Daily Fantasy Preview Week 1 QB Salaries 2018

By Bobby Gomes
Bobby Gomes

DFS First Look week 1 Salaries: Quarterback

At first glance I’m probably paying down at Quarterback just the way salaries seem to breakdown. Starting at the top Tom Brady (7,500) is the highest priced quarterback. I’m probably not going there though, just because with a lot of new money in tournaments I could see a lot of people just chasing the name. Same thing pretty much with Deshaun Watson who is coming off an ACL tear. Dispite the brief time that he played last season Watson’s floor is extremely high because of his elusiveness. But coming of an ACL injury I think the Texans coaching staff will try to keep him in the pocket at least early on. The Quarterback from the high tier that i have the most interest in is Drew Brees (6,800). The Saints transitioned from a passing team to more of a ground and pound offense last season, but with Ingram out the first four games, I could see the Saints leaning on Brees’ arm early. It’s also helps that their playing against a Bucs secondary that should be pretty stout upfront but has a week secondary funneling the offense to the pass. Also the potential for a shootout in the superdome is also never a bad thing. At the top of the mid tier you have to love Andrew Luck at (6,200) you’ll really never see him at that price point, but I have the same concerns with Luck that i do with Watson, he’s missed a serious amount of time due to a shoulder injury and for that reason I think the coaching staff will temper his passing attempts early on.

The play that interests me on the high end of the mid tier is Jimmy Garoppolo (5,700). With alot of season-long money on the table, I expect Jerick McKinnon to garner significant ownership due to the revenge narrative aspect and seeing his ADP and how popular he has become. Most fantasy foottballers are reluctant to pair a quarterback and running back together so this should drive down Jimmy G’s ownership pretty significantly and playing in Minnesota should also. Another factor depressing Jimmy G’s ownership in tournaments is how popular Alex Smith could become the chalk QB in cash as the offseason progresses in an effort to pair him with Jordan Reed (4,000) who looks to be without a doubt a free square in cash games because of pricing. Of course this is all pretty much dependent on Reed’s health. Another quarterback that should be pretty highly owned in cash is Tyrod Taylor (5,400). Tyrod obviously has a high floor due to his legs and the fact his pass attempts should be up because they’ll probably be playing from behind. I think Tyrod could potentially be the chalk play for these reasons alone.

They are two quarterbacks I'm very high on in the lower end for one Case Keenum (5,000) has a great price tag and could be a great tournament play in an effort to leverage recent bias. A good chunk of the public will see Seattle and not even go near Keenum. I would bet a good chunk of change that a high portion of entrants in the week one millionaire maker will still think Richard Sherman is on the Seahawks roster… (Yikes) Although this is a common knowledge these are edges that can be exploited. I will definitely have some exposure to Keenum. Eli Manning (4,700) is another quarterback that i feel is in a pretty leverage able situation in regards to tournaments going up against Jacksonville. If he was on the road I wouldn’t touch him but because he is a home dog I have interest. The spread opened at four and it already moved to three it may get tighter in the next couple weeks. Stacking him with Odell Beckham at (7,000) which is very cheap even for the matchup is just another reason to like him. Obviously Eli’s best days are behind him, but if you're going to roster him what better week than week 1 with no wear and tear. Now that might not be the case after he faces Jacksonville but we can worry about that after the game…