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DFS Tournament Game Breakdown 2020 Week 6

By Kyle Dvorchak
Kyle Dvorchak Quarterback Matt Ryan, Atlanta Ryan projects to be among the five most popular passers this week but his ownership is worth eating if it means getting access to the Atlanta/Minnesota game. The contest features a 54.5-point total and the Falcons are underdogs to Pro Football Focuss lowest-graded defense. The Falcons play at the second-fastest pace in the league (24.36 seconds per play). They have also passed on 62.4% of their plays, No. 11 in the league. Ryan should play fast and throw often once again this week. Nick Foles, Chicago Chicago has surprisingly played similarly to Atlanta in terms of their pass/run ratio. They have passed on 64.6% of their plays, fourth-most in the entire league. This is despite the fact that the Bears have won all but one game and they stil... Premium subscription is needed