DFS Hunter Report Week 19 2018

By Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter

With the playoffs upon us, I'll be changing up the format for the next few weeks of play with the Conference Finals week being my last piece of the season.

As I mention every week, I'll be basing my weekly write-ups off DraftKings salaries, keeping in mind all suggestions are not equal and some players I like more for tournament or cash lineup builds over others.





Top Level

Patrick Mahomes, KC vs. Indianapolis Colts ($7,000) - I have no issue at all with you rostering Mahomes, with his 28.8 FPPG average this season. I just expect everyone and their brother to have Mahomes rostered. It's almost one of those situations where you gotta roster Mahomes, unless you like living dangerously, like me, and go with Drew Brees or Andrew Luck "for sure" points at QB without taking on the risk. But I did say "almost". Mahomes will get the better of Matt Eberflus and the Colts defense.

Other Choices: Drew Brees, NO vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($6,700)


Andrew Luck, IND @ Kansas City Chiefs ($6,200) - For the output I expect from Luck this week, he'll be worth every cap dollar spent at $6.2K. Luck is going to give Patrick Mahomes a run for his money as the best point-producing QB in the Divisional Round. I'm really considering loading up all my lineups with Luck. This price tag represents value to me, with Luck having a great shot at earning 5X his salary facing a weak Chiefs secondary. And yes, I mean it. I know some of you will find it impossible to pass on Mahomes, and I get that, but Luck is a heck of an under-the-radar play at a very good price. Take advantage, as most will roster Mahomes.

Other Choices: Tom Brady, NE vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($5,600); Jared Goff, LAR vs. Dallas Cowboys ($5,500); Nick Foles, PHI @ New Orleans Saints ($5,400)







Top Level

Todd Gurley, LAR vs. Dallas Cowboys ($8,000) - It's Todd Gurley Time! There is supposed to be a "good balance" of Gurley and C.J. Anderson this week facing the Cowboys, but I'm not buying it. We will see Gurley touch the ball at least 20 times this week, with the likelihood of 30 touches considering his receiving skill set out of the backfield. Anderson will be ineffective and that means lots of Gurley and lots of the Rams passing game. Dallas is going to try to make this a defensive game, although the Rams should be able to pull away substantially. I see an offensive showcase by the Rams.

Other Choices: Ezekiel Elliott, DAL @ Los Angeles Rams ($8,200)


Alvin Kamara, NO vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($7,300) - Kamara got hot at the perfect moment for the Saints and his price remains reasonable at $7.3K. Some will consider this spending up to roster him, although when I look at the production that Kamara gives on average, his potential for a 30-point day makes the price a slight value in my eyes. I'm digging the idea of rostering Andrew Luck and Kamara, and maybe trying to squeeze in Gurley as well, while value-rostering at WR.

Other Choices: Marlon Mack, IND @ Kansas City Chiefs ($5,800); James White, NE vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($4,800); Sony Michel, NE vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($4,700)







Top Level

Michael Thomas, NO vs. Philadelphia Eagles ($7,900) - It's hard to pass on the matchup for Thomas, and Drew Brees is going to target Thomas a bunch, so feel free to roster Thomas if you're looking to spend up at WR. I may save dollars at the position this week, but there's nothing wrong with building a lineup with Thomas at the forefront considering his 125 catches on the year. Wow. And, let's not forget Thomas league leading Catch Rate (85.03) Just incredible.

Other Choices: Tyreek Hill, KC vs. Indianapolis Colts ($7,400)


T.Y. Hilton, IND @ Kansas City Chiefs ($6,700) - This is one matchup I'm looking to exploit, with the Chiefs secondary struggling to stay with Hilton. They are going to suffer as Hilton's speed and general quickness keeps the Colts in the game. The sub-$7K price tag is intriguing and is not something you should overlook. Hilton is a great option to roster in any lineup this week. Expect to get your money's worth out of Hilton.

Other Choices: Julian Edelman, NE vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($6,300); Robert Woods, LAR vs. Dallas Cowboys ($5,900); Brandin Cooks, LAR vs. Dallas Cowboys ($5,600); Nelson Agholor, PHI @ New Orleans Saints ($4,300)








Top Level

Travis Kelce, KC vs. Indianapolis Colts ($7,000)

Zach Ertz, PHI @ New Orleans Saints ($5,700)


Eric Ebron, IND @ Kansas City Chiefs ($5,500)
Rob Gronkowski, NE vs. Los Angeles Chargers ($4,600)