Commissioner Bought Bitcoin with the Pool Money

Commish, I just found out that our commissioner has taken our pool money and bought bitcoin with it. Im against it, and so are others in the league, not everyone but most of us. He told us that hes already made money and told us to relax. Theres really nothing we can do if he doesnt want to d Full Story

Commish HQ: How to Prepare for Next Season Right Now

Fantasy football season has finally arrived. We should all be excited, right?. Now its time to see how all the research, analysis, and picking the brains of your Uncle Joe for football advice plays out. But, some of you arent excited. For example, right now, all over Fantasy Twitter its real easy to Full Story

Ask The Commish: Should I Have a Rules Committee?

Commish, Should you have a rules committee? Ive heard other leagues have them, I havent really felt the need. No one is asking me to, but Im curious what your take is. Maybe Im missing something? This is the third year of our league, which I started. No, youre not missing anything. If you Full Story

Ask The Commish: Can I Run My League Without Playing

Welcome to Ask the Commish! Normally, this column will follow a straightforward, by-the-numbers structure composed of your questions followed by my answers. This installment of Ask the Commish will be a little different. While on Twitter, I came across a fantasy football commissioner, Rodin, Full Story

Commish HQ: So You're Going to Start a Fantasy League What Now?

Youve decided that youre finally going to start your own fantasy football league. Maybe youve been corralled into running the office league because you just couldnt say no. Whatever the reason, youve found yourself in the position of running a league for the first time. No worries. Welcome to Com Full Story