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Tod Burros

Tod Burros

Introduction to Bestball Exposure

Introduction to Bestball Exposure The bestball format has become more and more popular each year and with good reason. Drafting is fun and Bestball allows you to set a budget and then draft as many teams as your heart desires. I personally have once drafted over 300 teams and this yea Full Story

Draftkings Contrarian and overweight picks for Week 3 DFS 2018

Week two of the NFL season was very good for me. I came in 10th in the Draftkings Slant among other good lineups. Besides settling on a core group of players and giving them high ownership which I have struggled to do in the past I also had success identifying sleepers including Matt Breida who wa Full Story

Dont Scoff at Goff and 3 More Preseason Observations

What should be believe and what is just preseason noise? That’s the fine line we walk when analyzing preseason action. Here are some of my key takeaways from last week’s games. LOS ANGELES RAMS Jarred Goff had an awful rookie season. This we can all agree on, and most experts coming into the pre Full Story

Understanding Stackcuffing

In my last article on this subject I introduced the concept of Stackcuffing which is a mixture of old fashioned handcuffing which rarely applies in the NFL anymore and Stacking which is a DFS term which I found was being misused in describing putting two RB from the NFL team on the same fantasy foot Full Story

Offseason vs In-Season for Fantasy Football

It is an interesting question right? When the question came to me my first thought was if I ask this on twitter it could be anything from 100 percent to zero in favor of in season. I figured about maximum two thirds to one third in favor of in season. My first attempt at the question I wasn’t that Full Story

Curbing your Enthusiasm in Fantasy Football MFL10s

Enthusiasm is wonderful and often contagious. Sometimes it is the roar of the crowd pressing forward that motivates and other times it is our natural desire to get ahead of the pack and to find an edge that drives us further than we reasonably should. How do we temper our enthusiasm to ensure that Full Story

Why does everybody playing fantasy football hate Tyrod?

Tyrod Taylor is being drafted 18th QB off the board according to recent ADP. This despite finishing much better than that ADP each of the two last years. In this article we are going to look at both why everyone seems to hate Tyrod and why taking advantage of this bias is in our best interest. Full Story

Fantasy Football Trading Part 2

Know your league’s rules and your fellow league members. One of the lessons you’ll learn in this series is that to be good at trading, you have to access and put into practice good advice. Even if you’re in a league that doesn’t allow trading, these lessons will help you to be good at fantasy footb Full Story

Stackcuffing RB in drafts in 2017

I was having a nice discussion about stacking RB in MFL10’s on Twitter the other day and someone asked when did stacking take the place of the traditional word “handcuffing” which described drafting your stud RB’s backup. My reply was that the traditional term handcuff which described drafti Full Story

Analyzing MFL10 WR in 2016

Analyzing MFL10 WR in 2016 The next position to study in my analytics of big weeks in MFL10’s takes us to the WR position. I studied the results for the top 64 WR broken out by points per game in the format. As I did for RB’s I have calculated the percentage of times each of these WR hit ke Full Story

RB achievements in MFL10s in 2016

About a week or so ago I did an article on How to choose Defenses in MFL10’s and you can access that article here What jumped out at me as I did my study was that 55% of the Defenses that score Full Story

Primer on Choosing Defenses in MFL10s

Primer on Choosing Defenses in MFL10’s A couple of years ago there was a TV show called Everybody Hates Chris. Growing up it is so easy to feel out of the loop, and that everyone hates you. In picking Defenses MFL10 leagues this is not an illusion. Most I have spoken with hate Defenses and I th Full Story

Current MFL10 Flexibility Trendspotting

As I mentioned I am older than most of you who probably will read this. One of the key lessons I have learned through experience is the difference between saying something and the willingness to do it. I mean change is hard and not everyone is cut out for it. One of the best practices I have found Full Story

Introduction to Trading

Four ways to win at Fantasy Football There are basically only four ways we can help ourselves win at Fantasy Football and they are 1-Drafting 2-Who to start and who to sit 3-Waivers 4-Trading There is a ton of content out on the market on the first three but each season there is little to an Full Story

Using Warren Buffetts techniques to identify buying opportunities in Fantasy Football

Warren Buffett is one of the 3-4 richest people in the world. What makes him unique is that he is the only one of the richest people who made his fortune entirely by buying and selling stocks. It is not breaking any new ground to compare who has value and who is overpriced in Fantasy Football Full Story

Fine tuning of MFL10s

The purpose of this article is to make sure those of you like myself who do a lot of MFL10 or best ball leagues are doing all the little things that can put ourselves in optimal positions to win each draft. This is not a beginner’s article but an article on fine tuning or optimizing your MFL10’s. Full Story