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The 10 Biggest Must-Draft and Must-Avoid Fantasy Football Players of 2022

By Gary Davenport
Gary Davenport This magazine serves a number of purposes (no, lining a birdcage is not one of those purposes -- at least not yet). Chief among those purposes is providing fantasy managers with a list of players to target when draft-day rolls around. Simply put, drafters are looking for value. Looking for players who will out-perform their draft slot in the season to come. Drafting players at their fantasy floor is how successful teams are built. Well, that and gin. Lots and lots of gin. (Kidding about the gin. ... Mostly. Please drink responsibly.) Of course, theres a flip side to that coin. Knowing who not to draft can be almost as important as knowing who to target. The only thing worse than drafting a player at his fantasy ceiling is drafting one who fails to come close to justifying his aski... Premium subscription is needed