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Michael Dubner

Michael Dubner

What Your Fantasy Football League is Missing: Last Place Punishments

Rewarding the champion of a fantasy football league is already ubiquitous. However, there can be issues with teams giving up and not paying attention to their league once they are eliminated from playoff contention. The worst thing in fantasy football is when these eliminated owners don't check thei Full Story

MFL2X Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

My Fantasy League has recently added the MFL2X league option. MFL2Xs are similar to the draft-only MFL10s with the notable difference that 1st-through-5th place win double their entry fee (hence the 2X), as opposed to the winner-take-all 10X format of MFL10s. While MFL10s require fantasy football Full Story

Best Single-Season Fantasy Football Performances RB Edition

There is always a point during the NFL (and fantasy football) off-season where I like to take a step-back and relish on past greatness. As we get closer to the start of the NFL season and fantasy football talk continues build, I want to take a second to look back at the best single-season running ba Full Story

Fantasy Football Questions That Will Make You Queasy

While many members of the fantasy football community are unquestionably expecting certain players to have large roles in their respective offenses, I have some concerns as to whether these assumptions are, in fact, accurate. Below are four questions I will be pondering this offseason. *All ADP is b Full Story

Fantasy Football Best Ball Strategy Tips

While August is the time for season-long fantasy football drafts, most June drafts are Best Ball formats (i.e. MFL10). There are key strategy differences for season-long vs. best ball fantasy football leagues, which I will discuss in this article. 1. Optimize Roster Construction Mike Beer's "M Full Story

8 Ludicrous Fantasy Football Efficiency Facts

Every year, there are a handful of players who have insanely efficient or laughably inefficient metrics. While some of these facts and projections are strictly for comedic purposes (i.e. Derrick Henry) and some are more realistic (i.e. Michael Thomas), all are interesting to say the least. Adri Full Story

Early Best Ball MFL10 ADP Review

We are still early in the fantasy football draft season, and Average Draft Position (ADP) is all over the place. The ADP in June will look very different than the ADP in August, especially in the middle-to-late rounds. A lot can, and will, change by August. June MyFantasyLeague (MFL10) drafts are a Full Story