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Fantasy Football Player Projections 2021

1Patrick MahomesKANQB5200 42 761338 2.2467
2Kyler MurrayARIQB3808 251214378510.5420
3Lamar JacksonBALQB3028 29102011104 7.7412
4Tom BradyTBQB4664 4012 1 6 3.0401
5Matthew StaffordLARQB5267 341326144 0.0399
6Aaron RodgersGNBQB3763 42 424130 2.6381
7Jalen HurtsPHIQB3074 17121881034 8.7367
8Ryan TannehillTENQB3567 31 745248 6.5359
9Joe BurrowCINQB4488 22 843237 5.0357
10Derek CarrLVRQB4298 28 927147 3.1352
11Sam DarnoldCARQB4495 182280442 4.1344
12Matt RyanATLQB4474 25111690 2.0335
13Jameis WinstonNORQB4319 251734186 1.5328
14Justin FieldsCHIQB4148 241632179 1.4315
15Tua TagovailoaMIAQB3512 211038211 5.8307
16Daniel JonesNYGQB3820 1413100549 1.3298
17Taylor HeinickeWASQB3885 231530167 1.3295
18Teddy BridgewaterDENQB3687 151150276 4.9290
19Carson WentzINDQB3158 191860333 6.0286
20Mac JonesNWEQB3697 221529159 1.3281
21Jimmy GaroppoloSFOQB3325 2311 952 0.8256
22Jared GoffDETQB3262 17111582 3.3246
23Baker MayfieldCLEQB2914 21 725135 0.8243
24Geno SmithSEAQB3099 181224134 1.1235
25Davis MillsHOUQB2994 181223129 1.0227
26Trey LanceSFOQB2840 171122122 1.0216
27Zach WilsonNYJQB2758 161122119 1.0209
28Taysom HillNORQB1212 5 310959710.5201
29Jacoby BrissettMIAQB2446 141019105 0.8186

Fantasy Football Player Projections Frequently Asked Questions


What is projected points in fantasy football?

Projected points are the estimate of the fantasy value that a player will accumulate in a game or through the season. You get points for category such as rushing, receiving and passing yards. And also rushing, receiving and passing touchdowns. These points are different for many leagues so you need to know your scoring system.

How are fantasy projections calculated?

The majority of leagues use point per reception calculations. Six points for rushing and receiving touchdowns. Four or five points for passing touchdowns. For rushing and receiving yards you get 0.1 points per yard. And for passing yards you get 0.04 or 0.05 points per passing yard. And typically -1 yards for an interception. And one point per reception for PPR. You can also have half PPR and non-PPR scoring.

Who has the best fantasy football projections?

There are many sites with excellent projections. It really comes down to reviewing different sites in making a determination. Two sites that have average rankings of many experts are and

Do projections matter in fantasy football?

Absolutely! They matter when you draft your team and also each week of the regular season. You need to project points so you can compare players to determine who you're going to draft and who you're going to start each week.

What are the most accurate fantasy football sites?

There are many sites which do great jobs with accuracy and the top sites change every year.