Ask The Commish: Do I Reverse Position Restriction on Taysom Hill?

By Reginald James
Reginald James

After Week 5, I told the league that Taysom Hill could only be put in their TE slot because he was really playing QB. Thursday, he was lining up at TE and scored from receiving a pass. The manager who had him was angry because he was prevented from playing him as a TE or in the flex. He wants the points from that game, and this would give him the win, which he lost. I can’t do that can I? I also think I should take back the TE ban.


You shouldn’t have made the restriction in the first place. You shouldn’t have done it in principle, and you also shouldn’t have done it because you don’t make changes like this once the season starts.


That said, I don’t think you should reverse the results from last week. What’s done is done. There’s no way to prove he was going to start Taysom Hill if you hadn’t restricted him from doing so.


I’m torn about this one. While I think it doesn’t look good to make yet another change in-season, I feel more strongly that you should make things right and reverse your decision. Do you think what you did was wrong? If you do, then it’s important that you openly admit that to the league and move forward.



I had a guy who wasn’t managing his roster and I replaced him. He wants his pool money back, and I said I wouldn’t because he was removed from the league. I don’t think I should reward him for being a jackass owner. The new guy paid, so I’m planning to use the extra money for an end-of-season bonus payout. He went and told the rest of the league. A bunch of them don’t give a rip, but now I got to hear from some that I’m stealing the guy’s money. What do you say?


Give the guy his money back. I don’t know what else he did besides not manage his roster. This feels a little personal to me. Let me know if I’m wrong. In any case, you got rid of someone who wasn’t contributing positively to your league, and even better, you got a replacement which isn’t always easy to do. That’s a win. Why prolong the interaction with this person? Give him his money and let him move on. You can’t just unilaterally decide to keep his money just because he was a bad manager.


The only reason you don’t give him his money back, is if you have it written in the rules, for example, that league dues are non-refundable. I’ve heard of this in some leagues. I’m not going to comment about that sort of thing here, except to say, unless there’s something in the rules that specifically lays ground for you to keep league pool money, then you need to give the guy his money back. You didn’t mention that you had anything like that, so give him a refund and be done with it.



Commish! New commissioner here, thanks for what you do I’ve learned a lot. I’ve got a question about collusion. I’m the commissioner of a league with students in my dorm, and I found out this week that one girl is getting help from her boyfriend, he’s like a co-manager, but he wasn’t part of the league when we started. He’s not an official member of our league. How do  I handle telling her she can’t collude with another manager?


What you described isn’t collusion. Without going into specifics (I do here), I’ll simply say collusion would involve shady moves between two managers that are actually in your league. A manager simply getting help or advice from someone not in your league isn’t collusion. You don’t have a problem here.  I’d let this go.



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