Crafting a 2 QB Fantasy Football Feast

By John Laub
John Laub


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                 Crafting a 2-QB Fantasy Football Feast






Benjamin Franklin ranks among my favorite Americans, and I attempt to adhere to his sage advice. One of my beloved maximums of the bespectacled statesman applies to both my teaching career and managing a fantasy football team: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” In order to increase fantasy footballers scholarship in this remarkable hobby, I am sharing 28 years of fantasy experience and fondness for 2-QB, Superflex leagues.

All football diehards know that a franchise quarterback is desperately sought after by every NFL organization and acquiring one is the key to long-term success. Why do we devalue the position in fantasy football?  

In the 1990s, there were a few quarterbacks who significantly outscored their contemporaries and a top end signal caller like Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Steve Young and Brett Favre nearly guaranteed a fantasy owner a playoff team. 

During the last decade, the NFL has evolved into a passing league and the number of fantasy-starter worthy quarterbacks has increased. In 12- and 10-team fantasy leagues, there is no reason to draft a quarterback outside of the top three passers. 

It has been common among fantasy football diehards to wait until after Round 10 of their respective fantasy drafts to acquire a quarterback. The strategy is nearly universal among industry experts and high-stakes players. Instead of investing any draft capital in the position, many fantasy owners employ a weekly “streaming” philosophy during the season. 

Once an established approach to playing and winning is widespread, the game becomes lackluster and it is time to change the paradigm. Four years ago, I leaped into the future and started playing in 2-QB, Superflex leagues. Last summer, I convinced my co-owners to start an additional signal caller after sixteen seasons of single QB lineups. 

I am now an unabashed proponent of 2-QB, Superflex leagues: Evolution is inevitable and the fantasy football hobby must adapt and move forward. The fantasy campaign is ultimately more entertaining, challenging and stimulating with additional signal callers on rosters.

Since the NFL Draft in April, I have participated in many 2-QB, Superflex leagues and wanted to share the results with readers. I have selected four teams and analyzed the results for your perusal.

In an attempt to take the subjectivity out of the statistical analysis, I researched the season-long projections on three major sites and computed the average points scored by players at the end of the season. Afterwards, I calculated the total points of the rosters in order to see how the different clubs compared.



Team 1: May 1, 2017

Round OVR ADP* Player (Pos.) Team Points PPG.
1 5 7 Odell Beckham (WR) Giants 286 17.9
2 16 19 Jay Ajayi (RB) Dolphins 256 16.0
3 25 35 Leonard Fournette (RB) Jaguars 222 13.9
4 36 35 Doug Baldwin (WR) Seahawks 242 15.1
5 45 31 Dak Prescott (QB) Cowboys 343 21.4
6 56 38 Kirk Cousins (QB) Redskins 359 22.4
7 65 64 Julian Edelman (WR) Patriots 216 13.5
8 76 88 Emmanuel Sanders (WR) Broncos 223 13.9
9 85 73 Bilal Powell (RB) Jets 196 12.3
10 96 66 Eli Manning (QB) Giaints 337 21.1
11 105 127 Samaje Perine (RB) Redskins 126 7.9
12 116 128 Kareem Hunt (RB) Chiefs 150 9.4
13 125 114 Martellus Bennett (TE) Packers 172 10.8
14 136 135 Kenny Britt (WR) Browns 184 11.5
15 145 134 Marlon Mack (RB) Colts 67 4.2
16 156 131 Jack Doyle (TE)  Colts 162 10.1
        Total Pts. 3541 221.3

A couple of days after the NFL Draft, I prepared for my first fantasy banquet of the year. I landed the seventh-overall selection and decided to build my team around a stud wide receiver: Odell Beckham. In the next two rounds, I wanted to acquire elite starters at running back, and selected two of my top ten with Jay Ajayi and Leonard Fournette. The key to roster construction was determining when to grab starting quarterbacks, and I dipped into the position pool with Dak Prescott (Round 5) and Kirk Cousins (Round 6). At the end of the draft, my receiving corps rocked with Doug Baldwin, Julian Edelman, Emmanuel Sanders and Kenny Britt, complementing the Giants’ superstar.

Draft Grade: 92



Team 2: June 3, 2017

Round OVR ADP* Player (Pos.) Team Points PPG.
1 6 2 Aaron Rogers (QB) Packers 397 24.8
2 15 15 A.J. Green (WR) Bengals 278 17.4
3 26 35 Leonard Fournette (RB) Jaguars 222 13.9
4 35 15 Matt Ryan (QB) Falcons 369 23.1
5 46 64 Terrelle Pryor (WR) Redskins 223 13.9
6 55 106 Mike Gillislee (RB) Patriots 158 9.9
7 66 57 Michael Crabtree (WR) Raiders 225 14.1
8 75 111 Willie Snead (WR) Saints 206 12.9
9 86 127 Samaje Perine (RB) Redskins 126 7.9
10 95 96 DeSean Jackson (WR) Bucanneers 189 11.8
11 106 62 LeGarrette Blount (RB) Eagles 148 9.3
12 115 133 Tyrell Williams (WR) Chargers 147 9.2
13 126 131 Cameron Meredith (WR) Bears 194 12.1
14 135 150 C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE) Texans 144 9.0
15 146 128 Julius Thomas (TE) Dolphins 130 8.1
16 155 139 Trevor Siemian (QB) Broncos 150 9.4
        Total Pts. 3306 206.6

In this draft, I decided to evaluate the soundness of selecting a quarterback in the first round and acquiring two within the first four. With the sixth-pick overall, I took Aaron Rogers, and Matt Ryan, as my second field general, in the fourth round. Examining my roster construction, I do not like the overall depth of the team. Without question, the running backs are not as strong as the first club: There is a lot of risk with Fournette, Mike Gillislee and Samaje Perine in the backfield. I was happy with the depth at wide receiver: A.J. Green, Terrelle Pryor, Michael Crabtree and Willie Snead. I also acquired my two favorite under-valued receivers with Tyrell Williams (Round 12) and Cameron Meredith (Round 13). The tight ends are both long shots, and the third quarterback (Trevor Siemian) will likely need to be upgraded at some time during the season. 

Draft Grade: 86


Scoring Format: 2-QB, Superflex League (10 Teams)

Passing Yards: 1 point for 20 yards Rushing and Receiving Yards: 1 point for 10 yards

Touchdown Passes: 4 points Touchdowns: 6 points

Receptions: 1 point

* ADP based on FantasyFootballCalculator (June 25 to July 25, 2017)