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HEY NOW. ... We hope your teams fared well this weekend -- and if not, there's a new chance to get it done coming this week. As always, the FlashUpdate will have a variety of features available to keep you up to step ahead of the competition:

JUST IN: Armando Marsal's Week 4 Waiver-Wire Targets, Injury Recap and John Laub's College Football Waiver-Wire Gems are available now.

NEWS UPDATES: Pertinent inactives and lineup changes, injury updates and other breaking items of interest will be posted in the News & Views section (also seen in the column directly to your right).

FANTASY BOX SCORES: Our exclusive Fantasy Box Scores (with Target Data) are available for review.

WEEK 3 REWIND: In addition to last week's Late-Breaking Updates, you'll find the full range of Regular Content available for review.

COLUMNS, STATS & TOOLS: You can also take advantage of our full range of Fantasy Columns & Analysis, Fantasy Tools and Exclusive Statistics.

OTHERWISE: Feel free to holler if you have any technical problems. Now let's kick somebody's sorry a**!!

WEEK 3 LATE-BREAKING UPDATES To Access Late-Breaking Updates: Scroll down the page; choose a headline from the list below; click on the headline; read the corresponding Update. ... Repeat as necessary. Remember: Headlines rarely reflect all the information included in a given Update.

» ARI: With Brown Out Again, Cards Need Nelson To Keep Lighting Things Up | 19:44 PT

» DAL: Cardinals Realize Elliott Will Be Out To Change A Narrative | 19:43 PT

» WAS: Reed, Kelley Both Ruled Out Vs. Raiders | 18:02 PT

» Lac: Gordon Active Vs. Chiefs, As Expected | 14:07 PT

» GB: Nelson Active Against Bengals; Cobb Ruled Out | 14:05 PT

» TEN: Murray Active Vs. Seahawks; How Much Henry Will We See? | 14:01 PT

» SEA: Graham Active As Carroll Said He Would Be | 14:00 PT

» CAR: Newton Active As Expected Today | 10:44 PT

» DEN: Fowler Good To Go In Buffalo | 10:35 PT

» IND: Aiken Active Against The Browns | 10:34 PT

» MIA: Ajayi, Parker, Landry All Active Vs. Jets | 10:33 PT

» HOU: Blue Ruled Out For Today's Game | 10:32 PT

» NE: Gronk, Amendola, Hogan, Dorsett All Active | 10:31 PT

» PHI: Smith Active Against The Giants | 10:31 PT

» CIN: Increasing Buzz Surrounding Possibility Of More Work For Mixon | 9:44 PT

» IND: Report: Luck Could Return Week 6 | 9:17 PT

» CIN: Coaches On The Spot; Owner Doesn't Think Players Are The Problem | 9:02 PT

» CHI: Report: Jordan Howard Playing Through A Sprained AC Joint | 8:50 PT

» NYG: Report: McAdoo To Continue Calling Plays | 8:21 PT

» BAL: Report: Allen To Be Busier Even With West Active | 7:20 PT

» JAC: Yeldon A Healthy Scratch In London | 7:16 PT

» BAL: West Active Vs. The Jaguars; Campanaro Too; Williams Out | 7:04 PT

» PHI: Early Report: Smith Expected To Play Despite Illness | 6:24 PT

» IND: Early Report: Aiken Expected To Play Today | 6:23 PT

» SEA: Early Report: Graham Still On Track To Play | 6:20 PT

» MIA: Early Report: Ajayi, Parker, Landry All Expected To Play | 6:18 PT

» HOU: Early Report: Blue Not Expected To Play Vs. Patriots | 6:18 PT

» NE: Early Report: Gronkowski, Amendola, Hogan, Dorsett All Expected To Play  | 6:17 PT

» BAL: Early Report: West To Play Despite Sore Calf | 6:06 PT

» Lac: Early Report: Gordon Is Expected To Play Vs. Chiefs | 0:27 PT

» TEN: Early Report: Murray More Than Likely To Play | 0:25 PT

» WAS: Early Report: Reed, Kelley Both Unlikely To Play | 0:24 PT

» CAR: Early Report: Newton Still Expected To Play | 0:23 PT

» GB: Early Report: Nelson Expected To Play Vs. Bengals | 0:23 PT

» OAK: This Just In: Derek Carr Is Very Good | 0:21 PT

» SEA: Is It Time For Seahawks To Find Out If Carson Is The Real Deal? | 0:20 PT

» DEN: Don't Look Now But Siemian Is Turning Into A Thing | 0:15 PT

» TEN: Mariota Gets More Dangerous The Closer He Gets To The End Zone | 0:14 PT

» HOU: One Thing Is Certain For Texans: Hopkins Is Going To Draw Targets | 0:13 PT

» WAS: Pryor Thinks He's Close To Breaking Out | 0:08 PT

» CAR: Newton Racking Up Wins; Can He Get His Game On Track Vs. Saints? | 0:07 PT

» NO: More On Offensive Shortcomings; Inability To Run Chief Among Them | 21:12 PT

» BAL: Ravens Plan; Play Defense, Run Effectively, Take Deep Shots | 20:49 PT

» DAL: Williams, Butler Questionable For Monday Night | 20:32 PT

» JAC: Hurns Has A Fared Well In London; Will Things Change Tomorrow? | 20:20 PT

» ARI: John Brown Ruled Out; Nelson Questionable | 20:01 PT

» BUF: Matthews Thinks We Need To Be Patient With Bills Passing Attack | 19:41 PT

» DET: Lions Will Likely Need Some Big Plays Vs. Falcons; Can Jones Deliver | 18:19 PT

» Lac: With Gates Nailing Down TD Record, Allen Could Become Priority Again | 17:30 PT

» ARI: Arians: John Brown Won't Play Monday Night | 16:39 PT

» DET: Lions Signed HC Caldwell To Previously Undisclosed Extension | 16:32 PT

» MIN: Setting Expectations With Keenum Under Center Again | 16:00 PT

» DEN: Fowler Clears Concussion Protocol; WR Still Questionable Vs. Bills | 15:13 PT

» PIT: Waiting For Bell, Brown To Go Off | 14:05 PT

» HOU: Watson Will Have His Work Cut Out For Him; Will Texans Go Run-Heavy? | 13:27 PT

» TEN: Who Benefits From Corey Davis' Absence | 13:08 PT

» DAL: Williams Back On The Field Saturday | 12:56 PT

» CHI: Bears Want To Run Vs. Steelers; Is Howard Up To It | 12:03 PT

» ATL: Could Hooper Rebound This Week? | 11:39 PT

» NYJ: Is Seferian-Jenkins Worth Stashing? Catanzaro Rolling In New York | 10:51 PT

» CAR: Benjamin, Funchess Part Of The Plan For Covering For Olsen | 9:16 PT

» PHI: Agholor Finally Hitting Stride Working The Slot | 8:29 PT

» NO: Deep Pass Hasn't Been Happening For Saints | 7:02 PT

» MIA: Jets Easy To Run Against, But Also Generous To Deep Passers | 6:55 PT

» IND: Can Brissett Continue To Improve? Doyle Ready To Help QB Out | 5:12 PT

» SEA: More Details On Graham; Is He Really Ready To Play? | 4:32 PT

» CIN: Who Will Step Up For The Bengals? Mixon? Green? Somebody Else? | 3:13 PT

» BUF: Broncos Will Be Looking To Shut McCoy Down | 2:40 PT

» GB: What WRs Should Be On Our Radar With Nelson Nicked, Cobb Hurting? | 1:15 PT

» TEN: More Speculation On Roles For Murray, Henry | 0:02 PT

» NYG: McAdoo Accepts Some Responsibility For Sloppy Play | 21:12 PT

» KC: Reid Tired Of Talking About Kelce's Poor Judgement | 20:01 PT

» SEA: Changes Coming To Seahawks O-Line? | 19:54 PT

» PHI: Smith Added To Injury Report; WR Questionable Due To Illness | 19:46 PT

» MIA: Ajayi, Parker, Landry All Questionable; All Expected To Play | 19:07 PT

» CIN: Lewis Put Players On Notice: Their Jobs Next On The Line | 18:30 PT

» Lar: Goff Impressing Teammates With His Confidence | 17:10 PT

» BUF: Bills Suddenly Realize What They Let Go In Watkins | 16:30 PT

» SEA: Carroll: Graham Did Everything Friday; Still A Game-Time Decision | 16:21 PT

» DAL: Ruling On Elliott Coming Oct. 2; That Means Two Games Are Certain | 15:59 PT

» DAL: Williams Absent From Practice Friday | 15:41 PT

» ARI: Brown Working On The Side On Friday; Nelson Limited | 15:40 PT

» Lac: Gordon Officially Questionable; Lynn Expects RB To Play | 15:25 PT

» HOU: Blue Officially Questionable; Unofficially Doubtful | 15:24 PT

» GB: Nelson Officially Questionable, Cobb Doubtful... For Now | 15:04 PT

» NYG: Like Beckham, Engram Removed From Injury Report | 14:51 PT

» OAK: Cooper, Cook Removed From Final Injury Report | 14:43 PT

» CHI: Howard, Wright Removed From Injury Report | 14:30 PT

» DET: Lions Rule Dwayne Washington Out | 14:16 PT

» IND: Mack, Rogers Out; Matt Jones Promoted From Pratice Squad | 14:04 PT

» WAS: Reed, Kelley Officially Questionable For Sunday Night | 13:41 PT

» CAR: Newton Officially Questionable, But QB Will Play; Benjamin Good To Go | 13:19 PT

» NE: Gronkowski Says He's Ready To Go; Amendola Claims The Same | 13:09 PT

» CIN: It's Official: Eifert, Ross Ruled Out | 13:06 PT

» TEN: Murray Listed As Questionable After Hitting Field Friday | 12:50 PT

» MIN: Bradford Officially Ruled Out | 12:36 PT

» NE: Burkhead Misses Entire Week Of Practice | 12:23 PT

» WAS: Reed, Kelley On The Field Again Friday | 12:13 PT

» BAL: West Officially Questionable; Williams Also Questionable | 12:09 PT

» MIN: Bradford Expected To Miss Another Game; Keenum Now The Likely Starter | 12:04 PT

» SEA: Carroll: Graham Will Be A Game-Time Decision | 11:43 PT

» CLE: Coates Doubtful For Sunday; Garrett Doubtful Too | 11:27 PT

» BAL: West Back On The Practice Field Friday | 11:12 PT

» GB: Nelson Remains On Track To Play; Cobb A Game-Time Decision | 11:11 PT

» CIN: Lewis: Eifert Out For Sunday; Ross Not Practicing Friday | 11:08 PT

» NYG: Beckham Removed From Injury Report: Engram Questionable | 10:48 PT

» DAL: Immediate Suspension Not Ruled Out If Elliott Appeal Goes NFL's Way | 10:31 PT

» KC: Smith On Pace For A Ginormous Season; Can He Sustain It? | 10:03 PT

» CHI: Wheaton Ready To Come Out Of The Chute Hot? | 9:39 PT

» Lac: Melvin Gordon Watch On; Will He Practice Toady? | 8:07 PT

» OAK: Beyond The TDs, Crabtree Was Perfect Last Season | 7:30 PT

» BAL: Surprise! Mike Wallace Thinks He Needs The Rock | 2:13 PT

» BUF: How Much Has Watkins Departure Hurt McCoy, Bills Offense? | 1:45 PT

» JAC: Jags Offense Feels The Effect Of A-Rob's Injury; Lees, Hurns Busier, But... | 1:04 PT

» GB: Montgomery Racking Up Snaps At A Surprising Rate | 0:31 PT

» CLE: Crowell Wants The Ball... So He Can Get Paid; Is Higgins For Real? | 0:26 PT

» PIT: Steelers Aren't At 30 Points Per Game... But They're Still Aiming For It | 0:05 PT

» Lar: Goff, Gurley, Watkins, Woods Deliver In Win; Watkins Concuss | 0:02 PT

» SF: Hoyer, Hyde Hit Paydirt As Niners Score 5 TDs In Loss | 0:01 PT

» ARI: David Johnson Not Sorry About Your Fantasy Season | 21:12 PT

» DAL: Elliott Addresses Criticism, Owns His Lack Of Effort | 20:41 PT

» SEA: Lacy Bothered By Weight Discussion; More Bothered By Inactive Status | 20:10 PT

» DEN: Thomas Upgraded To Full Participation On Thursday; Charles Too | 19:41 PT

» NYG: Manning Not Bothered By McAdoo's Criticism | 19:33 PT

» OAK: Cooper, Cook Limited Again Thursday | 19:16 PT

» SEA: Graham Held Out Of Practice Again Thursday | 19:15 PT

» Lac: Gordon Added To Injury Report After Limited Work On Thursday | 19:14 PT

» SF: 49ers Inactives Announced: Kittle Active | 18:20 PT

» Lar: Rams Inactive Announced: Everett Active | 18:20 PT

» CIN: Lazor's Success Depends On Players Executing | 18:01 PT

» WAS: More On Thompson And His Locked-In Role; Pryor About To Hit Stride? | 17:45 PT

» TEN: Henry Hype Is Coming... Should You Buy Into It? | 17:10 PT

» ARI: No John Brown At Practice, And Likely Not On Monday; More CJ2K Though | 16:51 PT

» BAL: Ravens Working On Dialing In Their Sleep Pattern Ahead Of London | 16:30 PT

» NO: Saints Cut FB Kuhn... Again | 16:05 PT

» MIA: Ajayi, Parker Held Out Thursday; Landry Limited | 15:46 PT

» CLE: Britt Says Jackson Challenged Him To Step Up | 15:44 PT

» CHI: Howard, Wright Limited Again Thursday; Wheaton As Ready As He Can Be | 15:20 PT

» CIN: More On Eifert's Bleak Outlook This Week; Ross Sits Thursday | 15:15 PT

» NYJ: Jets Looking To Roll With A 3-Man RBBC? Anderson Limited | 15:06 PT

» TEN: Murray Sits Out Again Thursday; Mularkey Hopeful About Friday's Practice | 13:55 PT

» CAR: Newton Not Throwing Again Thursday; Benjamin Returns To Work | 13:32 PT

» NYG: Beckham Expects To Play A Lot More This Week | 13:28 PT

» BUF: McCoy, Clay Work Fully On Thursday | 13:21 PT

» SF: Early Report: Kittle Expected To Play Despite Injured Hip | 13:18 PT

» GB: Cobb Held Out Again Thursday; Nelson Works Again | 13:01 PT

» JAC: Strong Won't Make The Trip To London | 12:43 PT

» BAL: West, Williams Held Out Again Thursday  | 12:40 PT

» MIA: Gase Downplays Ajayi, Landry Injuries | 12:14 PT

» WAS: Reed Back On The Practice Field Thursday | 12:12 PT

» MIN: Bradford To Get In Some Limited Work Again Today | 12:10 PT

» NE: Gronk, Amendola On The Practice Field Again; Burkhead Is Not | 12:08 PT

» NYJ: Anderson Not Practicing Again Thursday | 11:44 PT

» DAL: Garrett Not Worried About Prescott's Ankle | 11:43 PT

» NYG: Beckham, Engram On The Field Again Thursday | 11:25 PT

» CIN: Eifert Sitting Again; Looking Doubtful For This Week | 10:40 PT

» BAL: Ravens Place Langford On IR | 10:21 PT

» Lac: Mike Williams Getting Closer To His Debut; Rookie Limited Wednesday | 10:03 PT

» SF: Hoyer Needs To Pick Up The Pace; Hyde Is Setting It | 9:15 PT

» Lar: Can Gurley Get More Consistent With High-End Production? Everett  | 8:30 PT

» ARI: Still Not Looking Good For John Brown; RB Rotation A Moving Target | 7:05 PT

» DET: Washington's Quad Injury Worth Watching | 2:49 PT

» PIT: James Limited By Sore Ankle; McDonald Still Ailing | 2:33 PT

» HOU: Ellington Working Fully... Texans Likely To Need Him | 2:01 PT

» CAR: Newton Limited But Expected To Play; Benjamin Sits But Should Play Too | 1:55 PT

» DEN: Thomas Limited By Sore Hamstring; WR Expected To Play As Usual | 1:40 PT

» BAL: Flacco Still Working Up To Speed; West, Williams Held Out Wednesday | 1:39 PT

» OAK: Cooper Limited To Open The Week... Again; Cook Limited Too | 1:28 PT

» SEA: Carroll Thinks Graham Still Has A Chance To Play On Injured Ankle | 1:16 PT

» NYG: Could Darkwa Move Into Starting Role? Beckham, Engram Limited | 1:10 PT

» CHI: Howard Limited Due To Onoing Shoulder Issue; Wright Limited Too | 0:59 PT

» CIN: Eifert's Back An Issue... And That's A Concern For The Obvious Reason | 0:45 PT

» GB: Nelson, Bulaga Work Fully; Cobb, Bakhtiari Limited | 0:31 PT

» TEN: More On Davis Being Ruled Out; Mularkey Hopeful Murray Can Go | 0:20 PT

» MIA: Ajayi Sits Wednesday But Expected To Play; Landry, Parker Fine Too? | 0:17 PT

» WAS: Reed's Chances Of Playing Unclear; Kelley's Appear To Be Good | 0:13 PT

» NE: Gronk, Amendola, Hogan, Dorsett Limited; Burkhead Sits Out Wednesday | 0:04 PT

» MIN: Bradford Limited Wednesday; Will Continue Testing Knee Daily | 0:01 PT

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News fantasy football player Doug Baldwin Is Listed As Day-To-Day
Doug Baldwin Is Listed As Day-To-Day
(9/25 7:13 PM PT)
News fantasy football player John Brown Is Inactive For Monday Night's Game
John Brown Is Inactive For Monday Night's Game
(9/25 6:59 PM PT)
J.J. Nelson Is Active For Monday Night's Game (9/25 6:53 PM PT)
Terrance Williams Will Play On Monday Night (9/25 6:31 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Andrew Luck Could Practice This Week
Andrew Luck Could Practice This Week
(9/25 6:25 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Darren Sproles Has Been Place On IR
Darren Sproles Has Been Place On IR
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News fantasy football player Report: Julio Jones Dealing With Back Injury
Report: Julio Jones Dealing With Back Injury
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News fantasy football player Report: MRI Confirmed No Structural Damage To Kelvin Benjamin's Knee
Report: MRI Confirmed No Structural Damage To Kelvin Benjamin's Knee
(9/25 12:12 PM PT)
News fantasy football player Doug Baldwin Will Undergo MRI
Doug Baldwin Will Undergo MRI
(9/25 9:49 AM PT)
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