StartEm SitEm Sunday Week 13 2023

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse

In this Start Em / Sit Em column each week, I'm looking to find some fringe players that you might consider starting each week and comment based on their matchups. Early on, I'll base my selection of candidates on where they were with respect to ADP.  I'm not going to try to pad my stats by suggesting your start Josh Allen each week, but instead trying to dig deep and find some nuggets for players to avoid or to go after.  These are coin flip guys and if I can finish the year at better than 60% I'll consider it a success.  My metrics to get the start decision are:  QB 20 pts or more,  RB, WR or TE need to score 12 pts or more for a successful endorsement.  Defense/Special Teams should put in 8 points or more to get those picks right.  I'll look at ~3 players on each Thursday night's game and ~ 6 players for the rest of the week to get you going. 

Player POS Team Opponent Start/Sit Comments
Jordan Love QB GB KC SIT Even though Love has played well lately, Kansas City is a tough matchup, and I'd look elsewhere if you had any other viable options.
Jaylen Warren RB PIT ARI START Warren has been a valuable streaming commodity this year and he gets a great matchup in Week 13.
Bijan Robinson RB ATL NYJ START The New York Jets are a phenomenal defense against opposing quarterbacks and running backs, but do allow points to the running back position. Look for Robinson to have a strong day.
Derrick Henry RB TEN IND START Henry get the nod to start in yet another favorable matchup down the Fantasy stretch. Keep rolling him out there.
Calvin Ridley WR JAX CIN START Whenever Zay Jones has been on the field, Calvin Ridley has been productive. The matchip against Cincinnati is only average, but I have faith in this paying off.
Christian Watson WR GB KC SIT Kansas City has excelled at shutting down opposing No.1 WRs, so I'd be cautious about being over-confident in Watson.