Startem sitem 2018 week 2 Thursday

By Brad Kruse
Brad Kruse

Andy DaltonQBCINBALSITGo ahead and sit Dalton vs Baltimore strong defense. Look for better options
John RossWRCINBALSITRoss found pay dirt last week, but I doubt he repeats the performance in week 2.
Joe FlaccoQBBALCINSITFlacco look rejuvinated in week 1, but Buffalo didn't put up much of a fight. Look for him to return to 'QB2 ranks in week 2.

In this Start Em / Sit Em column each week, I'm looking to find some fringe players that you might consider starting each week and comment based on their matchups. Early on, I'll base my selection of candidates on where they were with respect to ADP. I'm not going to try to pad my stats by suggesting your start Drew Brees each week, but instead trying to dig deep and find some nuggets for players to avoid or to go after. These are coin flip guys and if I can finish the year at better than 60% I'll consider it a success. My metrics to get the start decision are: QB 20 pts or more, RB, WR or TE need to score 12 pts or more for a successful endorsement. Defense/Special Teams should put in 8 points or more to get those picks right. I'll look at ~3-6 players on each Thursday night's game and ~ 6 players for the rest of the week to get you going. This year I'm going to be looking at different ways to integrate daily fantasy pricing and Vegas odds into my decision making process. Good Luck this year!