Commish HQ: Mid-Season Review

By Reginald James
Reginald James

We’re at the midway point of the season. It’s time for a quick self-evaluation on how well your league has fared so far. We’ll have something similar at the end of the season to help set you up for next year. The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list or discussion, just an attempt to stir the pot, so to speak, to get fantasy commissioners thinking about what they might be doing better and perhaps start their To-do list (TDL) for next year, now.


Has everyone paid their money?


I start with this question because, the entry fee should literally be what gives potential league managers access to your league. Everyone should’ve paid before they were allowed in. If they don’t pay, they don’t get to draft, or play, a.k.a. “No pay, no play.” If that's not the case, add installing this rule to your TDL for next year.


It’s a problem if you still have someone in your league who owes money. I know there are still some leagues out there with delinquent players, because I’m still receiving emails (not al lot, but enough) asking for advice about the issue.


League drama?


Is it still going on or did you settle it? What did you do to calm things down? Were you part of the drama? Take a moment to think about any rules that you can come up with that may make things better year. Is there any one in your league that has the potential to cause any trouble that just didn't get around to it yet? As of right now, if everyone wanted to return next year, would you be cool with that? Do you have a list of potential replacements to take over a team if you need to kick anyone out, or replace someone you decide not to invite back next season?


If life has been good to you and your league mates, then keep doing what you’re doing.


Any rules changes during the season?


There’s the idea that you do not change rules once the season starts. That’s a very good rule to follow. Sometimes fantasy commissioners find that they do not have a choice. What’s your story? If you did make a change, was the change necessary? Did you feel you were forced to do it because of league pressure, or was it your choice?


Did you have to make a change because of something you overlooked? For example, I discovered that I have to add new designations for the injured reserve slot that Yahoo uses, but haven’t officially listed.


Are you thinking of changing or adding any rules?


Make the list now. For example, my current list includes an item dealing with allowing managers to put a player in the IR roster slot only if they are on their roster at the time the designation is applied. If they want to pick up a player as a free agent, or off waivers, fine, but they can’t immediately put the new player in the IR slot.


Yup, I’m thinking about it.


The Kids Are Alright


If your league is okay, congrats. A league that runs smoothly with no drama is what we all strive for. I don’t think running a league is the herculean, hair-pulling inducing task that some make it out to be. I also know a league can’t run itself. You can not be a hands-off, “I’m just going have fun!” commissioner. There’s a nice sweet spot you can find, where if you take a little time to plan, and take a bit more time to assess what really works and doesn’t work for you and the league, you're more likely to have a happy fantasy football life as commissioner.


To some of you, what I just described seems pretty simple and logical, right? That may be true, but every year there’s someone who is taking over a league, getting tasked to run an office league, or starting their own league - for the first time. Some of those new commissioners will need help and they will have questions. That’s why we’re here.


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