TheHunterReport DFS Week2 2016

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
The best I could muster last week in DRAFTKINGS NFL $5M FANTASY FOOTBALL MILLIONAIRE [$1M TO 1ST] was a 252,071 place finish. Seems pretty pitiful, doesn’t it? It’s not where I wanted to finish, although I did cash out while doubling my $3 entry fee. I’ll take it. There were a total of 1,436,510 entrants for Sunday’s contest – not bad. You can’t tell me that Daily Fantasy Sports isn’t going nuts right now with over 1.4 million team entries just in this contest alone. It doesn’t make my 252, 071 finish seem too bad now.

I actually entered two lineups, but this was my top-producing play on Sunday:

Position Player % Draft Fantasy Points
QB Derek Carr 11.9 25.36
RB Doug Martin 11.3 14.6
RB Latavius Murray 14.7 14.2
WR Amari Cooper 20.2 24.7
WR Allen Robinson 6.9 13.2
WR Mohamed Sanu 3.1 21
TE Kyle Rudolph 2.5 10.5
FLEX Derrick Henry 1.6 6.4
DST Vikings 6 21
Total 150.96

All I needed to do was switch in a couple of Saints wide receivers in Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead, then slot in Chiefs RB Spencer Ware and I would’ve been in stellar shape. Easier said than done, right? Going with three players from the same team (Carr, Murray and Cooper) wasn’t exactly the smartest idea, although it worked out pretty well for the most part. Using my flex spot more wisely would’ve helped.
Let’s move on to Week 2, where we’ll highlight the same DRAFTKINGS NFL $5M FANTASY FOOTBALL MILLIONAIRE [$1M TO 1ST] contest, but this time she’ll hold a $20 entry fee (instead of $3):


Top Level
Drew Brees, NO @ New York Giants ($8,200) – The matchup is pretty enticing here and it sure looks like Brees has some excellent weapons to toss to this season in Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead, so if you’re going all-in on QB in Week 2 you can’t get much better than Brees this week. Look for Brees to take advantage of the Giants lackluster secondary.

Other choices: Eli Manning, NYG vs. New Orleans Saints ($7,600)

Blake Bortles, JAC @ San Diego Chargers ($6,700) – Being perfectly honest here: you likely won’t find any of the “Top Level” QB recommendations in my lineups this week, only because I see some tremendous value in the $6,000 range. Bortles is a perfect example, giving DFS owners a lot of bang for the buck. You have to figure Allen Robinson gets a bit more involved in the Jaguars offensive plans facing the Chargers; plus, Bortles will continue to throw well underneath coverage. I’m expecting a 25-point day from Bortles.
Other choices: Carson Palmer, ARI vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6,900); Matt Ryan, ATL @ Oakland Raiders ($6,800)

Trevor Siemian, DEN vs. Indianapolis Colts ($5,200) – I’ll list Siemian here although I think the “Value” options at QB are a bit waning, and, again, I’d rather build my lineups around the “Mid-Value” options at QB. Still, if you’re loading up at RB and WR and you need some help at the QB slot, Siemian can provide some potential facing the Colts defense. He’s not going to light it up yardage-wise, although I see a couple of TD passes in his future this week.

Other choices: Marcus Mariota, TEN @ Detroit Lions ($6,000)

Russell Wilson, SEA vs. Los Angeles Rams ($7,400) – Any time you’ve got a QB that isn’t 100 percent healthy, you have to think about the possibility of a poor outing. Wilson is fighting an ankle injury, which will surely affect his mobility, and I really see the Seahawks taking advantage of the running game in this case against the Rams defense. The Rams looked quite awful on Monday night and we’ll likely see more of the same in Week 2.


Top Level
David Johnson, ARI vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($7,600) – Johnson is an obvious lineup play for me facing the Bucs. I’m sure there are many that agree with me, considering his all-around play as a runner and receiver out of the backfield, so he’s worth paying the extra dough if you can manage to work him into your lineup.

Other choices: Ezekiel Elliott, DAL @ Washington Redskins ($7,300); Adrian Peterson, MIN vs. Green Bay Packers ($7,000)

Spencer Ware, KC @ Houston Texans ($6,100) – I’m not expecting another 35-point day from Ware as he faces a stouter defense in the Texans. Still, with Jamaal Charles highly questionable and the Chiefs not rushing him back to play, Ware will get the bulk of the touches at RB in Week 2. He’ll be worth the $6.1 K price tag.

Other choices: DeMarco Murray, TEN @ Detroit Lions ($5,700); Jonathan Stewart, CAR vs. San Francisco 49ers ($5,400)

Melvin Gordon, SD vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($4,800) – Please. Hear me out for a second, will ya? With Keenan Allen done for the season, someone, aside from Danny Woodhead, is going to need to step it up for the Chargers offensively. Why not Gordon? I see Gordon touching the ball 15-20 times for the Chargers this week, just like he did in Week 1 against the Chiefs. The matchup isn’t bad either, considering the Jags will be flying coast-to-coast.

Other choices: T.J. Yeldon, JAC @ San Diego Chargers ($4,700); Justin Forsett, BAL @ Cleveland Browns ($4,400)

Todd Gurley, LA vs. Seattle Seahawks ($7,500) – We all know Gurley isn’t as bad as he was on Monday night facing the 49ers in Week 1, but will we get anything better from him facing the Seahawks in Week 2? I’m not willing to gamble at $7.5 K. You can find better value-plays, even though some of you are hoping Gurley’s ownership percentage will be low for a possible contrarian lineup play.


Top Level
Odell Beckham, Jr., NYG vs. New Orleans Saints ($9,500) – I bet you see a bust-out week for Beckham, like I do, as he faces the Saints pass defense. I’m a bit excited for the production potential that he has in sight. I don’t mind at all paying up in this case to get Beckham on roster, although you’ll likely have to cut down at QB to make Beckham fit on your roster accordingly.

Other choices: DeAndre Hopkins, HOU vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($8,700); Dez Bryant, DAL @ Washington Redskins ($8,400)

Kelvin Benjamin, CAR vs. San Francisco 49ers ($6,500) – There are quite a few WR I dig in this range, with Benjamin being my favorite. The 49ers looked like superstars on defense facing the Rams in Week 1, but they’re certainly not as good as they showed. Look for Benjamin to be targeted more than a handful of times, and don’t be surprised to see him being showcased down field at times.

Other choices: Julian Edelman, NE vs. Miami Dolphins ($6,200); Jarvis Landry, MIA @ New England Patriots ($6,400); Demaryius Thomas, DEN vs. Indianapolis Colts ($6,400)

Sterling Shepard, NYG vs. New Orleans Saints ($5,200) – Yeah, I’m picking on the Saints pass defense. You’re not going to use all of the Giants’ players I’ve recommended here, but squeezing one or two of them into your lineup won’t hurt. Shepard provides nice value potential if you’re being thrifty at WR. Manning will look to him as a nice secondary option to Odell Beckham, Jr.

Other choices: Travis Benjamin, SD vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($4,400); Mike Wallace, BAL @ Cleveland Browns ($4,700); Marvin Jones, Jr., DET vs. Tennessee Titans ($5,500)

Julio Jones, ATL @ Oakland Raiders ($9,200) – It’s all about Jones’ “tweaked” ankle for me. I just don’t feel comfortable forking over $9.2 K on Jones, not when I’ve got similar talent for a similar price tag.


Top Level
Jordan Reed, WAS vs. Dallas Cowboys ($6,800)

Delanie Walker, TEN @ Detroit Lions ($4,500)

Gary Barnidge, CLE vs. Baltimore Ravens ($4,000)

Antonio Gates, SD vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($4,500)

Good luck in Week 2! Feel free to stalk me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy