First Down: 2017 College Fantasy Football Expert Rankings

By John Laub
John Laub



      First Down

              2017 College Fantasy Football

                        Expert Rankings




Can’t get enough college football? Me neither…luckily on campuses across the nation, it is nearly kickoff for spring practices and inter-squad games and I am already looking forward to the upcoming campaign.


I asked three preeminent College Fantasy Football minds to join me in providing player rankings for the upcoming season and compiled a composite score for all the top prospects. The CFB prognosticators also choose a player as the Top Heisman Candidate (other than Lamar Jackson), Sensational Sleeper and Fantastic Freshman for the 2017 season. 


Enjoy the player ratings, and please follow all of the CFB diehards on Twitter.


The CFB First Down Panel:

Mike Bainbridge, @MBainbridgeCFF, Athlon Sports Contributor

Thor Nystrom, @thorku, Rotoworld

Mario Puig, @NFLDraft_RW, Rotowire

John Laub, @GridironSchol91, FootballDiehards


CFB Quarterbacks



QB Quinton Flowers (#2), USF Bulls


Expert Mike John Thor Mario  Composite
Rank Bainbridge Laub Nystrom Puig Score (Pts)
1 L. Jackson L. Jackson L. Jackson L. Jackson L. Jackson (48)
2 N. Fitzgerald N. Fitzgerald Q. Flowers J.T. Barrett Q. Flowers (39)
3 Q. Flowers L. Falk B. Mayfield Q. Flowers N. Fitzgerald (38)
4 B. Mayfield J.T. Barrett J.T. Barrett N. Fitzgerald J.T. Barrett (37)
5 J.T. Barrett Q. Flowers E. Dungey L. Falk B. Mayfield (31)
6 S. Darnold J. Hurts N. Fitzgerald J. Herbert L. Falk (27)
7 J. Hurts B. Mayfield M. Rudolph B. Mayfield J. Hurts (16)
8 M. Rudolph M. Rudolph L. Falk S. Buechele M. Rudolph (16)
9 L. Falk S. Darnold S. Darnold S. Patterson S. Darnold (15)
10 B. Stockstill J. Allen B. Stockstill N. Shimonek E. Dungey (10)
11 E. Dungey N. Shimonek J. Hurts B. Stockstill B. Stockstill (8)
12 N. Shimonek J. Browning K. Hill J. Hurts J. Herbert (7)


CFB Running Backs


RB Royce Freeman (#3), Oregon Ducks 


Expert Mike John Thor Mario  Composite
Rank Bainbridge Laub Nystrom Puig Score (Pts)
1 D. Guice D. Guice S. Barkley D. Guice D. Guice (47)
2 S. Barkley R. Freeman D. Guice R. Freeman S. Barkley (43)
3 I. Smith S. Barkley R. Freeman S. Barkley R. Freeman (41)
4 R. Freeman P. Lindsey J. Moore J. Moore I. Smith (33)
5 J. Butler I. Smith P. Lindsey I. Smith J. Moore (26)
6 D. Singletary J. Butler I. Smith T. Swanson J. Butler (23)
7 P. Lindsey J. Craft J. Jackson L. Rose P. Lindsey (23)
8 J. Moore D. Singletary A. Wadley R. Lawry D. Singletary (12)
9 R. Armstead J. Jackson J. Butler J. Butler J. Jackson (12)
10 J. Washington J. Moore R. Jones R. Penny A. Wadley (7)
11 J. Jackson M. Gaskin R. Penny J. Crawford T. Swanson (7)
12 M. Walton A. Wadley M. Gaskin A. Wadley Craft/Rose (6)


CFB Wide Receivers


WR Michael Gallup (#3), Colorado State Rams


Expert Mike John Thor Mario  Composite
Rank Bainbridge Laub Nystrom Puig Score (Pts)
1 R. James C. Thompson R. James R. James R. James (45)
2 A. Miller M. Gallup A. Miller A. Miller A. Miller (40)
3 C. Thompson C. Sutton C. Wilson M. Gallup M. Gallup (35)
4 M. Gallup R. James C. Sutton C. Sutton C. Sutton (34)
5 D. Pettis J. Washington J. Washington J. Giles C. Thompson (32)
6 C. Wilson A. Miller S. Ishmael C. Wilson C. Wilson (24)
7 C. Sutton J. Giles C. Kirk C. Thompson J. Washington (23)
8 N. Harry D. Pettis M. Gallup D. Pettis D. Pettis (18)
9 J. Washington C. Kirk C. Thompson J. Hobbs C. Kirk (14)
10 L. Bonner N. Harry D. Samuel J. Washington J. Giles (14)
11 C. Kirk S. Ishmael A. Lazard C. Kirk S. Ishmael (10)
12 S. Ishmael D. Robinson D. Carrington S. Miller N. Harry (8)