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Predicting the Target Leader on Every Team AFC

By Kyle Dvorchak
Kyle Dvorchak In this two-part series, well look at every team and give a quick rundown of the betting favorite to lead the team in targets plus one darkhorse who has a chance of usurping the leader. The darkhorse might not be the second-most-likely player to lead the team in targets. Theyre simply the player that is being slept on the most to take the throne. This isnt just predictions for the sake of making them. Use this as a way to find inefficiencies in markets (season-long drafts, Week 1 DFS, and prop-betting) by checking our notions of which players are actually locked in as their teams top option and which may be getting too much credit from the public. Each team will fall into a tier of how confident we can be that their target leader is who we think it will be. No Doubters Injurie... Premium subscription is needed