Startem sitem 2018 week 5 Sunday

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse

Alex SmithQBWASNOSTARTSmith should find find opportunities to put some points on the board in this Monday night matchup. A potential shoot out is in store. The over / under on this game is 52.5 points.
James ConnorRBPITATLSTARTConnor failed to put up a startable number last week; however, Pittsburgh wants to re-establish their running cababiilty plus Atlanta is very vulnerable to pass catching backs. Connor is greatly improved in this area this year. Look for him to catch 4 or more passes in this matchup.
Aaron JonesRBGBDETSTARTDetroit is very susceptible to the running game and have done a good job shutting down opposing passers. This is a game script to feature the Packers most dangerous back … Aaron Jones.
TJ YeldonRBJACKCSTARTNo Fournette, look for Yeldon to get a nice matchup vs. the Chiefs. KC should be able to put some points on the board despite Jacksonville's shut down defense. This should give Jacksonville a more open offense that could feature Yeldon.
Devin FunchessWRCARNYGSITThe Giants have been very stingy against number one WRs from the other team. They held Michael Thomas to 4 for 47 last week and the week before somewhat contained Hopkins to 6 for 86 0 TDs on 10 targets.
Paul RichardsonWRWASNOSTARTNew Orleans has a difficult job shutting down opponets passing game. Look for Richardson to deliver on a big play in this game.