Startem sitem 2019 Thursday Week 11

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse










Player Pos Team Opponent Start / Sit Comment
Baker Mayfield QB CLE PIT SIT Mayfield showed some growth in getting the win last week vs. Buffalo. However, PIT will likely have too much pressure on him with their pass rush to be able to trust him.
Jarvis Landry WR CLE PIT START Pittsburgh has given up a lot of points to opposing slot receivers this year. They reversed that trend last week but shutting out Cooper Kupp to everyone's surprise. I'll stick with the trend before I believe they're all of a sudden a stiffling defense vs opposing slot receivers.
Mason Rudolph QB PIT CLE SIT Rudolph has been a serviceable NFL QB, but he's jut below the line for fantasy. He needs a great matchup to be playable; Cleveland is a good matchup, but still would look elsewhere.