Bob Harris Saturday Injury Review Week 14 2017

By Bob Harris
Bob Harris

Howdy kids me Bob Harris senior editor time for our week 14 injury review preview update overview thing I realize is there are fewer of you in season long is the playoffs begin but you need is bare so we will keep pushing hard and keep our pedal to the metal there like they say a man for DFS owners.

of course will be players will be rolling as usual through week 17 and into the playoffs so be ready for that at football darts calm as always you can tweet us at @ffdiehards we have Armando marsala Jen Ryan answering questions of various times during the week Evan Tariana doing a periscope video I'll do a periscope video Saturday 7:30 p.m. Eastern on my Twitter feed at football diehard and also be on Sirius XM fantasy sports radio tomorrow the pregame show.

from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with Jeff Mane's and we'll go through all the injuries as they happen all the inactive announcements for now let's get rolling of course Rob Gronkowski's out I'll get.

to that when I get to the Monday night game he is suspended for one game so it's Yuji Smith Schuster so I'll roll through these in chronological order so you have at least a little bit of a feel for for what you need to do in terms of.

fallback plans well start out with Detroit at Tampa Bay Matthew Stafford.

listed his question but with the handed injury he got stomped on last week stomped on hard it was a mess up he's been throwing him practice and local observers say he's been throwing recently well look I want to play him if he's active it's a great matchup Tampa Bay can't stop anyone they don't have a pass rush either so the deep routes with Marvin Jones Kenny Holliday can develop.

their horrible against slot receivers golden tape very well so this is great matchup Ameer Abdullah also questionable with the same neck injury to kept them out last week T Hong Green came out of.

nowhere in that game last week and seems to have earned himself a role going forward Zack centers a little packed better past locker so if Abdul is out you know it might not be green you know constantly on the early downs to Theo Riddick also in the mix as a receiver other side of the ball Doug Martin's back on the reporting out of Tampa Bay Rick Stroud from the Tampa.

Bay Times reports that Martin will move right back in the starting lineup to spite Peyton barbers great two-game stretch right so that's a little bit of concern barber was fantastic last week but apparently Dirk cutter doesn't believe starters should lose their job duty injury we'll see if that plays out it either way it looks like you know a committee approach there and whoever gets the hot hand will get going Martin hasn't got that that yet this year right so you know yeah it just makes it hard to play Barbour for me Oh moving on to Kansas City where the.

Oakland Raiders visit and Mark Cooper early reports on Friday word that he would not play the ESPN reported that that he was unlikely played then he got on the practice field yesterday afternoon he's listed as questionable so he has a chance to play had a huge game against them in week 7 so did Derek Carr Michael Crabtree everyone's viable plays the other side of the ball Marcus Peters the only guy who can actually defend the pass apparently for the chief secondary he's been suspended for one game by the team.

so it's this is a great matchup both sides to right Oaklands not great Alex Smith coming off a huge game Tyreke he'll Travis Kelce I don't know what to do with Kareem hunt he's healthy.

everyone's healthy on that side of the ball so we're hoping for a big shootout in this one in Kansas City the Buffalo Bills hosting the Indianapolis Colts I think there's going to be a fair amount.

of snow there so watch that but Tyrod Taylor local reporting Sal Marana of the rochester democrat and chronicle thinks there's no way that Nathan Peterman doesn't start he took all the first team reps Tyrod Taylor limited has a bruised patellar tendon salad Shawn McDermott.

said he could Taylor could be active and serve as the backup so we're getting a lot of hints either way Kelvin Benjamin should be there back on the field after missing most of three games the last two games after he was heard three games ago so he should be there it's a great matchup LeSean McCoy has great matchup other side of the ball Donte Moncrief shout that moves Chester Rogers and kumari can up in the mix if that means anything to you we'll see what the Colts offense can get done Buffalo's defense has not been great so reasonable matchup Carolina Panthers have a really tough matchup they're hosting the Minnesota Vikings they should have all their guys Devin Funchess and Greg Olson are listed as.

questionable fully expected to play the thing with the Olson is they held them out last week he played the week before returning from the foot surgery artificial surface seems to be a little bit of an issue ads to the soreness for him they're playing on natural surface three home games ahead starting with this one it's not a great matchup I don't know know how I am the rush guys into this weigh-in against the Minnesota Vikings Pontius will be going against Savior Rhodes the top shut down corner in the league so that would be an issue he you know assuming he does play an Iowa Sumi will an edition Jonathan Stewart was taken off the injury report had a foot issue Ron Rivera said something this.

week said Fozzie wizard positive Whitaker and Cameron artist Payne would.

both be active and likely get some carry sounds like a run heavy attack to get the ball rolling against the Vikings so we'll see what happens there New York Giants hosting the Dallas Cowboys Eli.

Manning's back as the starter Geno Smith's not happy hmm really do you know come on man um Eli Manning's back obviously new coaching staff in there but the offense I think will stay mostly the same Mike Sullivan formerly the offensive coordinator de facto offensive coordinator uh Ben Mackie to call the place but Sullivan has a long history with the Eli Manning as quarterbacks coach he's been.

receivers coach there previously so Eli Manning is back don't against the Dallas defense so it sterling Shepherd and normally he's dark what both of us is questionable dark boy came down with an illness on Friday my guess is he'll play Sean Lee you'll be back for Dallas so maybe a little harder to run against them all the leaves on the field are Sheppard is got a hamstring seems like.

he'll play too I know the Cowboys having the greatest time in the past so maybe you want to force somebody in there Evan Engram is another option I'm not excited about this one on that side the ball just I have a bomb kinda excited cuz I think out for Morris could have a big day Dez Bryant there's no generics Jenkins in the secondary on defense that's already been horrible Cowboys might be able to press that advantage Cincinnati Bengals will be without Joe Mixon the rookie running back out of concussion Monday night unable to work his way through the concussion protocol.

bought these Burfict and Drake and drinker patrick also out the linebacker.

and cornerback for them due to concussions as well so a little deplete on both sides but Giovanni Bernard looks like a great play going up against the Chicago Bears defense that's given up pretty much 100 yards or close to 100 yards in each of the last two games two opposing running backs and Francisco had to kind of put put a couple together to get it done but they did so that's worth noting Bernard seems like a great play in all formats and at DFS he's a very cheap option offer the Houston here's a big game this game I have a lot of guys that I like and if you read my DFS three and call at least two of the guys are from that game Marcus Goodwin Stephen.

Anderson but anyhow Alfred blues out CJ CJ Fedora was and

Bruce Ellington have been placed on IR will fuller will return from his rib injury Stephen Anderson I think is great play on this on the Houston side of the ball too tight in there becomes number one had 12 targets last week and scored a touchdown in San Francisco not good at defense the previous five games before last week they had given up a touchdown to a tight end in five straight games so the Bears couldn't extend that not a real huge surprise right um because they're the Bears on the other side of the ball San Francisco Jimmy Garoppolo Ian is the starting.

quarterback it's great matchup for guys like Marquis good one I think and obviously always a great matchup for Carlos I he'll be very busy I think Lamar Miller on on the for Houston is.

gonna have a good day too especially with blew out and not a lot of guys behind him Andre Ellington will get some mix in it get in the mix too interesting for the Rams late afternoon kickoffs now Robert Woods did not practice Wednesday or Thursday got on the field Friday a listen was questionable Shaun McVeigh had previously said you know week 15 returns seemed likely that still seems likely but he's in the mix right so watch for that Zach Ertz on the other side of the ball that's the big one the Eagles released uh put out a tweet on Thursday saying he was cleared from the concussion protocol actually he was just cleared to do limited work in practice he's still working his way through the protocol don't have final word on that he's listed as questionable seems like he's trending in the right direction you want to have Trey Burton.

or someone ready you know standing by his backup who you know scored a touchdown last game when earth was out with the hamstring earlier this season so there are pivots there if you.

need them but it is the late afternoon kickoff so have something in place there for the Arizona Cardinals a Arian Adrian Adrian Arian Foster Adrian Peterson is out with the neck injury saying that injury that held him out last week Bruce Arians said he does.

not have a timetable for his return just needs rest not surgery Kerwin Williams will continue to start had a pretty good game last week could be in position for another one this week against Tennessee.

John Brown is out with the same toe injury he's missed two games now this will be the j-jane Nelson is listed as questionable seems likely to play us a knee issue it'll be him and in that that's an interesting one drama Brown is off the.

injury report so you've got Larry Fitzgerald ROM Brown and rookie Chad Williams is the top threats on the outside Fitzgerald seems like great play against easy Tennessee defense um and and Rickey seals Jones has been you know obviously has great hookup with Blaine Gabbert so keep him a minded again Titans defense is a pretty good pretty good fantasy matchup for the could be offense going against them most week so other side of the ball Rishard Matthews will return from a two-game absence for the hamstring he'll go up against.

Patrick Peterson mostly you would think Peterson's a little things up has a hamstring he's listed as questionable as well that's worth watching.

Delanie Walker off the injury report also so we have so we have a full complement of weapons for the Tennessee Titans going up against Arizona Denver Broncos hosting the New York Jets Emmanuel Sanders is listed as questionable seems like he'll play I mean he's played every game since the two-game absence at the ankle injury but.

it's been lingering on the other side of the ball Matt Forte listed is questionable Robbie Anderson off the injury report little hamstring scare earlier in the week but nothing serious apparently tough matchup for him though right it's very tough game for him going has to keep to leave who comes back off suspension tough game for Jermaine Kearse to those guys have been playing really well awesome severity Jenkins maybe a little easier matchup for the Washington Redskins going up against the Chargers in Los Angeles will be without Jordan Reed shocking development that his sixth straight game he'll miss with the hamstring issue so Vernon Davis obviously the guy that's been replacing him but they seem to be using Jameson Crowder a little more over the middle of the field recently he's been getting a lot of targets seems like a decent play as well I decided the ball nobody major nothing major to report there Jeremy Maclin listed is questionable for the Baltimore Ravens going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football he hasn't he hasn't been great either I mean and you know Mike Wallace has kind of come on maybe Danny Woodhead gets a little place tough pass defense Ryan Shazier obviously the big injury for him back injuries is still in the hospital had surgery on his spine hoping for the best for him beyond that we have Antonio Brown is off the injury report Vance McDonald off the final injury report Brown practice fully on Friday and said it felt great to practice so obviously he fared pretty well last week without practice Monday night don't have.

the final injury report in Tom Brady's been limited in practice expecting to play as usual Dion Lewis was limited Friday got an illness he should play Chris Hogue has been working his way back um he really seems up in the air to me working on a limited basis all this week so he has a chance to play but I don't know if that you know you'd need to have a fallback in that game if you want to roll with Hogan I was very good prior to the injury but I don't know if it's worth taking the risk if you have a solid play you know on Sunday to wait for Hogan on Monday Rob Gronkowski out suspended for a game for his good on Rivera's fight against the Bills last.

week he'll miss this game Dwayne Allen is kind of with Martellus Bennett odd on IR a week ago so it's Dwayne Allen gets a chance to shine can he will see other side of ball Damian Williams looks like he'll miss another game has not practiced this week with the shoulder injury Kenyan Drake looks like a good play so there we have it that's the injury rundown again watch the website.

all day all day today all night tonight all day tomorrow I'll have all the inactives as they happen also listen in to Sirius XM fantasy sports radio for the Sirius XM fantasy pregame show with.

me and Jeff Mann's 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time in addition Jen Ryan has articles up Armando Morse all has articles up John Laub has articles up Brad Cruz has articles up everybody has.

articles I've gonna read him a lot of good content available on the website right now hit the tools DFS flop the miser is up and running looking good and good luck this week hope you move forward and you playoffs and win some money the DFS games and we'll talk to you next week thanks.