Best Prop Bets SUNDAY week 20 Divisional 2021

By Drew Phelps
Drew Phelps

It's the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs!

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Van Jefferson OVER 18.5 Longest Reception -110 (1 Unit)

Van, Van he's our man! He has hit this on the number or gone over in 15 games this season. He is the deep threat for this team and with both Kupp and OBJ getting all the attention of the defense, it leaves him with single or just safety coverage. He had one catch last week against the Cardinals and it was a 41 yarder.



Mike Evans OVER 71.5 Receiving Yards Ryan -115 (1 Unit)

He has been over this number in four of his last six games. There is no Chris Godwin or Antonio Brown which has forced him into the primary playmaker role. Yea, I know Jalen Ramsey is lurking but the targets will be there for him to cross this threshold. Evans had 8 catches for 106 yards in their matchup earlier this season. I think he'll have similar numbers in this game.




Cooper Kupp UNDER 100.5 Receiving Yards -115 (1 Unit)

This may be an overreaction to his play recently but I don't think Tampa let's Kupp beat them. They'd rather deal with Odell and Jefferson than Kupp. I think Todd Bowles handcuffs the record breaking receiver in this game. Cooper has been under this number in two of his last three games and he went under this number in their earlier matchup with the Buccaneers.





Patrick Mahomes OVER 38.5 Pass Attempts -105 (1 Unit)

I really don't think the Chiefs will be able to stop this Bills offense. Buffalo will score and score which will force Patrick to put this team on his shoulders. That means he'll throw the ball all over the yard to try and win this game. He had 54 attempts in their first game against each other and had 39 in last week's win over the Steelers.



Josh Allen OVER 280.5 Passing Yards -115 (1 Unit)

I think this game is going to be a good old fashioned shootout. I expect a 30+ scoring performance from both teams. If that happens, Josh will throw for 300 plus yards. He had 315 in their first game against each other and went way over in the Bills win over the Patriots. I think he has to carry this team to a win today and I think he will.




Patrick Mahomes OVER 25.5 Rushing Yards -120 (1 Unit)

Patrick has been at or over this number in four of his last five games. He is what we would call an opportunistic runner. Patrick always seems to pick the first times to take off and run with the ball. When he's flushed and has nowhere to go with the ball, there's no hesitation from him to take off.




Byron Pringle OVER 34.5 Receiving Yards -115 (1 Unit)

Pringle has been a real nice surprise for the Chiefs over the second half of the season. The only problem is, DraftKings has caught up a bit and raised the number. It was in the mid to upper 20s for a long time which was amazing and a cash cow. He has still cleared this number in three straight games.