Startem sitem 2019 SUNDAY Week 2

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse












Player Pos Team Opponent Start / Sit Comment
Dak Prescott QB DAL WAS START Washington had a hard time containing Philadelphia's weapons last week, look for Dak to continue his solid performance
Michael Gallup WR DAL WAS START Gallup is starting a 2nd year break out campaign. Keep using him.
Kerryon Johnson RB DET LAC START The Chargers gave up a ton of yards to Marlon Mack last week. Detroits RBs were largely held in check by Arizona. The workload is troubling, but I believe in the talent and the matchup. Try Kerryon this week.
Damien Williams RB KC OAK START Oakland gave up 97 yards on 21 carries to Denver's tandem last week and also allowed them to catch 5 of 7 targets for 28 additional yards. KC's tandem should be more efficient and play at a higher pace. Look for both of them to provide startable outputs in week 2.
Brandin Cooks WR LAR NO START Cooks gets to play his original team this week. He put in a disappointing number in week 1, but he's still involved in the offense. Don't hesitate using himi n week 2.