Stomp prep for SBFFC draft 2017

By Emil Kadlec
Emil Kadlec Here’s another video using the stomp draft tool. I have a draft tonight in the SB FFC, Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship in Kentucky -- I’m drafting online. My top plan right now as I go into the draft is I’d like to get Michael Thomas who’s been going basically the last pick in the first round of the first or second pick in the second round. So I’m looking at getting the 11th or 12th draft slot.

This particular league uses an auction system to determine draft slots just before the draft. The auction dollars are your regular season blind bidding dollars. An idea we had years ago in the Diehards magazine and SBFFC picked it up and has been using it. Quite an interesting and fun time auctioning the draft slots at the beginning of the draft -- then everybody sits down and has 20 minutes to think about their draft strategy before the draft starts.

So take a look at the video. We go through the players that I’m targeting and see how they fall into the STOMP map and how it shows up on the printer-friendly cheat sheet. I hope I can get the players I want and see how the draft flows drafting so late in the first round.