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Tera Roberts

Tera Roberts

Touch Regression Candidates the good, the bad and the ugly

Year-to-year changes in touches are expected with most players. Between team staff and scheme changes, free agent departures and arrivals, and newly drafted rookies, offenses are constantly in flux. There are some obvious players that will see increases in touches as they move into lead roles wit Full Story

Best Ball Sleepers to Avoid 3.13.2023

Best Ball Sleepers to Avoid Best ball season is underway! Drafting risky players can have a huge payoff but there are some players you just might want to avoid completely. Lets talk players Im saying away from in 2023. Javonte Williams Im not opposed to taking players coming off signi Full Story

Football Diehards Mock Draft Review 7 13 2022

Its that time of year! We're officially less than two months away from the 2022 season kickoff, which means your favorite fantasy analysts are neck deep in mock drafts. Mock drafts are a fantastic way to get the edge on your opponents, know what to expect Full Story

Stay Away Avoid These Players in Best Ball 2022

Id like to say I love all players equally. But I have to admit - there are some players who come across my draft board that leave me wondering why fantasy football apps dont have an un-watch list. If that list existed, I have five players that would be sitting right at the top. These players are e Full Story

Best Ball Steals Five Must-Draft Receivers 5 25 2022

Best ball drafts are in full swing and mid- to late-round value can make the difference between a first-round playoff boot and championship victory. Identifying key players at each position with a high potential to outperform their ADP gives you a significant advantage in best ball. Its easy to iden Full Story