Why does everybody playing fantasy football hate Tyrod?

By Tod Burros
Tod Burros Tyrod Taylor is being drafted 18th QB off the board according to recent ADP. This despite finishing much better than that ADP each of the two last years. In this article we are going to look at both why everyone seems to hate Tyrod and why taking advantage of this bias is in our best interest.

Whether using him as your second QB off the board or as the leader of your QB’s in a Late Round QB style draft he presents a significant opportunity.

I recently did my chart on QB values for MFL10s. One player who really stuck out at me on the chart was Tyrod Taylor who showed up very well on the chart below

As you can see he scored the 10th most points per game in 2016 despite being on a Rex Ryan ground and pound team that was 31rst in percentage of pass plays at 51%. He also was without his clear #1 receiver for most of the season in Sammy Watkins.

So why does everyone hate Tyrod?

• His own team sent mixed messages out into the marketplace and only signed him over the then General Manager Doug Whaley. The new coach had to make a power play just to keep him and then he only got 2 years at 15 million per year which is near the bottom of the QB market
• He wasn’t a big prospect coming out. Don’t think that doesn’t play into the equation. Not only wasn’t he a big prospect but his first team the Ravens let him go and he was the underdog to win the job in Buffalo. Give credit to Rex Ryan for giving him a real shot and starting him even though the Bills had just spent a first round pick on E.J. Manuel

Why this is to our Advantage!

First off is pretty simple. Anytime you can get a guy at value you should do so. When a QB who was 10th in PPG in 2016 and 9th in 2015 is going off the board as QB18 we have found one of the market’s few inefficiencies and we should take advantage of it when we can. Other reasons to like Tyrod include

• New coaching staff will most likely let him throw the ball more
Sammy Watkins looks healthy and they added Zay Jones. He did what he did last year without his most talented WR by far.
• He has a very safe floor due to his ability to run the ball.
• He has a strong running game to support him
• Doesn’t throw many interceptions. His TD to INT over the last two years is 37-12
• Because he only has a 2 year contract he is under pressure to perform
• Only had 4 Rushing TD’s last year. He has room to regress upwards to at least the 6 he had in 2015


While everyone might hate Tyrod Taylor their reasons for doing so do not make sense. At his current ADP he is a screaming opportunity and with the ability to most likely pass more this year than last. He also has the support of the coaching staff which is important. I say buy with confidence

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