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Jen Ryan

Post 2018 Draft ADP Fallers

Yesterday, we took a look at the ten players with the largest best ball ADP spikes in the week following the 2018 NFL Draft (if you missed it, you can check it out here: Analyzing players whose price is o Full Story

Post 2018 Draft ADP Risers

We should always be paying attention to ADP when drafting in best ball leagues, and now that the draft has come and gone there has been a serious impact on draft position for many fantasy assets. Comparing average draft position from the week leading up to the draft (4/18/18-4/25/18) to the week fol Full Story

Best Ball ADP Variance 3.26.18

Best ball leagues are up and running and the lobby is full of sharks and degenerates who just cant get enough fantasy football at this time of the year. As more and more leagues start filling up (81 completed drafts so far on FanBall!) ADP becomes more and more clear. While we have started to sett Full Story

Never-too-Early ADP Observations My First Draft of 2018

Yes, it is only February. Yes, there are currently live bestball drafts happening now on a few different platforms. Yes, I am drafting (and quite happy to be doing so!). This early on, ADP is essentially non-existent, and that’s what makes observing it not only fun but valuable. We are out here maki Full Story

Super Bowl LII Prop Betting

$138,480,136. That’s how much money was wagered on the Super Bowl in 2017, up from $132,545,587 in 2016 and $115,986,086 in 2015. People (hi!) love betting on football, and there is no bigger stage to catch that thrill than Super Bowl Sunday. It is estimated that people bet as much money on the Supe Full Story

TNF Prop Betting Lines and DFS Implications

Tonight’s NFC South clash between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons has a lot of DFS potential baked into it. This is the only game of Week 14 that has cracked the 50 point total, opening at 54.5 and closing at 51.5. Las Vegas implications and point totals are a common theme in daily fantas Full Story

Target Leaders to target at trade deadline

It is hard to imagine that Week 11 of the 2017 football season is underway, but here we are. There are just five weeks left until you (hopefully) or someone in your league will be crowned champion in the Week 16 fantasy football Super Bowl. Majority of leagues have their trade deadline approaching t Full Story

Shoot for Upside in the Dallas Backfield week 10 2017

The Ezekiel Elliott suspension drama dates back to July of 2016, when it was announced that the league was investigating him for domestic violence allegations. Fast forward 14 months and Elliott has been suspended and granted stays more times than we care to count at this point. What we know definit Full Story

Fantasy Points Allowed Week 6 2017

Fantasy Points Allowed: Week 6 The Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle Seahawks are on a bye this week. Plan accordingly. As always, you will want to take a look at the match ups for the upcoming games to help with those tough roster decisions and daily lineup constructio Full Story

Afternoon Slate Pays and Fades DSF wk5

Playing smaller slates in daily fantasy can are challenging and rewarding. When focusing in on a smaller player pool, the lines between GPP lineups and cash lineups blur. A strong core is necessary to keep with the field and there is little room to be super-contrarian, but it is that contrarian play Full Story

Targets and Snaps Week 5 2017

Any article you read from this this week will echo the same opening sentiment. We are officially at the quarter mark of the season, 25% of the way through. This is the point where we can start weening off of 2016 data and start using data and averages from 2017 to make decisions going forward. Th Full Story

Fantasy Points Allowed Week 5 2017

We have hit that quarter mark in fantasy football where we can begin removing some of the weight from 2016 data (for the most part) and work with actionable 2017 data. The four week sample is generally understood as the data benchmark for the new season and it gives us a sense of what teams in 2017 Full Story

Fantasy Points Allowed Week 4 2017

Fantasy Points Allowed: Week 4 The data is continuing to pile up and each week we get a better sense of what defenses to avoid and what defenses to pick on. Playing the match ups is key in every format and by using our fantasy points allowed tool you can see how each defense ranks overall, as wel Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2017 week 3

Money, money, money. DFS is all about it. How much does a player cost? How much is the entry fee? How much is the rake? How much can we win? How much can we lose? It’s all about the money. Salary is all about the money, match ups are all about the money, and sportsbooks are most definitely all about Full Story

Targets and Snaps Week 3 2017

We are inching closer and closer to that four week mark of the season. Four weeks is generally a solid benchmark for data in terms of data being actionable going forward. We are currently working off of 2016 data and a 2017 two week sample, but we are getting close. That also means we are approachin Full Story

Fantasy Points Allowed Week 3 2017

Fantasy Points Allowed by Defense Of the many tools we offer on, our Fantasy Points Allowed tool is right up there in level of importance. When I start the Tuesday process of updating spreadsheets and starting research, one of the first things I look at are the match ups. Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2017 week 2

Recently, we took a look at 2017 DraftKings salary pricing value and deficiency compared to 2016 average salary (you can find that article here: ). Pricing constraints an Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 2 2017

The high-octane Patriots’ offense sputtered. Le’Veon Bell had ten carries, just two more than the career-low eight carries he saw once, back in 2014. The rookie running backs to own in Week 1 were Kareem Hunt and Tarik Cohen. Bennie Fowler was a fringe WR1. The Rams defense scored more fantasy point Full Story

Applying STOMP Fantasy Football Draft Theory and Analyzing the Results

Applying STOMP Fantasy Football Draft Theory & Analyzing the Results Stop what you are doing and read Emil Kadlec’s Introduction to STOMP Fantasy Football Draft Theory again: This piece is thoro Full Story

Targets and Snaps Week 1 2017

Though I am firmly against believing that an offseason exists I do realize it does exist for some. With that said, we can all agree that the offseason is over and football is finally here. It is only Week 1 and it already feels like the football season just is not long enough. Those baseball and bas Full Story

Week 1 DraftKings Pricing: Value and Deficiency vs 2016 Average

The daily fantasy football community collectively erupts when the major sites release player salaries for Week 1 of the 2017 season. It is an exciting time and we all can’t run to our lap tops fast enough to download that salary .csv so that we can start the initial process of looking at our Week 1 Full Story

2017 Football Diehards Staff Draft Analysis

We all love our home leagues and they are near and dear to us, but the Football Diehards staff league is as close to my heart as my family league. I am fortunate to be surrounded by and work with (and for) some of the most brilliant minds in fantasy football. When we participate in our staff draft e Full Story

Daily Fantasy Tips and Strategies 2017

This year, I am back on the grind chasing those elusive million dollars that have eluded me since I saw the commercials promising to make me a millionaire by playing daily fantasy football. I love every aspect of chasing that top prize, and every other prize in between. The Sunday sweat is fun and r Full Story

A Pre-Draft Look at Late Round Sleepers

I know it’s only April, but many people are actively drafting, some of us at a feverish rate. You can follow along with all of my best ball drafts on our homepage, and read up on some best ball basics here: ( Full Story

Early MFL10 Observations

February 27, 2017 was the day the itch was scratched for people like me. The fine folks over at My Fantasy League kicked the doors open to their MFL10 lobby, and I got busy right away. If you are unfamiliar with MFL10’s and the best ball format, you can read the primer I wrote on them here: There Full Story

There is No Offseason MFL10s are Opening this Week

Do you get that empty feeling on Super Bowl Monday? I do. The finality of the football season hits me like a ton of bricks. Sixteen games are not enough. The 27 weeks of daily fantasy football, which include the pre and postseason, still does not feel like enough. There is a dread that comes with th Full Story

Super Bowl LI Prop Bets

The biggest game of the year is finally upon us. Unless you took advantage of the Bowl Games slate last weekend, chances are you will not have any daily fantasy action going on this weekend. However, that does not mean that there is a lack of action out there. Anyone who works in an office was proba Full Story

DFS Lineup Optimizer Video fanduel wk20 2016

Pos Name Team Points Salary Result 1 QB Aaron Rodgers GB 27.841 9600 RB Le'Veon Bell PIT 15.494 9500 RB Devonta Freeman ATL 14.794 8000 WR Randall Cobb GB 13.956 6500 WR Mohamed Sanu ATL 13.631 5800 WR Eli Rogers PIT 11.856 4900 TE Jared Cook GB 11.475 6400 K Ma Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 18

Jen’s DFS Journal – Wildcard Weekend Oh, baby, it’s a wild(card) world. Have we ever seen a season where there is so much competition in one conference and so little in the other? The path to the Super Bowl through the AFC seems like a cakewalk compared to the NFC. There were some tough breaks fo Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 18 2016

Targets and Snaps: Wildcard Weekend Yes, your fantasy football regular season is over. No, that does not mean the game that we love is over. There is still daily fantasy to be played, and if you go looking for it, you may just find a playoff league or two. Ask the hardest working commissioner in Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 17 2016

Targets & Snaps: Week 17 If you are reading this and have your feet kicked up and are basking in glory, then congratulations champ! Your Jordy Nelson’s and Dez Bryant’s came to play in Week 16 and brought you a fantasy football championship. Many of you, myself included, missed out on a few cha Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 15

I am constantly looking for different ways to inspire lineup construction. There is so much noise throughout the week about who are cash locks, who are fades, the chalk, etc. What I am saying is that it can get really noisy out there in the space of daily fantasy that, by the time I begin looking at Full Story

DFS Lineup Optimizer Video fanduel wk15 2016

Pos Name Team Points Salary Result 1 QB -:Matt Ryan ATL 27.841 8500 RB -:LeSean McCoy BUF 13.081 9000 RB -:Ezekiel Elliott DAL 12.088 8500 WR -:T.Y. Hilton IND 13.631 7300 WR -:Michael Crabtree OAK 10.4 6000 WR -:Aldrick Robinson ATL 4.538 4500 TE -:Travis Kelce KC 11.475 6 Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 15 2016

It is hard to fathom that next week is the final week of the fantasy football season, but here we are. Sure, daily fantasy will be there for you for the next few weeks, but your season-long window is about to close. At this point, if you are still fighting for a trophy, the stats I will present you Full Story

DFS Lineup Optimizer Video fanduel wk14 2016

Jen’s DFS Journal: Week 14 I’ve typically been a DraftKings player, for the most part. I have not been on FanDuel much this season for a few reasons, but I have come to realize that, for me, they have been sort of silly reasons. How can I pretend not to care about a kicker when Matt Prater put up 2 Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 14

First of all, congratulations are in order. If you are reading this there is a good chance you made it to the fantasy football playoffs! If you did not make it, maybe you are reading this for daily fantasy purposes, or are still in the fight for draft position next year. Maybe you are looking for my Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 14 2016

I’ve been warning you for a few weeks about this now but here we are, round one of the fantasy football playoffs. If you are out of it, don’t quit, or drop all of your players, or any of those other salty moves that people pull. Have a little bit of pride, and never forget about daily fantasy footba Full Story

DFS Lineup Optimizer Video fanduel wk13 2016

This week, we used our FanDuel lineup generator to build 20 lineups using a few players we are high on and locked in on, as well as removed some that we are fading completely and wanted the generator to exclude. The generator is fully customizable. You can choose which slates to work with and even i Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 13

We all have big decisions to make this week, and fast! The clock is ticking on those playoff hopes in redraft leagues so let’s get right down to business for this week, where will be without some serious studs with the Tennessee Titans on bye, and some not so serious studs with the Cleveland Browns Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 13 2016

If you are reading this then you have successfully come out of your food (or beer) coma and had a very nice Thanksgiving. I could tell you all about mine but there is no time for that, not with this week being the final week of the fantasy football regular season. Unfortunately some of your stud pla Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 12 2016

This is it, two more weeks of the fantasy football regular season. I won’t share my spilled tears with you quite yet, but time is running out. We have two more weeks in our season-long leagues and for the daily fantasy crowd out there just five more weeks until “scrub week” in Week 17. As the weeks Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 11

Each week, I get lost in the numbers. It all comes with the territory of analyzing fantasy football. Between pouring over data, studying matchups, and even checking out the weather, it can become difficult at times to draw that fine line between oversaturation and under-preparation. Every now and th Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 11

With each passing week we inch closer and closer to the fantasy playoffs, our opportunities to clinch those coveted playoff spots shrink. This week in particular is rough for bye weeks, with many studs being unavailable to you. There will be no Falcons, Broncos, Chargers, or Jets for you to utilize. Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 11 2016

Targets & Snaps: Week 11 My day job got in my way last week and I couldn’t provide you with target and snap data last week, but I’m back and I’ve come prepared with a bunch of numbers for you. All of the stats I provide you with can be found using these links: Targets (including 3 week data): Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 9

Jen’s DFS Journal: Week 9 So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I did not win a qualifying ticket for the coveted King of the Beach contest in the Bahamas. The good news is it has not broken my spirit and I will be back at it this week. I will burn an entry on that qualifier, as well a Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 9

Week 9 presents us with another round of brutal bye weeks. We will all be without our Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, and Washington Redskins. The good news is, there are 26 other teams Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 9 2016

We are officially here. The fantasy football season is halfway over. After seeing that World Series game last night I thought long and hard about football, and how 16 games is nothing compared to the 162 regular season games that every baseball team plays. We are here for fantasy football but let’s Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 8

I am not very good at lying, or dancing around things, and never have been. My mouth got me into trouble often enough when I was a bratty little kid, and most of that trouble came because I simply have no filter. I am just not good at sugar coating, or being halfway honest about things. I have had a Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 8

I am a big fan of transparency and by transparency I mean calling myself out. Back when I was simply just a fantasy football addict, I was addicted to CBS’ Jamey Eisenberg’s weekly start/sit column. The best part about it is his “full disclosure” section which, full disclosure, is the inspiration be Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 8 2016

Week 8 brings about so many things. For most leagues, trade deadlines are approaching and generally close somewhere in the next 2-4 weeks. At the conclusion of Week 8 we will also be at the halfway point of the fantasy season. The halfway point is a great spot to evaluate your teams and daily fantas Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 7

I always say I only have two speeds. Those speeds are 0% or 100%, stop or go, all or nothing, you get the idea. I have been this way my whole life, and DFS is a part of my life therefore it is no exception. I shamelessly chase the big prize. I spend very little time on small prizes and a ton of time Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 7

As we get another week closer to the halfway mark of the fantasy football season we should all start paying attention to bye weeks and planning accordingly. The 5-1 Cowboys and 1-5 Panthers are both off this week. Look at those records, just as we all predicted right? This most definitely is a leagu Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 7 2016

Week 7 is upon us and it is already shaping up to be an interesting week. The Packers are placing Eddie Lacy on IR, LeSean McCoy is expected to miss time, and Vincent Jackson has also been send to injured reserve and likely played his last snap as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 1-5 Panthers are on a (m Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 6

As with each week there were some hits and misses in Week 5. Kudos to Greg Olsen who had a career day with nine receptions for 181 yards. Still, the career day was not enough to edge out Martellus Bennett as the TE1 with three touchdowns. On the other end of the spectrum, Where have you gone Eli Man Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 6 2016

As the data continues to pile up we can continue to use it to look ahead, make informed decisions, and use the numbers to help us make the best lineup decisions possible. All of our stats and resources pages are helpful but the ones I specifically use when researching for this article are listed bel Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 5 2016

The dominant target leaders of the league are really starting to take shape and there are a handful of players in which we can establish a baseline in terms of targets and gauge their target floor. Four weeks is the minimum sample I like to work with when projecting season-long totals, and I feel fo Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 5

My apologies for not providing you with a who’s hot, who’s not last week. I was stuck in the nightmare that is commuting into New York City after a train accident in New Jersey and simply ran out of time. I am back this week and, considering Week 3 is ancient history at this point, I am going to ski Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 5

Words can be interchangeable in all aspects of life, and of course if you are reading this then daily fantasy football is a part of your life. So many words we use in reference to this game over lap. Story lines, lineups, the line, offensive and defensive lines. You get where I am going. There are l Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 4

I have spent a lot of time in these early weeks of the season looking at price fluctuations on DraftKings. Making that perfect lineup fit within the salary constraints is the name of the game with daily fantasy and every player comes with a cost. Over the summer, I discussed with Emil Kadlec the ide Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 4 2016

As we approach Week 4, we officially hit the quarter-mark of the season. I recently spoke to our mutual friend Bob Harris on Sirius XM Fantasy about treating the entire fantasy season like one long game and breaking it into quarters. Once all the action wraps up this weekend we will be finished with Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 3

I’m a huge, huge reader. I read a lot of content throughout the week about everything from redraft to dynasty to daily fantasy. I try to absorb as much information as I can because I figure it must help me make sound decisions. I’m a total football content book worm. Bob Harris’ Team Notes and Three Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 3

There are so many exciting things to look out for this week. Josh Norman and Odell Beckham will square off for their first of two meetings this year. The Vikings with be without Adrian Peterson and we may finally get to see exactly what they have in Jerick McKinnon, but we will have to look out for Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 3

With each passing week more and more data is created on the football field. As we import this data into our various stats pages, you as fantasy football players can use this data to your advantage to explore trends, opportunities, or any other edge you can find within the statistics to help with you Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 2

The amount strategies that one can deploy in daily fantasy are countless. Strategy can be exciting or maddening, depending on how things turn out. One of my favorite strategies is pretending to fade the Thursday night game. What I mean by that is, I make it a point to get in at least a few Thursday- Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not 2016 Week 2

RIP Keenan Allen. That feels like the only appropriate way to begin this article. Such a horrific injury for such a promising talent. There were a few awful things about last week, including some of my calls but not all was lost. Here’s a quick recap from Week 1. I Knew It Derek Carr – QB14 – Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 2

We finally have some 2016 data to work with and, like any week in football, a lot went on in Week 1. A total of 14 receivers saw double-digit targets last week, none more than Allen Robinson’s 15. Some came as a surprise, such as Cole Beasley’s and Jason Witten’s combined 26 targets as opposed to De Full Story

Jens DFS Journal 2016 week 1

The first week of the football season is always exciting. After waiting months for it we finally have some action. DraftKings was kind enough to give us preseason slates but I found them more difficult this year than last year. Full disclosure: I did not cash one contest until the final week and it Full Story

Whos Hot Whos Not Week 1

I don’t know about you but I have been waiting months for Week 1 to finally get here. I always say redraft is like my high school boyfriend, in that no matter how old I get or how many new things come along I will always love redraft. Over the years some of my favorite articles to read have been sta Full Story

Target and Snap Analysis Week 1

I have written many times about the importance of targets in fantasy football. I have preached that targets create opportunity and opportunity combined with efficiency creates points. Targets are the beginning and end of all fantasy football lineup decisions for me. When we talk about chasing upside Full Story

Preseason DFS Week 3

Dress rehearsal is finally here. It has been a brutal two weeks trying to cash in daily fantasy during these first two week but we finally have the chance to play as many starters as we want. It is generally accepted that most starters will see at least the first half of action this week. Week 1 is Full Story

Preseason Week 2 Stock up Stock Down Buyer Beware

Who knew the preseason could be as crazy as it has been so far? Former second-round draft pick Dorial-Green Beckham was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, Dion Lewis underwent a second knee surgery, and Dak Prescott’s bust in Canton is already in the works, according to the internet. In addition to Full Story

Preseason. week 2 DFS

There are ten games this weekend that will round out Week 2 of the preseason. Rosters have to be whittled down and teams are, at this point, very fluid leading up to next week’s dress rehearsal. We even saw a second-round pick from last year’s draft traded for guard. Anything can happen as rosters a Full Story

Preseason Week 1 Stock Up, Stock Down, Buyer Beware

The first week of the preseason is in the books. Looking back on the 16 games from the long weekend there are a few takeaways and players who stood out for reasons good and bad. STOCK UP Nelson Spruce, LA Rams Spruce secured six of his eight targets for 51 yards and a score in the Rams return Full Story

Weekend Preseason wk 1 DFS Picks

There are two full slates left in Week 1 of the preseason. DraftKings has broken the games up over each night, giving you three separate chances to have some preseason fun and build your bankroll. Here are a few players who are worth rostering this weekend. Remember, pricing is fixed for the preseas Full Story

Preaseason DFS Week 1

In terms of research, preseason daily fantasy is much different than daily games during the regular season. The first week is tricky in particular because there is not much to go off of other than depth charts and the musings of beat reporters. Teams are at the point right now where they are evaluat Full Story

Flex League PPR Draft Recap

FLEX League Draft Board Last weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to our nation’s capital to participate in Jake Ceily’s Flex League draft. I could write a separate article about how cool the experience was, especially hanging out for the auction draft to watch how some of the best in the bus Full Story

Diehards Staff Draft Analysis

Click here for: Diehards Draft Video w/ Commissioner Some of us (yes, me) may have been drafting since February at this point but the season really feels like it is gearing up when you participate in your first competitive roster management draft. There is no more competit Full Story

MFL10 Draft Analysis A Football Diehard vs. The Wide Receiver Whisperer Rounds 1-5

I am what you call a volume player when it comes to MFL10’s. As of this publication, I have 70 drafts completed and many ongoing. When you do a bunch of these bestball drafts you eventually wind up drafting with some serious names in the fantasy football industry. If you are unfamiliar with the best Full Story

Using Snap And Target Data

When I envision fantasy football I prefer to look at the game as a pyramid. The top of the pyramid is the championship, and everything between the top and the large base is research and data oriented. The very bottom of this pyramid is the foundation for fantasy football, and for me that foundation Full Story

Bilal Powell - Fantasy Football Player Profile

Bilal Powell Position: RB Team: NYJ Draft Year: 2011 Round: 4 (pick: 29) DOB: 10/27/1988 Height: 5'11" Weight: 207 lbs. After letting Chris Ivory walk south to Jacksonville in free agency the New York Jets wisely retained Bilal Powell. Exactly one week before re-signing Powell they signed Full Story

Player Profile: Michael Crabtree

Position: WR Team:Raiders Drafted: 2009 Date of Birth: 09/14/1987 Height: 6'2" Weight: 215 lbs. The change of scenery to Oakland did wonders for Michael Crabtree, so much so that the Raiders made sure to lock him up for the next four years. With four games remaining on the schedule in 2015 Full Story

Player Profile: Jerrick McKinnon

Position: RB Team:Vikings Drafted: 2014 Round: 3 Pick of Round: 32 Date of Birth: 05/03/1992 Height: 5'9" Weight: 209 lbs. When Adrian Peterson returned to football in 2015 he returned true to form and found himself as the rushing leader once again. He finished as the RB2 in fantasy foot Full Story