Hunter Report Week 16 2017

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
With the DraftKings pool really dwindled down due to the Saturday games, and the double-up Monday games, I’m going to change things up a bit this week. I’m going to list my favorite picks regardless of salary and then my value picks.

So, let’s get right to this week’s suggestions. Keep in mind that I use as the basis of my write-up and do not include Saturday or Monday games this week. Good luck!

Week 16:



Russell Wilson, SEA @ Dallas Cowboys ($7,000) – Talk about a shameful suggestion from last week, right? I wasn’t expecting Wilson to fall flat on his face, or the entire Seahawks team for that matter. I do like Wilson for a major bounceback week facing the Cowboys secondary. Reasonable, I think, considering how well he was tossing the ball before his Week 15 anomaly. I don’t mind paying up at $7K for him either, mainly considering the other options at QB this week. Look for Wilson to throw at least two TD passes, and net 250 yards; however, the ceiling is much higher on Wilson.

Other choices: Tom Brady, NE vs. Buffalo Bills ($6,900); Alex Smith, KC vs. Miami Dolphins ($6,600); Drew Brees, NO vs. Atlanta Falcons ($6,500); Blake Bortles, JAC @ San Francisco 49ers ($6,500)


Jameis Winston, TB @ Carolina Panthers ($5,700) – The matchup is fair. And I love how Winston played ball on MNF facing the Falcons. Divisional games always have a special place for me, especially for guys like Winston. We all know he has the talent, and he’s got Mike Evans to throw to. Really though, Winston isn’t someone you’re trusting in cash play. You knew that. Just wanted to check in and make sure. Winston, for me, has been my kryptonite this season. So, this is taking a bit of oomph for me to suggest him here. If you’re into taking chances, give Winston a whirl in tournament play. He looked incredibly good on MNF.

Other choices: Dak Prescott, DAL vs. Seattle Seahawks ($6,000); Kirk Cousins, WAS vs. Denver Broncos ($5,400)



Kareem Hunt, KC vs. Miami Dolphins ($8,400) – Okay, so Hunt has had a resurgence of late. Will it continue facing the Dolphins? I think so, although I’m not counting on a 40-point day or anything like that. Still, Hunt is someone you want in your lineup assuming you can afford to build around him without crippling other positions. In case you’re wondering, Hunt has averaged 34 FPPG over his last two games played, running and catching the ball out of the backfield. It’s looking like a situation when the Chiefs are going well, Hunt is going well, or vice versa actually.

Other choices: Ezekiel Elliott, DAL vs. Seattle Seahawks ($8,000); Lesean McCoy, BUF @ New England Patriots ($7,800); Jordan Howard, CHI vs. Cleveland Browns ($6,600); Christian McCaffery, CAR vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6,400)


Carlos Hyde, SF vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($5,000) – Stay with me, as I know recommending Hyde right now maybe isn’t the smartest suggestion. The way I see it, however, is that San Francisco Godsend Jimmy Garoppolo is going to run into a buzz saw this week, facing the lovely cornerbacks and safety’s that the Jaguars employ. The Niners are going to need to get production out of Hyde if they want to win this game. That means taking advantage of a lesser mismatch. Hyde is another risky suggestion for tournament play. His production of late hasn’t been horrible, so keep that in mind. I just expect more touches than normal for Hyde this week.

Other choices: C.J. Anderson, DEN @ Washington Redskins ($5,500); Mike Davis, SEA @ Dallas Cowboys ($4,500)



Keenan Allen, LAC @ New York Jets ($7,700) – Hmm. This just seems too easy to me. The Chargers are trying to with the AFC West, and that means winning out with Kansas City losing out. It could happen. But if it’s going to happen, that means the Chargers and Philip Rivers need to get Allen heavily involved in the offense. The injury isn’t supposed to be serious, although seeing that little red “Q” next to his name will likely scare some DFS folks away. Don’t let it be you! Feel free to lock-and-load on Allen and look for him to shred the Jets secondary in Week 16.

Other choices: Michael Thomas, NO vs. Atlanta Falcons ($7,600); Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. New York Giants ($6,800); A.J. Green, CIN vs. Detroit Lions ($6,700); Robert Woods, LAR @ Tennessee Titans ($6,500); Josh Gordon, CLE @ Chicago Bears ($6,300); Jarvis Landry, MIA @ Kansas City Chiefs ($6,300)


Mike Evans, TB @ Carolina Panthers ($6,400) – The price isn’t anything to get worked up over, although I still think it’s a solid value considering my expectations from Evans this week. Evans has been anything but consistent this season, although I like that he and Jameis Winston seem to be locking into each other of late. When you’ve got a talent like Mike Evans, you’ve got to get him the ball and that’s exactly what the Bucs will do this week. Expect a ton of targets for Evans, and for him to exceed what he did on MNF in Week 15.

Other choices: Doug Baldwin, SEA @ Dallas Cowboys ($6,300); Chris Hogan, NE vs. Buffalo Bills ($5,400); Keelan Cole, JAC @ San Francisco 49ers ($4,700); Corey Coleman, CLE @ Chicago Bears ($4,000); Kenny Stills, MIA @ Kansas City Chiefs ($4,000)



Travis Kelce, KC vs. Miami Dolphins ($6,900)


Greg Olsen, CAR vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($5,200)

Delanie Walker, LAR @ Tennessee Titans ($4,900)

Charles Clay, BUF @ New England Patriots ($3,800)

Good luck in Week 16! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy