ESPN Draft Analysis 1 2017 Pt two

By Michael Valverde
Michael Valverde

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Adam Thielen came on strong late last season. He could continue to surprise or just slip into oblivion. Kareem Hunt fits the Kansas City Chiefs system like a glove, however, he is just a rookie. How much of a role he will play is yet unknown. Hunter Henry had an up and down season and I think his numbers will lack as long as Antonio Gates is playing. I went with John Brown for his upside. When healthy, he can deliver wide receiver two numbers.
1. Team 1: Kenny Britt
2. Team 3: Adam Thielen
3. Cowboys 6th ring: Terrance West
4. Kaep is Crap: Randall Cobb
5. Team 2: Jameis Winston
6. Team Kadlec: Kareem Hunt
7. Nibiru Grays: Matthew Stafford
8. Team Brown: Hunter Henry
9. Team Valverde: John Brown
10. Team TB579er 15: Matt Forte

I think the C.J. Prosise selection and Jordan Matthews selections could pay off dividends. Prosise showed as a rookie to be a talented receiver and is a good match in Seattle as their lightning back. It will be interesting to see where Matthews plays. He is built for the wing, but has had his success in the slot. The only true wing man is rookie Zay Jones. Also, they signed Anquan Boldin, who is a natural slot receiver. Sterling Shepard had a moderately successful rookie season. He will be a third receiver with Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham, but playing the slot, could get him some important looks from Eli Manning.
1. Team TB579er 15: Jordan Matthews
2. Team Valverde: Sterling Shepard
3. Team Brown: Philip Rivers
4. Nibiru Grays: Broncos D/ST
5. Team Kadlec: Devante Parker
6. Team 2: Corey Davis
7. Kaep is Crap: Seahawks D/ST
8. Cowboys 6th ring: C.J. Prosise
9. Team 3: Corey Coleman
10. Team 1: Zach Ertz

The Marcus Mariota pick is strong and I thought that taking a risk on Jamaal Charles in the 13th round could pay off huge dividends, and if he doesn’t there isn’t much of a loss to absorb. I’m not a big fan of Robert Turbin, as I picture him more of a waiver wire guy, especially in PPR leagues. I’m intrigued by Marqise Lee, he makes a nice deep sleeper and is currently the second receiver on the depth chart. If Hurns returns to 2015 form, Lee will be a lost pick. Samaje Perine has a chance like any Redskins running backs to be the starter. No reason not to take a risk on a potential starter at this point.
1. Team 1: Darren Sproles
2. Team 3: Marcus Mariota
3. Cowboys 6th ring: Jamaal Charles
4. Kaep is Crap: Michael Bennett
5. Team 2: Julius Thomas
6. Team Kadlec: Marqise Lee
7. Nibiru Grays: Stephen Gostkowski
8. Team Brown: Robert Turbin
9. Team Valverde: Samaje Perine
10. Team TB579er 15: Jonathan Stewart

I usually put into strategy picking my D/ST in the next two rounds. Usually this gives me an advantage of a kicker and D/ST unit. As you will see not one D/ST went in this round, and team Kaep is Crap went with this strategy. I went with my second Redskin in a row here. I like Josh Doctson as much as I do Perine. Both have a chance to do something in their roles, and hopefully Doctson has grown. Eric Ebron has shown flashes to be a top tight end. He is a red zone attacker with Stafford looking his way.
1. Team TB579er 15: Giovani Bernard
2. Team Valverde: Josh Doctson
3. Team Brown: Derrick Henry
4. Nibiru Grays: Eric Ebron
5. Team Kadlec: Kevin White
6. Team 2: Eli Manning
7. Kaep is Crap: Justin Tucker
8. Cowboys 6th ring: Tyrod Taylor
9. Team 3: Ted Ginn Jr.
10. Team 1: Robert Woods

More kickers and D/ST. Marvin Jones went to Nibiru Grays. He was fantastic in the first part of the season. Golden Tate took the defensive focus off of him. In the second half of the season, it was the opposite as teams decided to look at Jones.
1. Team 1: Chiefs D/ST
2. Team 3: Texans D/ST
3. Cowboys 6th ring: Jaguars D/ST
4. Kaep is Crap: Vikings D/ST
5. Team 2: Dan Bailey
6. Team Kadlec: Patriots D/ST
7. Nibiru Grays: Marvin Jones
8. Team Brown: Cardinals D/ST
9. Team Valverde: Bengals D/ST
10. Team TB579er 15: Matt Bryant

Latavius Murray is a solid pick. Considering that Dalvin Cook has had trouble blocking, I can see Murray being on the field for third downs and possibly more.
1. Team TB579er 15: Panthers D/ST
2. Team Valverde: Matt Prater
3. Team Brown: Adam Vinatieri
4. Nibiru Grays: Latavius Murray
5. Team Kadlec: Wil Lutz
6. Team 2: Browns D/ST
7. Kaep is Crap: Thomas Rawls
8. Cowboys 6th ring: Mason Crosby
9. Team 3: Dustin Hopkins
10. Team 1: Cairo Santos
Note: The ESPN draft is free, which can correlate into either tanking the draft or just random selecting. Team TB579er 15 is a prime example of this as he drafted quarterbacks in the first four rounds.