DFS Bobby Gomes Tournament Breakdown Week 2 2018

By Bobby Gomes
Bobby Gomes

Tournament Breakdown:
Week 2:


Couple quick notes before we jump in, in terms of the overall build for this slate. The game most people are going to be targeting is the Pittsburgh Kansas City game. Everyone who reads this article or who is subscribed to the Football Diehards Gold Package should have exposure to that game in one way or another. I personally am targeting the ancillary pieces in the Pit KC game. The Quarterbacks I’m targeting will come from other games. I think its important to take into account the DraftKings Pricing Algorithm this week. The Algorithm seems to be weighing defensive matchups very heavily and a lot of premier offensive players seem to be getting a price discount because of this. This is definitely something to pay attention to in terms of this week's build, as you have players from both the New England Offense and Green Bay offenses that will be drastically underpriced and under owned.


Andrew Luck (6,100) Projected Ownership (3%)

Think Luck is going to go extremely underowned in tournaments. Luck threw the ball fifty times last week versus the Bengals. I could see a similar output going against another defense that funnels to the pass. The Colts also don’t have a running game to speak of, so this is also another reason coupled with a favorable game script, that should force Luck to throw more than the colts actually want him to ultimately increasing his ceiling.

Jimmy Garoppolo (6,000) Projected Ownership (9-12%)

Going back to the well on Jimmy he’s just to cheap in this matchup. Jimmy could have easily gone off last week, had he connected on a couple of deep throws, and I expect him to bounce back versus a Lions defense that has major question marks after surrendering over forty seven points to a Jets offense led by Sam Darnold.

Sam Darnold (5,100) Projected Ownership (2-4%)

I’m interested in paying down at Quarterback this week especially if I’m getting depressed prices on the weapons of Rodgers and Brady. Darnold gets a matchup at home versus at Dolphins secondary that is actually strong on the outside but can be exploited over the middle.


James White (4,500) projected ownership (4%)

Whatever the field is be higher. White will be Brady’s binki in this game especially if Burkhead ends up in concussion protocol. Increased snap percentage with Burkehead and Jeremy Hill not in the lineup should only heighten White’s ceiling.

Todd Gurley (9,200)

Gurley is the guy the game script just fits this week. The Rams come in as 11 point favorites with one of the higher team totals on the board, and Gurley is the centerpiece of their offense. Patrick Peterson will take away a primary option in the passing game so it only adds to Gurley’s market share.

James Connor (9,500) Projected Ownership (25%)

The 1,700 price hike isn’t going to scare me off Connor especially if he is going to see Bell like usage. Pitt is at home Big Ben is banged up just more reasons to ride the train. Connor also saw 9 more carries than Alvin Kamara in week 1 and is 2,800 cheaper.


Geronimo Allison (3,800) Projected Ownership (3%)

5 targets 69 yards and a touchdown last week for Allison. He should get usage directed his was as he draws the worst matchup of all packers receivers and Xaveir Rhodes will be on Davante Adams.

JuJu Smith-Schuster projected Ownership (9%)

JuJu is the affordable option in the Pittsburgh passing game. I will have AB exposure but AB is about 2K more expensive. You can get GET JuJu at a 2k discount and less ownership.

Stefon Diggs (6,900) Projected Ownerhsip (13-16%)

Diggs has scored in his last three games versus the Packers. This game itself has sneaky shootout potential and Diggs has a greta matchup.


Jack Doyle (4,000) Projected Ownership (10-12%)

Andrew Luck will be looking to work the middle of the field with Josh Norman in coverage and an injured shoulder. Doyle runs a ton of intermediate route’s over the middle of the field just connect the dots.

George Kittle (3,800) Projected Ownership (23%)

For the amount of targets he saw and his snap percentage Kittle is way to cheap. Kittle nearly went off in a big way versus the Vikings and now he gets a great matchup versus the Lions. I would not be surprised at all to see Kittle get in the end zone in week 2.

Neal Sterling (2,500) Projected Ownership (1%)

Sterling was pretty active in that game versus Lions so it will be interesting to see if he’s the jets go to option at the tight end position moving forward. At (2,500) he offers some good salary relief if your looking to be apart of team jam em in.


Buccaneers (2,200)

As a Patriots fan I have been waiting on Nick Foles to become Nick Foles since the Super Bowl so why not in week 2 when the Buccaneers are near mint price on DraftKings. The Buccaneers are actually strong up front anchored by Gerald Mccoy and newly Acquired Jason Pierre Paul. The Bucs secondary is another question, but Foles doesn’t have much in terms of options in the passing game to exploit their inefficiencies.

Rams (3,700)

The Rams are 11 points favorites against a team that doesn’t have much offensively in the Arizona Cardinals. The play itself just make sense Donald and Suh should get at Bradford all day and a ball hawking led by Aqib Talib secondary should turn the ball over. Its also never a bad idea to pair a defense with its running back so if your overweight on Gurley make sure to tie Him in with Rams D.

Jets (2,500)

What if that game last week versus the Lions was not a fluke what if this Jets defense is forreal??.... Its a big what if, but one im willing to take a shot on in tournaments especially if they face Ryan Tannehill, who is still Ryan Tannehill even though the Titans secondary allowed him to complete 71% of his passes in week 1. The Reality is the Jets are probably not a good defense, but maybe they can look good versus Ryan Tannehill.