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Justin Lonero

Justin Lonero

Digging In The Crates Daily 2018 week 2 DraftKings

Week 2 Main slate (13 Games) Quarterbacks Case Keenum vs. Raiders ($5,800) Case Keenum was NOT John Elway in his debut with the Broncos but it doesn’t matter in Fantasy Land. He completed 25 of 39 passes for 329 yards and three touchdowns. We have seen Keenum perform well when he is surrounded Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2018 week 1

Week 1 Main Slate Quarterbacks Andy Dalton @ Indianapolis ($5,800) Put Andy Dalton’s preseason league leading passer rating a, the Bengals leading the AFC in total offense and also allowing the fewest sacks aside. Dalton heads into Week 1 with an arsenal of talent around him with A.J. Green, Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2017 week 2

Week 2 DraftKings Quarterback Sam Bradford @ Pittsburgh ($5,500) Sam Bradford won the NFC offensive player of the week award Week 1 by putting on a clinic against the Saints at home. He'll get a Pittsburgh Steelers defense week 2 that allowed rookie Deshone Kizer to do a little bit of everythin Full Story

Preseason DraftKings Week 1 DFS Plays 2017

(Salary is not a factor) Wednesday/Thursday slate Quarterback Jacoby Brissett The Patriots only carry Three Quarterbacks and it's unlikely we'll see Tom Brady or even a ton of Jimmy Garoppolo for that matter. Brissett could play over 60% of the snaps. Brissett's future with the team is uncer Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 17

Draft Kings ( Main Slate) Quarterback Sam Bradford vs. Bears ($5,200) Sam Bradford decided to have his best game of the season a week ago, on the road against the Packers. Bradford threw for 382 yards and a touchdown. For the most part Bradford has had a relatively mistake free season, throwing Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 16

Draft Kings (Saturday 12 game slate) Quarterbacks Blake Bortles vs. Tennesee ($5,000) There is no question Blake Bortles has underperformed this season, just ask Allen Robinson. Interestingly enough Week 8 lit up the Titans on the road. It is a beautiful thing that at minimum salary Saturday, h Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 15

Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor vs. Cleveland ($5,700) Any time we can pick on the Cleveland Browns in Fantasy Land, more often than not it works out. Tyrod Taylor's future with the Bills is in Limbo, making this game a late season audition. Currently the Browns rank 31st in Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 14

Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Andy Dalton @ Cleveland ($6,100) It is debatable if Andy Dalton fits the inexpensive criteria for this column, he is still the thirteenth priced quarterback on Draft Kings Week 14. Despite losing A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard for the season looked sharp, Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 13

Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor @ Oak ($5,700) Earlier in the season it seemed I was on Tyrod Taylor every week based on his cheap cost, and the added bonus of the rushing yards he can gain. Here we are Week 13 and Taylor is in the thick of a Bills playoff push. His priced ha Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 12

Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Derek Carr vs. Panthers ($6,100) It is amazing to watch Derek Carr grow in the NFL each week, knifing through secondaries at home and on the road. Carr is averaging 20.7 fantasy points per game so far this season. People will view the Panthers as a tough Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 11

Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Blake Bortles @ Detroit ($5,400) It is no secret Blake Bortles has not performed up to our expectations so far this season. He has turned the ball over way too much, but the beauty of DFS is that we aren't married to any player. He'll get to face a Lions se Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 10

Week 10 Draft Kings (Main Slate) Quarterbacks Marcus Mariota vs. Green Bay ($5,700) Despite dealing with an ankle injury it looks as though Marcus Mariota will start at home against the Packers. The 23 year old is averaging 20.2 fantasy points per game this season and he'll get to square off ag Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 9

Week 9 Draft Kings (main slate) Quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick vs. Saints ($5,600) Chip Kelly met with the media Wednesday and listed everything that was wrong with the offense. He mentioned shaky, offensive line play, dropped passes, and inaccurate passes. Colin Kaepernick has a dream matchup Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 8

Week 8 Draft Kings Quarterbacks Trevor Siemian vs. Chargers ($5,100) Week three Trevor Siemian marched into Paul Brown stadium and threw four touchdowns against the Bengals. He'll get to face a Chargers secondary that is wounded and allowing 293 yards per game. C.J. Anderson will be out and ro Full Story

Digging In The Crates Daily 2016 week 7

Week 7 Draft Kings Historically when we dug through crates, we were looking for a vinyl record that we wanted to hear. The good old days seem to be over and we use iPhones and other electronic devices. Still, it shouldn't stop us to search for fantasy gold. The gold is out there, we just need to fi Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 6

This is a weekly DFS article that strictly targets cheap, sneaky, DFS plays for the week. As DFS players it is important that we can identify these cheap plays, so that we can spend, or "pay up" elsewhere. Some of the cheapest plays become core plays and differentiators in our weekly lineups. Qu Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 5

Quarterback's Brian Hoyer @ Colts ($5,500) It would appear Jay Cutler is going to miss week 5 with a sprained thumb. The seasoned veteran Brian Hoyer will make the start against a Colts team that is a mess. The colts are allowing 277 yards a game through the air per game. The Bears just lost Kevin Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 4

Week 4 Draft Kings Quarterback Trevor Siemian @ Buccaneers ($5,400) Sometimes we don't need to love the quarterback completely, but gravitate towards using him in DFS and season long leagues because of the talent that surrounds him. Trevor Siemian was able to roll into Cincinnati week three like Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 3

The first thing that is important to realize about this article, is that everyone is dirt cheap and the second component is, there are no certainties. It sounds more of a disclaimer but it is true. There is value to be had every week in Daily Fantasy Sports, the trick is searching deep in the crates Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 2

Week 2 (Draft Kings) Trevor Siemian vs. Colts ($5,200) Trevor Siemian was very efficient week one against the Panthers and his week two matchup is even juicier. The Colts got tuned by Matthew Stafford a week ago and while I don't think Siemian will throw three touchdowns, he'll be solid. The p Full Story

Digging In The Crates - Daily 2016 week 1

Digging In The Crates QB's Dak Prescott vs. Giants ($5,000) The harsh reality is that Dak Prescott is a rookie, and he will certainly be a work in progress for the Cowboys. The good news is that he is minimum salary week one on Draft Kings, which allows us to spend frivolously elsewhere. Pres Full Story

Draft Kings Preseason week 4

Quarterback Paxton Lynch (Broncos) It looks like Broncos new starter Trevor Siemian will not play Thursday night, and that rookie Paxton Lynch will get much needed reps. The more Lynch plays now, the more preparation he'll have when he eventually becomes the Broncos starting quarterback. Gary K Full Story

Draft Kings Friday Night 5 game Slate preseason week 3

Week 3 Preseason Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo I'm going right back to the well this week with Garoppolo. He was 16 of 21 with 181 yards and a touchdown against the Bears. He should play at least a half Friday. Marcus Mariota was 9 of 10 for 104 yards and a touchdown against Carolina last week. Full Story

Preseason Week 2 Draft Kings review

All prices are the same ($5,500) Thursday 8/18 (6 Games) Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (Patriots) Jimmy G played the whole first half last week in his opening audition as a starter. He'll face a Bears defense that just made Mark Sanchez and Trevor Sieman look just about flawless. Garropol Full Story

The NFL PreSeason Draftkings week 1

The NFL Pre-Season to some is not "real" football, or a boring misrepresentation of the league. To others they are fighting for their employment. As DFS players/analysts it is our job to make a contentious effort to seek which players in the Pre-Season will get the most burn. I have made a lineup w Full Story