Hunter Report Week 12 2017

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter This week I’m doing something a bit different considering the Thanksgiving Week and games to follow. I’ll suggest options for Thursday and cover the weekend’s games too. Let’s get right to this week’s suggestions. Keep in mind that I use as the basis of my write-up. Good luck!

Week 12:



Tom Brady, NE vs. Miami Dolphins ($7,700) – I’m going back to the “obvious” here in Brady. The Dolphins aren’t anything special on defense and Brady is playing good ball at the tune of 23.3 FPPG over the season. Brady is gravy-cash for me, easy money so to speak. Well, easy in that I like him to get very close to his season average and be worth the prospect in cash games. I’m sure you agree, eh?


Kirk Cousins, WAS vs. New York Giants ($7,100) – Cousins is the obvious play for Thanksgiving, although there’s always a chance for a stinker facing a divisional foe. I like what the Giants did on defense last week, squeaking out a win, although I find it difficult to believe they’ll put up two solid games in a row. Cousins will get his way through the air facing the Giants. I expect at least two TD passes, but won’t be surprised if it’s more.

Other choices: Dak Prescott, DAL vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($6,700)

Weekend Value

Derek Carr, OAK vs. New England Patriots ($5,600) – Carr is about the price tag and the talent he has to offer, even with the Raiders sucking wind lately and with the inconsistencies he’s brought to the table. Anytime you can roster a QB for this sort of price tag, you should take the chance in a lineup or two. If you need value at the QB position this is it for me.



Mark Ingram, NO @ Los Angeles Rams ($8,200) and Alvin Kamara, NO @ Los Angeles Rams ($7,900) – The Saints RB duo just may be the best in the game. It’s hard to argue with either guy right now and the production they’re giving DFS owners on a weekly basis. Boom, huh? I’m okay with you using either RB in tournament or cash play facing the Rams. The Saints offense is crazy-good right now, doing anything and everything they want. To be honest, I’m a tad surprised they’re close to the $8K mark. Yes, value can be found on the upper side of the spectrum.

Other choices: Christian McCaffery, CAR @ New York Jets ($6,900); Tevin Coleman, ATL vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6,500)


Samaje Perine, WAS vs. New York Giants ($5,000) – Perine is a good value in case you’re trying to squeeze in a good Thanksgiving play for your lineups. Will he be healthy though? Don’t worry – Perine won’t be giving up touches that easily considering how hard he’s battled to this point. If you’re happy with 15 touches at least, and one TD and 80 yards for the $5K you’re paying… fantastic! Lock him in. Speaking of values, I’m all about the Thanksgiving Day value at RB this week, so that’s what you’ll find below in my “Other choices” section.

Other choices: Latavius Murray, MIN @ Detroit Lions ($4,900); Orleans Darkwa, NYG @ Washington Redskins ($ $4,600)

Weekend Value

Dion Lewis, NE vs. Miami Dolphins ($4,800) – Look what Lewis has done, right? It’s insane how Lewis has taken control of the Patriots running game. Well, Lewis is doing more than running, he’s catching balls out of the backfield and scoring TDs. You can’t beat the price tag and the matchup is quite lovely. You can feel confident about rostering Lewis these days, with guys like Rex Burkhead starting to fall by the wayside a bit.

Other choices: Derrick Henry, TEN @ Indianapolis Colts ($4,700); Duke Johnson, Jr., CLE @ Cincinnati Bengals ($4,600)



A.J. Green, CIN vs. Cleveland Browns ($8,000) – This seems easy, doesn’t it? Sort of like the QB and RB slot for the top Weekend plays. It’s going to be difficult to fit in all of these upper-echelon players, so you’ll need to pick and choose. If you go WR, then there’s no one better than Green in a bounceback game facing the pathetic Browns. Sure, the Browns could pick up their first win of the season facing the Bengals, but Green will still get his numbers overall. In addition to Green, there are others I like that I’ll ist below, at varying salary ranges.

Other choices: Brandin Cooks, NE vs. Miami Dolphins ($7,200); Doug Baldwin, SEA vs. San Francisco 49ers ($7,000); Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ($5,600) – Okay, this is NOT a good matchup at all, so keep that in mind; however, the price is just too low for a top-tier WR like Fitzgerald even facing they dynamic Jags secondary. You’ve got to build at least one tournament lineup with Fitzgerald occupying one of your WR slots.


Adam Thielen, MIN @ Detroit Lions ($7,600) – Thielen has turned into a beast, there is no doubt about that. Case Keenum loves targeting Thielen and there’s obviously plenty to go around in a high-rev Vikings offense. We may not see a TD score from Thielen but we’ll see at least 6-8 catches for 80-plus yards. The idea here is that you get that basic base with Thielen, but so much more on a boom day.

Other choices: Dez Bryant, DAL vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($6,400); Golden Tate, DET vs. Minnesota Vikings ($6,200); Marvin Jones, Jr., DET vs. Minnesota Vikings ($5,700)

Thanksgiving Value

Tyrell Williams, LAC @ Dallas Cowboys ($3,400) – Man, I LOVE Williams this week. What an under-the-radar pick at a fantastic value, eh? At minimum, we’re going to get 7-8 fantasy points for a cash lineup, but the possibility of a huge day facing a struggling Cowboys defense? Wow-zers! The price tag, the overall value in general, and the high ceiling are enough for me to give Williams a whirl.



Travis Kelce, KC vs. Buffalo Bills ($7,300)

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. Chicago Bears ($6,600)

Delanie Walker, TEN @ Indianapolis Colts ($5,000)


Evan Engram, NYG @ Washington Redskins ($6,100) and Vernon Davis, WAS vs. New York Giants ($5,500) – I see no reason at all to choose another TE other than Engram or Davis, depending upon your salary constraints. I think you’ll be fine considering the value at other positions this week on Thanksgiving Day. If you must go with a lower-end TE then Hunter Henry, LAC @ Dallas Cowboys ($3,300) is the only other option I’d consider.

Good luck in Week 12! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TheRolyPolyBoy