Startem sitem 2020 Week 1

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse In this Start Em / Sit Em column each week, I'm looking to find some fringe players that you might consider starting each week and comment based on their matchups. Early on, I'll base my selection of candidates on where they were with respect to ADP. I'm not going to try to pad my stats by suggesting your start Patrick Mahomes each week, but instead trying to dig deep and find some nuggets for players to avoid or to go after. These are coin flip guys and if I can finish the year at better than 60% I'll consider it a success. My metrics to get the start decision are: QB 20 pts or more, RB, WR or TE need to score 12 pts or more for a successful endorsement. Defense/Special Teams should put in 8 points or more to get those picks right. I'll look at ~3-6 players on each Thursday night's game and ~ 6 players for the rest of the week to get you going.

PlayerPosTeamOppStart / SitComment
Zack MossRBBUFNYJSTARTI wouldn't be surprised if Moss gets as many carries as Singletay and he should get goal line. I like the matchup and the role Moss seems to have carved out.
Marlon MackRBINDJACSTARTJacksonville is likely to be a team that struggles all year. With the limited off season and a new coaching staff, I suspect these guys are slower to get into form than other teams. That should play well into Indy riding their running game to a victory
Ben RoethlisbergerQBPITNYGSTARTAll the reports seem to be glowing for Ben and his skill position players this boads well for Ben to open the year with a startable week despite his low ADP in drafts.
D'Andre SwiftRBDETCHISITSwift's health status is in question. Kerryon is sporting a brace on his knee. Bo Scarborough also might not be ready. Detroit just signed Peterson who may or may not be ready to meanifully contribute in week 1. Then, they'll go up against a stout Chicago defense. I'm avoiding starting Lion RBs in week 1.
Kerryon JohnsonRBDETCHISIT
Daniel JonesQBNYGPITSITJones flashed potential in his rookie season. However, he opens with a tough stretch of games starting against PIT. Steer clear week 1.
Derek CarrQBLVCARSTARTI'm going to reach here a little. Carolina spent their entire draft on defense and there wasn't a lot of time to put together a defense with many additions and a new coaching staff. Look for them to be disorganized week 1 and potentially Carr can put in a startable week here.
Teddy BridgewaterQBCARLVSTARTSimilar approach here, I think LV will put some points on the board and Carolina will need to try to stay with them. They have really good passing game assets and Bridgewater could surpise with a solid opening game.
Mecole HardmanWRKCHOUSTARTThere are a lot of weapons on this KC team. The WR3 has elite speed and I don't see how Houstong can devote the resources to try to contain him. Look for him to get open deep at least once.
Randall CobbWRHOUKCSTARTIf Houston will have a chance, they'll need to score. Cobb will be a good check down option for Watson and a guy who you could get toward the end of the draft and contribute week 1.