Ask The Commish: I Can't Run Our League Anymore

By Reginald James
Reginald James

I may have to give up running our league. My sister and I are dealing with older parent issues (dementia). It looks I may have to move closer to where they are. I feel like it can run itself, but I’m not sure if I’m mentally up to deal with everything that’s happening right now. I feel guilty because I already know no one wants to be commissioner. I’ve been doing it for about 12 years now, and if I go, then what? Only two other people in the league know what’s happening with me so it wouldn’t be a surprise to them. Do I tell everyone when I’m sure about what I’m going to do, or should I let the rest of the league know what I’m dealing with?


Sorry to hear about your family. I think you should share what’s happening with the league. You don’t have to get into the details if you don’t want to, but if you’re bowing out just as the season begins, and you’re having to relocate, I’m not sure they’ll have a hard time understanding that there’s something serious going on with you. You need to take care of your family business. In the meantime, work with your league members to come up with a plan.


Will you leave the league completely? If you’re leaving altogether, then you’ll need someone to take over your team, right? Your league mates might be able to help you find someone to adopt your team. If the members of your league want to continue without you, someone is going to have to step up. Let them help.


If you choose to stay and will just pull back from running it, can some of your duties (whatever those are) be delegated so you have less to do? You said the league can pretty much run itself, so maybe we’re not really talking about those helping doing that much.


In any case, don’t keep this to yourself. You need help whichever route you choose to take, and the league should take part in assisting you.


Is it too late to change how many teams will be in our playoff?


No, not yet. If you’re going to do it though, do it now. Is this your decision? If you do this will it be a surprise to your league, or is this something you’ve talked about doing already?


Just make sure you announce what you’re doing, and explain why. Don’t just make the change and say nothing.


Our league voted to change the points per reception this year. I forgot to change it. No one has noticed. I feel pretty dumb and a bit guilty. Do I just make the change and hope no one still doesn’t notice, or do I admit what I did?


You know the answer already, don’t you? Of course you’re going to tell them. One of the most important things a commissioner can do is be transparent. All your actions need to be upfront and accounted for.


You made a mistake. It happens. Admit what you did, make the change that the league voted for, and adjust the scores. You don’t do things in the shadows and then cross your fingers hoping things will sort themselves out on their own. I would think someone would remember eventually.


You’re doing this early enough that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal if people flip from an 1-0, to an 0-1 record. Also, you’re not making the change just because you feel like it. The league voted on it, they’re getting what they want.



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