Ask The Commish: Dating Drama Player Dump

By Reginald James
Reginald James



We have an IR slot and a “covid” slot. I picked up Cam Akers weeks ago and he has been in my IR slot ever since. Last week our commissioner told me I couldn’t put him there because he’s NFI-R which according to Yahoo’s IR rules, is not eligible. The R literally stands for reserve! I get it, but I don’t. I moved him to my regular roster but I didn’t think it was fair to be forced to do it. I just think it’s common sense. Do you think he’s right, or do I have an argument?


Technically, he’s right. I use Yahoo for my league, and I’m quite aware of that list. If NFI-R (Non-Football Injury, Reserve) isn’t on the list, it’s not on the list. If there isn’t anything in your league rules that adds to, or modifies Yahoo’s rule, then NFI-R-doesn’t qualify.


Could he make an exception? Sure, but he’s following the rules. He’s not obligated to allow any of you to put a player in the IR slot that isn’t  “allowed” according to the written rules laid down by Yahoo.


I personally don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing. Take a peek at your league rosters to see if anyone is using an IR-R player in the IR slot. This designation is for players who are on injured reserve, but who are slated to return. This designation is not on the list either. Make sure you lobby your league to encourage your commissioner to have these additional designations added to your league rules.


I realized that I myself, didn’t update the rules in my league to allow either IR-R  or NFI-R. Why not? Because I used the Yahoo rules as my guide. I think the folks at Yahoo never got around to editing or updating their rules.  I’m taking a different position than your commissioner. Yes, I think that common sense should prevail in this case. NFI-R and IR-R are both “reserve” designations, so I’ve chosen not to penalize my league just because I didn’t notice that Yahoo wasn’t using the designations. I should’ve modified our league rules and added them myself. I will tend to this officially during the offseason.





Read your Two Hats article, what about a third hat, babysitter? I’m tired of all the arguing and fighting going on. We have a chat room and a message board and there’s some arguing and smack talk going on all the time.


I never quite understood why some people seem to think smack talk is a required element of fantasy football. I stand on the side of the room where it’s not. That said, to me, smack talk is more effective as a verbal tool, and sometimes the printed word suffers from a loss in translation. Someone misunderstands the sarcastic tilt of a comment, and you’re off to the races.


Are you tired of it because you’re participating yourself? Then why not remove yourself from the fray? Are you just reading what’s going on and it’s bothering you? Then don’t visit. What you don’t read can’t disturb you. Make the choice to let them be. Your only concern should be if the back and forth is affecting the functioning of the league itself. If managers are putting forward rosters, dropping players, picking up players, and no one is colluding, then you’re good. Consider detangling yourself, and let them be.


On the other hand, chat rooms and message boards are not a requirement for fantasy football. They are not an integral part to the inner workings of a league. And, if by chance this is a league you started, and if this is not the type of environment you envisioned for your league, then shut them down. It’s your league, be happy with what you created. Just make sure you send out a league email explaining why you did what you did. If for some odd reason, someone wants to leave your league just because they can’t yap at somebody in a chat room? If that’s the pinnacle of their fantasy football experience, and what they care about the most? Fine, they’re free to go someplace else.