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Fantasy Football Dynasty 101: Transitioning from Redraft to the One True Format, Dynasty fantasy football keepers

By Alex McCarthy
Alex McCarthy If you’re reading this, you’re not completely new to fantasy football. You’ve played the classic, traditional format also known as redraft, and you enjoyed it enough that you’ve decided to try out a more complex, involved, and (in my opinion) infinitely more entertaining format- dynasty. You’ve also managed to stumble across your new favorite dynasty writer, conveniently here to guide you through the hazards and pitfalls of changing formats. You aren’t ready for dynasty, of course- at least, not yet. It requires a very different approach than redraft, and jumping right in without any preparation is an easy way to become the league Taco (and in dynasty, you’re not just the Taco for that season- you’re the Taco forever). Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. Dynasty 101 wi... Premium subscription is needed