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Reginald James

Reginald James

Ask The Commish: Season Just Started, Manager Already Not Managing Roster

Commish, Ive got a guy in my league who had one or two roster spots unfilled leading almost up to kickoff the last two weeks. Ive warned him to set his lineup twice already. The season just started. Im not sure what hes doing but I dont want to deal with this all season. How soon before I kic Full Story

Commish HQ: Should You Change Rules Once the Season Begins?

Commissioners changing rules once the season begins is a common transgression that I hear about often. In my opinion, actions like this should be avoided at all costs. League managers, those that actually read the rules in the first place, have drafted, have made other team-building decisions, and h Full Story

Ask The Commish: Our Commissioner Bought Bitcoin with the Pool Money

Commish, I just found out that our commissioner has taken our pool money and bought bitcoin with it. Im against it, and so are others in the league, not everyone but most of us. He told us that hes already made money and told us to relax. Theres really nothing we can do if he doesnt want to d Full Story

Commish HQ: How to Prepare for Next Season Right Now

Fantasy football season has finally arrived. We should all be excited, right?. Now its time to see how all the research, analysis, and picking the brains of your Uncle Joe for football advice plays out. But, some of you arent excited. For example, right now, all over Fantasy Twitter its real easy to Full Story

Ask The Commish: Should I Have a Rules Committee?

Commish, Should you have a rules committee? Ive heard other leagues have them, I havent really felt the need. No one is asking me to, but Im curious what your take is. Maybe Im missing something? This is the third year of our league, which I started. No, youre not missing anything. If you Full Story

Ask The Commish: Can I Run My League Without Playing

Welcome to Ask the Commish! Normally, this column will follow a straightforward, by-the-numbers structure composed of your questions followed by my answers. This installment of Ask the Commish will be a little different. While on Twitter, I came across a fantasy football commissioner, Rodin, Full Story

Commish HQ: So You're Going to Start a Fantasy League What Now?

Youve decided that youre finally going to start your own fantasy football league. Maybe youve been corralled into running the office league because you just couldnt say no. Whatever the reason, youve found yourself in the position of running a league for the first time. No worries. Welcome to Com Full Story